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Sadly, we still don’t have anything concrete about the next Star Trek movie. But here are news bits to help try and tide us over in this drought. Orci speaks to the press about Trek 3, but it’s cryptic as usual. Pine says he’d like to see Kirk go even darker in Trek 3, and Into Darkness is nominated for an Academy Award for best visual effects. Read on for all the details.

Trek 3 – original story or inspired by Prime Trek? A little bit of both says Orci.


…Would Orci and his cowriters focus on an original Trek story next time or stay in the classic Trek world?

“Little bit of both,” Orci said. “Part of the fun of the freedom that we bought ourselves is that you can harmonize with canon and you can echo what’s come before, so you can do it in a new way.”

This is another great non-answer from Bob since he can’t really divulge anything. In fact the only thing we do know, thanks to a comment he made here at TrekMovie, is that he started preliminary work for the script sometime after the New Year.

— Source: Crave Online

Pine says he wants Kirk to “go dark” in Trek 3


While out on a press tour for his new film “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit“, Chris Pine said he wants to see Kirk go darker in tone.

Q: “If you were to sit down with the writers of Star Trek III and request any scene or moment for Kirk, what would that be?”

A: “Well, for anybody who’s seen the second one,” said Pine, “given the fact that Kirk’s been revived by Khan’s blood, I think there’s definitely room for Kirk to go dark, which we’ve obviously seen in the original series, and that would be fun, I think.”

It’s pretty clear that Pine was just chatting it up while on a press junket. He has no special knowledge of the next movie (considering the first draft is just being written right now). It’s also a bit of a silly thing to say when:

A. It’s not inherent in Kirk (in either universe) to be super dark.

B. Being dark is literally in the title of the last movie: Into Darkness, which was indeed pretty bleak for much of the movie.

C. It sure seems like that at end of Into Darkness that those grim few years following the events of Star Trek (2009) instigated by Admiral Markus and his paranoid programs of arming for a war (any war will do) had been mostly shut down and everyone is looking to move forward in a more positive light of exploration on the new 5-year mission.

— Source: Total Film

Into Darkness nominated for VFX Oscar


The very talented team at ILM, lead by Roger Guyett, has been nominated for technical Oscar for their visual effects work on Star Trek Into Darkness.  ILM always does amazing work, however they have some stiff competition in the category including the effects houses behind Gravity, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Iron Man 3, and The Lone Ranger.

— Source: Oscar.go.com via TrekCore

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Bob Orci,

Please keep it light, ala: The Voyage Home.

My first hope for the 50th anniversary movie is that it opens with a great opening title sequence scored to Michael Giacchino’s fantastically big orchestration of the TOS theme (from the end credits of the last 2 movies).

Just a good story, please. Focus on the characters, not huge ‘splosions, fist fights, or discovering God needs a starship. Just a good story with conflict involving who these people hope to become as members of the Federation.

@ “discovering God needs a starship”: At least that would be some sort of departure from the “madman trying to blow up everything with huge superweapon” approach of the last 3-4 movies. The one thing I dread the most is just another Enterprise vs. Supership story, this time featuring the “ultimate” Klingon Thunderbird…

I’m somewhat afraid, the Khan’s Superblood storyline isn’t over. The Klingons may know that blood is now in Kirk. And we all know Klingons have a history with human augments. That MIGHT be an insteresting premise, but if the Klingons kidnap Kirk and Spock has to steal the Enterprise from Spacedock to save him…well, you know… it has happened before….and it’ll happen again… and the Borg were created by man, and they have a plan…

Mr Orci, just do this:


Then you can start writing for the Prime Universe aka the universe people really care about & want to see progress. Go on! JJ has fled, your free to unleash your true Trek geekness! ;)

(I jest of course)

“harmonize with canon”

Wow, is STID really what you’d call harmony? Yikes.
Sounds like we’ll get more of the same, uh, retooling.

Come on, take the training wheels off already!
New universe, new stories, remember?

“Part of the fun of the freedom that we bought ourselves is that you can harmonize with canon and you can echo what’s come before, so you can do it in a new way.”

With all respect, I think the writers wound up having a lot more fun playing those sorts of games than either the diehards or general audiences did in the case of INTO DARKNESS.

If there’s one thing the last two movies conclusively demonstrated, it’s that it ain’t 1969, or even 1982 anymore. Just get on with it, and tell a great story.

“you can harmonize with canon and you can echo what’s come before, so you can do it in a new way.”

By a new way, guess he meant turning Khan into a British lad !!

So, I guess that we should expect to see the crew in the next movie trying to save the dolphins, instead of whales. After all, this will “echo what’s come before” but in a “new way” !!!

@6. Vultan – January 27, 2014

“New universe, new stories, remember?”

