Happy New Year from TrekMovie

Happy New Year! Because of holiday travel and vacation plans over this next week we’ll be checking on the site intermittently, so have some patience if your comment doesn’t show up right away.

Our review of the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise will also be a bit later than hoped, due to the timing of the release being right after the new year, review copies were sent the week of Christmas, right in the middle of visiting with family. So don’t forget that Enterprise Season 3 comes out on Blu-ray on January 7th in North America.



The new 3-part documentary is pretty candid about how the previous seasons weren’t really working and how a change in tone and pace was needed. We hear from, normally reclusive, Jolene Blalock in the documentaries too! Our review of Season 3 should be up sometime later in the release week.


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Jolene Blalock’s face seems slightly frozen in time!

that literally doesnt even look like Jolene Blalock.

Happy new year to trekmovie staff & all the fans here :)

The future is bountiful. Treat someone, anyone, to something today.

Pay it forward! It works and it feels GREAT!!!


Happy New Year to TrekMovie and Trekkies Everywhere!!

Looks like Jolene has made friends with a plastic surgeon. Either that or it’s a really unflattering pic of her.

Have a Happy New Year everyone! =D

mmmm…. Jolene, Jolene!

I’d LOVE to go surfing with you! ;-)

That’s Jolene Blalock?? I wouldn’t even have realized it. She used to be so hot before she botched her face with surgery.

happy new year?

…naw, let’s try to tear-down Jolene Blalock instead! =(

is this indicative of nu-trek philosophy / outlook? (shakes head…) =(

#8: What does “nu-trek” have to do with this discussion? No one even mentioned Abrams’ films, so your comment is entirely irrelevant.

Happy New Year — thanks for all your efforts this past year! Hope you find Anthony in the new year!

“Our review of the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise will also be a bit later than hoped,”

Don’t worry about this, I will save you all some time — here’s the review of Enterprise Season 3 that you can cut and paste here:

“Enterprise Season 3, like the first two seasons, completely stunk, and is barely watchable once again.”

Done! :-))

@10. MJ

““Enterprise Season 3, like the first two seasons, completely stunk, and is barely watchable once again.”

Done! :-))”

LOL, that was short & to the point :)

Enterprise is the only Trek series that I watched just once . I rewatch episodes from the other series from time to time. Even Voyager, I rewatch any episode centering around our dear EMH.


“Hope you find Anthony in the new year!”

Yeah, but I gotta say that I like the way Matt is running the site now.

Matt is allowing more diverse views in the articles, unlike the case with AP where it was clear that he didn’t like any criticism of JJ-Trek in articles & Op-ed. He allowed it in the comments section but I don’t recall a trekmovie article during his time where it criticized Abrams openly. I might be wrong but that was my impression.

Hope he is well & sound.

@ 1,5, 7

Ahhh. The Internet. And of course the comments section of most websites.

We got some brain dead comments about Jolene Black. It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard anonymously and spew hatred. It’s much harder to think before you speak. Back to you judges of beauty. First, prove she had surgery. And I mean not just your off the top of your head opinion. News report? Interview? We’re waiting. Second show some guts and tell us who you are. You want to get mean, then belly up to the bar. I’ll go first. My real name is Bernie Wong. Third, you do realize it’s been almost ten years since we’ve seen her.

Will patiently wait for everybody’s reply. And I can’t believe it but I agree with “I am not Herbert” for once.

Ahmed: I must agree…

I also like the way Matt is running the site… Keep on Trekkin’, Matt! =)

…and yes, must agree with your impression of “censoring” in the past ;-)

thanks Bernie! =)

…don’t know where we went wrong, but I KNOW we have agreed before… ;-)

7. BatlethInTheGroin

Please re-read my post at #4 – and LIVE IT!

#13: That was a melodramatic and ridiculous post.

Hey guys: how do you do bold, italic, etc…? copy / paste? thanks! =)


BB, this topic doesn’t really interest me all that much, but come on dude, anyone can see that she’s had her face altered.

…what “anyone can see”, is that 10 years has “altered” her face… dude =(

18. I am not Herbert

Just type in the special “less-than” and “greater than” characters when appropriate in your message.

See this link to see how these few characters of code should appear when you type it into your comment.


