Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray trailer is up!

This really seems to be the day of Enterprise news. After today’s earlier Tweet from Brannon Braga about the Writer’s Reunion special feature that will be on Season 4, CBS Home Entertainment quietly put up their trailer for the Season 4 Blu-ray release. reports that it is coming on April 1, 2014. See the video after the break, be sure to watch in HD and full screen!

Here’s the Season 4 cover art as seen briefly in the video.


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Seasons 1 and 2 were fantastic, an abundance of initial deep space exploration pure and simple, Star Trek at its heart and core. Seasons 3 and 4 were epic. Many episodes tying together parts of Star Trek’s story that were fragmented i.e. Klingon ridges, Soong and positronics, Mirror episodes are always fun. It was a solid series that deserved a full seven seasons.

I am extremely anxious for DS9 HD. The article Trek Core wore on the preliminary HD conversions looked incredibly promising, worth a read if you have not yet read it. The fact that when making the CG models of the ships they planned ahead with visual quality well beyond standard def so when rendered in HD it looks fantastic….just makes me smile. Voyager and DS9 should look great in HD using the existing CG. Timeless.

….oh yea, the Vulcan awakening, that was huge.

That cover art is the best cover art of any of the Trek blu rays to date. They finally got it just right.

Of the TV series made, this is probably the one I’d like to see re-imagined. Hate throwing out these clichéd phrases, while the show had it’s moments it’s potential really was wasted by forcing the TNG ethos into pre-Federation canon…

Easily the most underrated Trek series ever.

Enterprise, I’m sorry I didn’t watch you when you were on the air. I’ve bought the Blu-Ray sets by way of apology. I’ll buy this one too.

Poor series. Weak characters & formulaic from the dramatic beats to the translation of ‘Voyager Borg bust’ to ‘Enterprise Vulcan bust’ … sad.

This series had the opportunity to be raw Star Trek early exploration but just felt lame, repetitive & artificial in most aspects, perhaps like the previously mentioned busts. Got cancelled through lack of interest in the end … both in network and entertainment value.

I wish they had given Manny Coto the show runner position from the start. I think if he had a chance to set up the show (no transporters and easy outs, no phasers, no phasers on stun, no phoning home for orders when crew not sure what to do, need for dilithium, Earth coming together rebuilding from nuclear war) and gone into the founding of the Federation Vulcan and Andorian episodes as opposed to the time arc we’d be talking about how Enterprise was the best of all the Trek series.

One of the best seasons of Star Trek ever.

And it will reminds us how awkward and misguided STID’s rip-off of TWOK was, when we compare it to the writing here — stories that were about ideas from ST II and III but never became redundant, destructive, unoriginal when viewed alongside the source materials. This is the way to reference the past, and BUILD on it. With respect. I will pick this set up.

I always thought the scenario and technology were just too close to the TOS era, and that they should have modelled the series on Wolfgang Petersen’s “Das Boot”.


I will feast on this.

STID should´ve been a sequel to THIS series.

This is probably the only one of the Enterprise sets I’ll actually buy.

One day I’ll sit down and watch this series all the way through.

Does this mean that the TNG season 6 Blu Ray will coming out around April as well? Here’s to the Next Generation!

If I didn’t already have this on DVD, I would definitely buy the Blu-Ray. This was my favorite season of any Star Trek series. Apart from These are the Voyages, every episode was perfect. Especially the Terra Prime two parter.

Cover art kinda sucks. I hope they change it before release like with season 3.

(In particular, the spacing of the actors looks to smashed together, and the color scheme is dull and unexciting. Also I don’t care for the black text instead of white like the other seasons.)

Yes, the best season of the series, and maybe even one of the best seasons in Trek! Too bad the series had to end just at this point, with the Romulan War almost visible on the horizon. (The last episode even LITERALLY ended seconds before Archer giving a historic speech!)

Love the artwork

I was able to watch Enterprise each week & always enjoyed it.
I got more excited about it than Voyager, at least before 7 of 9 & the Borg. Enterprise was always underrated & was always one of low rated UPN’s highest rated shows which was cancelled more due to politics than popularity.
I got tired of the sea on 3 ximdi arc but I loved the 4th season.

