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Sadly, we still don’t have anything concrete about the next Star Trek movie. But here are news bits to help try and tide us over in this drought. Orci speaks to the press about Trek 3, but it’s cryptic as usual. Pine says he’d like to see Kirk go even darker in Trek 3, and Into Darkness is nominated for an Academy Award for best visual effects. Read on for all the details.

Trek 3 – original story or inspired by Prime Trek? A little bit of both says Orci.


…Would Orci and his cowriters focus on an original Trek story next time or stay in the classic Trek world?

“Little bit of both,” Orci said. “Part of the fun of the freedom that we bought ourselves is that you can harmonize with canon and you can echo what’s come before, so you can do it in a new way.”

This is another great non-answer from Bob since he can’t really divulge anything. In fact the only thing we do know, thanks to a comment he made here at TrekMovie, is that he started preliminary work for the script sometime after the New Year.

— Source: Crave Online

Pine says he wants Kirk to “go dark” in Trek 3


While out on a press tour for his new film “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit“, Chris Pine said he wants to see Kirk go darker in tone.

Q: “If you were to sit down with the writers of Star Trek III and request any scene or moment for Kirk, what would that be?”

A: “Well, for anybody who’s seen the second one,” said Pine, “given the fact that Kirk’s been revived by Khan’s blood, I think there’s definitely room for Kirk to go dark, which we’ve obviously seen in the original series, and that would be fun, I think.”

It’s pretty clear that Pine was just chatting it up while on a press junket. He has no special knowledge of the next movie (considering the first draft is just being written right now). It’s also a bit of a silly thing to say when:

A. It’s not inherent in Kirk (in either universe) to be super dark.

B. Being dark is literally in the title of the last movie: Into Darkness, which was indeed pretty bleak for much of the movie.

C. It sure seems like that at end of Into Darkness that those grim few years following the events of Star Trek (2009) instigated by Admiral Markus and his paranoid programs of arming for a war (any war will do) had been mostly shut down and everyone is looking to move forward in a more positive light of exploration on the new 5-year mission.

— Source: Total Film

Into Darkness nominated for VFX Oscar


The very talented team at ILM, lead by Roger Guyett, has been nominated for technical Oscar for their visual effects work on Star Trek Into Darkness.  ILM always does amazing work, however they have some stiff competition in the category including the effects houses behind Gravity, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Iron Man 3, and The Lone Ranger.

— Source: Oscar.go.com via TrekCore

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