Some of the simple html coding works, like the bold and italic commands. Just remember to turn each switch off once started. Unless its your last..

I welcome you to this new level of nerdiness.

Please use it sparingly, and please pay it forward!

TrekMadeMeWonder: “I welcome you to this new level of nerdiness.”

SWEET! Thank You, my friend! =)

Happy new year…

Jolene’s pick looks like it may have been a screen capture, so while I’d suggest cutting her a little slack it would probably fall on deaf ears. More then a few people were more then happy to pile on Jennifer Lein a couple of years back for having the audacity to let herself go….


Happy New Year! Stay safe!

Except that my brother, who’s over here today, is a plastic surgeon, and he’s confirmed it.

:-) ;0 ;-( ;+ := :-))) ;-9 :-/

20. I am not Herbert – December 31, 2013
…what “anyone can see”, is that 10 years has “altered” her face… dude =(

Oh, okay…

Now I’m convinced… ;-)

u don’t know when to quit, do u?

consider yourself ignored…


Happy New Year Fellow Star Trek Fans !!!!!

“u don’t know when to quit, do u?”

You are telling me that? Dude, your speed-posting antics of dumb-ass stuff here make you unmatched in this category.

…and my post above, @25, was me humorously pretending to post like you.

You can’t even laugh at yourself, apparently…

@ 17

I see you can’t respond to the questions. Saying things without thinking. Maybe you and Sarah Palin share something in common.

Happy New Year! :-)

@ 19

MJ, to be honest, I’m not sure. And frankly attacking her for a picture from a video without knowledge is ignorant. She looks like she put on some weight which is probably okay since she had to wear those skin tight clothes for Enterprise. . Her face is wider which can indicate a little weight gain. Look at her neck. It’s wider. Again, it’s probably okay since she was extremely thin for Enterprise.

@30 Pretty close to midnight in your corner of the world, isn’t it?

Happy new year as well!

Also to Rose in New Zealand, though she may not see this…


If you’re a Hollywood actor, you go in knowing full well that you will be srutinized, not only on talent, but physical appearance as well. It’s the way it is. For both men and women.

So when an actor or actress goes in for plastic surgery, they are doing it for attention. If the surgery has the actor not looking as good as he or she was before, then criticism is warranted. I mean, people get plastic surgery to be noticed, right? If it turns out good, its okay to recieve compliments, but not any criticisms if it goes badly?

In the case of Jennifer Lien, she had quit acting a long time ago. Her appearance is irrelevent now.

#29: Your questions weren’t worth answering. And your Sarah Palin comment is as nonsensical as Sarah Palin. Grow up.

Thanks, TrekMovie staff, for running such a fine website. And thanks for keeping us informed.

2013 was an interesting year for Trek — not entirely good, because of the semi-disappointing domestic box office for STID — but not entirely bad, because of the excellent foreign box office for STID, and because of new fan productions, development of the third JJTrek movie, lessons learned from the questionably long interval between ST2009 and STID, and other positive things.

Trek may not be as strong as we want — still no Trek on TV and probably none for a significant period of time, measured in years — but it’s still pretty strong. Fan conventions are still fun, and new fans are still being created because of the new movies. Older fans will appreciate not only the traditional TOS/TNG assemblage of personages, but also engaging stars from DS9, VOY, ENT, and the JJTrek movies.

In fact, to accentuate the positive as we head into 2014, I must say that no non-JJTrek movie regular has ever had the potential star power of Chris Pine, who has broadened his repertoire to include taking the lead role in the Clancy-based movies. Not even William Shatner. Tom Clancy-based movies, such as “The Hunt For Red November,” have attracted the star power of none less than Sean Connery, not to mention Harrison Ford. (I’m leaving aside the Hollywood agency unpleasantness for the purposes of this posting.) So PIne could draw in quite a number of new fans by his very presence in the third JJTrek movie if his Jack Ryan role proves popular with the public.

Zoe Saldana has garnered a lot of good notices too for her roles, including a starring role in — you guessed it — James Cameron’s Avatar, possibly the successor franchise to Star Wars. (Cameron says he will make three sequels to the original Avatar, if memory serves.) Avatar 2 will come out in 2015, as presently envisioned.