Liking the season 4 art much better than the season 3 art.
The DVD art on the Star Trek sets is always bad- what happened, they were usually good with the video covers.

From a thematic perspective there’s plenty of stuff in ENT Season 4 that was almost outright stolen or (to be nicer) borrowed by Kurtzman, Orci and Lindelof for Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Augments story, the Terra Prime story and other elements (Vulcans in relationships with humans, etc, etc, etc) from ENT were also in STID and were just too close to be considered coincidences.

Heck, Peter Weller’s character in STID was thematically similar and only diverged in details from his character in the Terra Prime episodes. (xenophobia, racism, warmongering, isolationism, totalitarianism, etc).

When I watched ENT way back when, seasons 3 and 4 were my favorites. Seasons 1 and 2 recycled too many story elements from previous Trek for my taste and the whole Temporal Cold War was just a mess from the start, not necessarily in concept, but in the actual execution.

I also agree with the poster who said Manny Coto should have been given the reigns to this show from the start. Braga put together some decent episodes throughout the years, but his resume as a showrunner isn’t great both within and without the realm of Trek.

You know, speaking of HD transfers, Deep Space 9 is the one Trek I would love to see in HD. For me, that is the best Trek series out of all of them.

But, on a non-Trek note, if the CGI from DS9 can be re-rendered for HD, perhaps there’s a chance (however small) that Babylon 5 will one day get remastered in HD. Love that show and I think it deserves to stand among the best Sci-Fi to ever grace any sort of screen.

B5 – The Lost Tales had much, much better CGI than the series (due in part to the fact that it made much later after the series ended) and it showed that B5 could shine if brought up to modern image quality standards (CGI elements and everything else) , much like the Trek shows.

22. how i wished that Babylon 5 had a superpowered Paramount to back them up in the day.

But then again, maybe Babylon 5 wouldn´t have the freedom to dare so much and be so surprising.

now, you see the influence of Babylon 5 in nearly every sci-fi show, from Stargate, to Star Wars episode III and all the later Treks.

#22: B5–The Lost Tales had horribly CGI. What were you watching??

I had always enjoyed Scott Bakula’s work on Quantum Leap and was really looking forward to him playing my new favorite captain, because he was capable of that. But, Archer was rarely written well and I never cared for T’Pol. I liked Trip, Malcolm, and Plox a lot and hoped for more from Hoshi and even Tavis, but that didn’t happen at the end. I wanted and expected better but it rarely happened. I would watch these in rerun as I did in first run, but I won’t be spending my cash on such a light effort at Trek. For those who are bigger fans of this show, enjoy!

25. Thank you, i´ll look it up!

Suddenly my Babylon 5 DVD boxes just became more precious and unique!

Guess no one could predict that so many movies and TV series would be wanted years later. I´ve read that some older TV shows like “Banana Split” from the 1970´s were unrecoverable for DVD release. It´s hard to guess that a 1990´s show would suffer the a similar fate.

@26. t’cal,
“I had always enjoyed Scott Bakula’s work on Quantum Leap and was really looking forward to him playing my new favorite captain, because he was capable of that.”

I’ve never understood this. I’ve never seen Bakula play any part that was remotely what I expected from a federation starship capatain — just looking at QL and Enterprise side by side, that he was the wrong guy should be self-evident. Underwritten or no, Bakula had no idea what to do with the part. He was woefully miscast, and Paramount allegedly got him at a high cost to add insult to injury.

Deep Space Nine! Deep Space Nine!

HI, guys. Saw this, and I don’t remember seeing it posted on this site! Great fun for sure: (Speaking of Enterprise and controversial series within the trek community) And yes, I made it.

i thought bakula was just right for the role of archer…he was a captain in training basically having to make it up as it had never been done before…his adversarial nature with vulcans n initial hope of exploring instead of fighting was well dealt with….tpol was wonderful the crews loyalty also…as archer became the first captain i believe mostly that he had to learn how to explore n get past many human prejudices and fears….xenophobes and vulcans alike…well done imho…

Where the FOOK is Anthony Pascale? Did he quit running this site? I haven’t seen him here since before Into Darkness came out…

I almost cant watch Enterprise because it hurts too much. The most interesting concept that Berman et al ruined from the very beginning. I know the network intervened to insist that show involve starship flight from the very beginning but it was so short-sighted. Creative people more committed to their vision would have fought to keep the show grounded on Earth for a time (with trips into Space for other reasons).

The Vulcan portrayal was flawed but it was also a good concept with the “arrogant” Vulcans resisting the emotional humans’ desires to jump into space exploration with both feet.

I would have kept the show on Earth for the entire first season, showing the construction of the Enterprise, set backs etc. Make it like the earth moon program with the race to accomplish something with limited technology, the fire that killed several pilots etc. Make it real.

Give us a glimpse of the politics behind it all (how Earth came together after WWIII with one government) and potentially explain in canon some of the different names for “Starfleet” that were used in early TOS episodes.

Show us some of the early deep space missions that didnt have Warp (or at least tell us about them), illustrating how vast space is, how dangerous these missions were and high important Warp development is.

Make us care about the concept and the characters. make it gritty. The set design that was more advanced than TOS was not good.

These producers copped out and got lazy to quickly. On Voyager it was the reset button every week where the ship had no lasting damage and the crew had no lasting damage, where they started off conserving power by having a cook instead of using replicators and ended up using replicators and holodeck every week. On Enterprise, it was phasers, transporters etc.

I didnt hate the time travel intrigue because I’m a sucker for time travel but it was poorly executed and gave us villains we didnt care about. They ruined the “First Contact” with the Klingons. If they wanted an over-arching mystery, having a Cold War with the Romulans would have worked and would have fit in with the Vulcans keeping certain things from the Humans (like their link to Romulans for example).

So much promise and it ended up being Voyager in the past.

Wasn’t Archer kind of just written as Captain Janeway?

Looking back, the show was never that terrible — but it was uninspired, like Voyager before it. And the weight of all the Trek backstory just smothered it — it was a prequel rooted in all that had come before.

SHIELD seems to be giving its actors similar direction: deliver lines blandly.

The temporal cold war sounds like something that sounded workable in the writers’ room: “Yeah, it’ll give our viewers a reason to care about TNG’s past — because somebody’s changing it!! Plus, we can use it as a cover for obvious retconning (there was an Enterprise before the Enterprise!).”

Kind of like all the ideas they threw onto Voyager and didn’t do much with because one idea (the holographic doctor!) took over the show: The captain’s a lady scientist! There’s a pretty alien who only lives 9 years and she can have whatever powers we want her to have! A black Vulcan! A half-human/half-Klingon, and she’s angry! The Maquis (we don’t really remember who they are, but they’re rebelly, not like Starfleet)! A lovable scamp who’s well-versed in the Delta Quadrant! A bad-boy pilot! A sort-of Native American! A Korean! A computer with brain cells!

By the time Enterprise came along they were pretty rigidly locked into formula. Pretty much told the same stories, had the cast of seven and their job descriptions locked in, and getting edgy meant making the female Vulcan hormonal. So, we shoehorn in importance by having Archer be the founder of the Federation. Not sure why a ship captain would rise to that level, but hell, if a cadet can be captain over the course of a couple of days…why the hell not?

Just checking to see if there was the customary article around this time about Christmas in Trek, Trekmas, etc.


Oh well.

I appreciate all the effort that goes into this site, nevertheless.

Things will pick up.

As to the new Enterprise Blu-ray, I must admit that I am very interested in buying it. However, I’m hoping that someone will actually buy it for me and give it as a delayed Christmas gift. That would be nice.

As a die-hard fan, it’s fun to come on here and see the passion and dedication to Star Trek. We may not always agree with one another and the discussions get kind of hot, but we all share one big thing in common: a love of this unique and treasured franchise.

To all of the actors who have made Star Trek so memorable; to the dedicated crews behind the episodes and the movies, to Gene, and to all of the fans who pour yourselves into this amazing universe, I wish you a fabulous holiday season and health and happiness in the new year.