Karl Urban has a new TV series doing an SF turn as a futuristic LEO (law enforcement officer) — quite a leap from his role as Judge Dredd, no? ;)

Anyway, good things come to those who wait.

Happy New Year, once again, dear friends. And Happy Trekking.

Happy New Year Everyone! =)

…let’s just ALL ignore the negativity for negativity’s sake, OK? =)

…maybe they will get bored and go away (if we don’t “feed” them)?

What is all this Star Trek: Equinox TV movie stuff I’m side my hearing. IMDB, TMZ etc all reporting.

Let’s put the snarks in a pile for one night. And set a nice New Year’s Eve bon fire.

@ 37. Tup – December 31, 2013

“What is all this Star Trek: Equinox TV movie stuff I’m side my hearing. IMDB, TMZ etc all reporting.”


You may want to check the Renegades thread, where “I am not Herbert” & I posted some links about this project starting from # 211

Gotta say that I’m not impressed at all by the decision to cast a wrestler in this project.

Happy New Year :)

comment image

33. Red Dead Ryan – December 31, 2013

—So when an actor or actress goes in for plastic surgery, they are doing it for attention. If the surgery has the actor not looking as good as he or she was before, then criticism is warranted. I mean, people get plastic surgery to be noticed, right?—

I can’t believe I’m getting involved in this discussion, but the answer to your rhetorical question is almost always, “No.”

Most people who get plastic surgery would rather it not be known that they’ve had “work” done. That’s why the likes of Bill Shatner constantly deny it. Shatner won’t even admit to ever having worn a toupee, even though Herb Solow and Bob Justman, in their book “Inside Star Trek,” (which I highly recommend), describe in vivid detail Shatner’s toupee and the appearance of Shatner’s head sans-toupee on the TOS set.

A more extreme example was that of Michael Jackson, who, despite obviously having had numerous plastic surgeries—I mean, we could all see the work being done to his face from album cover to album cover—would adamantly deny having had anything more than two nose jobs, all while having the appearance of a space alien posing as a nose-less white woman.

The most common reason that film and TV actors get plastic surgery is (bringing it back to Kirk) to cheat the aging process (death). And, as with all cheats, it’s much better if people don’t know that you’re cheating. “He certainly has aged well.” “The years have been good to her.”

As for the lovely Ms. Blalock, it’s hard to tell from that still. It could just be an odd capture in that frame.

If she has had something done, to me it looks like it’d be that she’s either on the Botox, which causes paralysis of the facial muscles, or she’s had her eyes done to get ride of crow’s feet. IMO, she didn’t need either of those, but we all know how scrutinizing people can be about their own appearance, let alone people who make their living based largely on their appearance.

In any case, while curiosity does get the better of us when we see someone we’re so familiar with looking a bit…different…somehow, we should remember that they’re people with feelings and insecurities just as we are.

happy new year!

whats the stardate?

Happy New Year Bob! Looking forward to learning some tidbits about Star Trek 3 in 2014!

Cygnus-X1: Hear! Hear! =D

CmdrR: HEH! =)

Ahmed: Thanks for that pic! it gives me a good feeling! =)

…but i have to point out that your prejudice is showing, re: wrestlers ;-)

correction: EX-wrestlers ;-)

I don’t know, boborci, but if it’s like any other year in the life of Trek, it’s the Year of Bob Orci, At least in the new Trek universe. ;)

Live long and prosper! And please continue to keep us entertained, you crazy Trek cat, you!

(Anyone know anyone who can do a decent impression of Bill Murray singing the Star Trek (instead of the Star Wars) theme song as a lounge lizard? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Because I feel that whole vibe coming on just about now. Because it’s New Year’s Eve, dammit, and why the hell not?)

Anyway, LL&P, peeps. ;)

@42. Depends on the time zone. ..and to a successful new year.


boborci: “whats the stardate?”

i want to stay positive, but how sadly indicative is that? =(

(maybe just being lazy, though…) ;-) (or “funny”?)

@ 44. I am not Herbert – December 31, 2013

“Ahmed: Thanks for that pic! it gives me a good feeling! =)
…but i have to point out that your prejudice is showing, re: wrestlers ;-)”