Amen StevenPDX…as ive mentioned elsewhere that even frustrated negative comments and feelings show that they care deeply…i still like over other trek sites because of this passion here, easily the more intelligent comments here than on most trek sites…more entertaining too…

Heading to the mall for half off calenders great trek collection this year from ships of the line to stid and a daily desk calender and a couple of memo notebooks ones too one of which reprints those cool tos posters recently done…

I’m seriously having thought about abandoning getting Enterprise(season 2-4) on Blu ray. Unless way further down the road Amazon has a awesome sale. I did score season one, but find the price point on Enterprise ridiculous, especially when CBS didn’t actually have to do as much work on it since the series was filmed in HD. I will finish getting TNG’s season 6 & 7 and call it a day. TNG badly needed restoration and fixing the badly edited FX on video to series footage on film merging nightmare. I guess I’m gonna say no to spending a huge wad again to rebuy Voyager/DS9 on BD. Enterprise limped along mostly..began to get good in season 3 and 4 was off the hook. I did see all of them first broadcast back in the day. Only series, I didn’t literally run to watch my vhs recordings, as the show was so retread TNG/Voy plot lines and characters….

Scott Bakula has stated in past interviews that Enterprise was simply on the wrong network. I believed ten years ago (yes its been that long) that The New BattleStar Galactica siphoned enough viewers away and killed Enterprise. Too bad, but BSG was the better show by far, but I watched both and was sad to see Enterprise go. I bought the DVD sets as soon as they were released, paid $100 bucks for each, and will not be investing in this set. Glad to see there is still interest in the show.

I miss Enterprise! This series was so under-rated and if people remember STTNG didn’t really sore until the fourth season. UPN just didn’t give it the chance it deserved… and yeah, Bakula was right, the series never belonged on that network!

Is it just me or does the edit work on Archer make it look like he has no neck?

Hail Enterprise! Caught the last two seasons on Netflix. That’s because UPN on Cincinnati was on a low powered TV station. Anyway, Enterprise demonstrates that Star Trek belongs on TV. To paraphrase our Captain Pascale, TV allows more complex, more heartfelt and smart story telling.

Lore 42 is correct that BSG was the superior show but incorrect that it killed Enterprise. The two shows were not fighting the same weekly times lot, they were just 2 sci fi shows airing in the same years ( for season 3 and 4 of ENT anyway) that would be like saying that Criminal Minds killed CSI Miami because they were both cop shows.

Enterprise was killed by dehydration. The same producers went to the well one time too many. Even a flawless version of Star Trek would have been met with disappointing ratings. After 15 seasons there were so many episodes and characters that fans became indifferent to more Starfleet graduates. Even the best intentioned uncles and aunts get less excited about nephew number 5 than they were about the first couple of kids. We all know a family where you want to scream at them STOP BREEDING!

The Star Trek family was full. Enterprise was the accidental pregnancy that no one asked for but learned to love ad it grew ( as in we all love Season 3 and 4 and lament no season 5).

Star Trek had the snip in 2005 when Enterprise ended and Doctor JJ ABRAMS reversed it. 2 new children in Trek’s family and a lot of people don’t love them either.

If you love Enterprise buy these blu rays, if you don’t then you don’t have to …
…I absolutely love 30% of Trek episodes, rather enjoy 50% of the rest and detest about 10%. I don’t wish for any more to be made. Ad Spock once inferred

Paraphrasing – Having a thing is not as good a thing as wanting a thing.

Star Trek had the snip in 2005 when Enterprise ended and Doctor JJ ABRAMS reversed it. 2 new children in Trek’s family and a lot of people don’t love them either.

If you love Enterprise buy these blu rays, if you don’t then you don’t have to …
…I absolutely love 30% of Trek episodes, rather enjoy 50% of the rest and detest about 10%. I don’t wish for any more to be made. Ad Spock once inferred

Paraphrasing – Having a thing is not as good a thing as wanting a thing.

Those percentages should read 30%, 60%, 10%

@46 Aussie Ian: What I meant was BSG showed fans how good a show could be. No, they weren’t in competing time slots, but most fans were watching both show for a while. Comparisons were inevitable. If BSG had come out in the early 90s, I’m sure ST TNG would have suffered, maybe not gone off the air, but suffered. Because fans would see how realistic a Sci Fi show could be. How intense the drama could be. Could you really care about Worf’s son Alexander as much as we cared about the human Clyon baby that was kidnapped by the Cylons. Difference of opinion, but if there had been to BSG, Enterprise would have at least have been renewed for a season 5.