Nope, apparently the writing team still live in an echo chamber!

Again with the dark thing? Jesus Tap-dancing Christ.

Obliterate canon!!!!!

This is just my interpretation of Chris Pine’s comment, but when he referenced Khan’s blood, I thought he meant it could effect Kirk’s personality. Something along the lines of The Enemy Within…but with Khan’s blood as a catalyst instead of a transporter malfunction that allows certain dark impulses to motivate/alter his character.

IDW has announced an upcoming storyline for their ongoing Orci-overseen Trek series where James Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise will encounter… Jane Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise.

PLEASE, no more rehash of old stories! Show us the vastness of the universe, explore new worlds, explore those characters – not only in pointless action sequences! You can do it….

After disappointingly bad writing on STID, I am not going to get my hopes up. I look forward to another attempt at new Trek but I remain skeptical.

Borg origins storyline, The guardian, more time travel and a borgified spock mmmmm

Borgified Klingons, good Khan.

Star Trek must copy, yes copy the recent movies that made big bucks, put it in space and we will love it.

one sample:
The Hobbit 2

Would love to see something new, though I wouldn’t mind seeing some more Klingons in the mix.

The 2 Abrams movies although tittled “Star Trek” sure are not. They tossed out 40 plus years of canon for this rebooted Star Wars cousin. It’s horrific! I hope they can fix this mess. I would love to see them go back to the prime universe in the next movie….even if its just for a peek to show us its still there. Maybe they can take Prime Spock back where he belongs. That would be cool and impressive. Plus, give us a plot with some moral struggle to it. Show us a story that doesn’t have lazy, quick fix devices in it like transwarp beaming or magic blood. Give us a good ride with some action, but something that will invest us in the alternate universe characters lives. Franco

RE: Point C. It’s a bit of a stretch to assume that the Marcus affair was just some loose cannon admiral run amuck. Carol conceals her identity, the assumption is she is a plant from the admiral. She states later that her father fed her specs for the new weapons. However, when Marcus chases Enterprise down in the last act, he doesn’t seem to know she’s on the ship. So, either she was supposed to be off Enterprise (not likely) or Marcus didn’t send her there – someone else did. We know from Trek 09 that it took Starfleet 6-7 years to build Enterprise, which means the bigger Vengeance had to be under construction at the same time. There are enough clues floating around STID to suggest that Starfleets push toward militarization was well under way when Marcus found Khan. It’s unlikely that this massive black ops project just went away after a year.

Why bother rebooting? They should have just done a complete remake. They could even veer away from strict canon with a complete remake.They also wouldn’t even need to have time travel in the first one. Even though I liked the first one. Second one was just ok. The three pictures could have consisted of the first one of Kirk and crew growing up then Kirk entering the Academy. The second one Kirk and crew’s first assignments. Then the final one Kirk and crew getting posted to the Enterprise under Captain Pike. Could they have made something like that trilogy action packed?

Last point – Carol was clearly up to her armpits in Section 31. If Starfleet cleaned up the mess, and conspired with her father, she should be in prison, convicted of treason, as her father would have been had Khan not popped his head like a grape. Instead, she’s on Enterprise as they head off on the five year mission. Khan destroys SF Headquarters and a quarter of San Francisco – no prison time, but back into deep freeze in a warehouse somewhere. To the contrary, the end of STID suggests the whole thing was covered up, swept under the rug, and no one was held accountable.

I thin the argument could be made that, convincingly, that in this universe it’s the Federation that’s the authoritarian regime.

The corrupt Federation/Admiral storyline has been done to death, right along with revenge minded villains and big bad enemy ships with super weapons.

Get on with the 5 year mission in the next one. Let’s see the frontier. Leave Earth in the rear view. Use Indiana Jones as an example. How long did we see him hanging around the university?

Pay whatever the cost and put Harlan Ellisons original script for City on the Edge of Forever up on the big screen…


Im all for a quest in space movie, exploring all elements, fire, ice, rain, dry looking for map of milky way, sorta like treasure hunt in space, like hobbit, lotr, indiana jones etc. lots of great visuals, character moments, action and twists…

Kirk fighting lizard man :)

@22 and 24:

There was an excellent ST: TNG story along those lines — can’t remember the episode name, but it was quite good. I agree with the “treasure hunt” idea — could be an excellent adventure!

Just my two cents’ worth.

I thought The Chase had an okay story. The direction could have been more exciting though. A bit flat in parts.

@28 — That’s the one! Thanks. I think it would make a nice starting point for a story worthy of the 50th Anniversary — but that’s just me.

I appreciate the response.

@27. Matt Wright,
“Somehow in less than a year Adm. Markus found the Botany Bay, thawed out Khan, blackmailed him into making the torpedoes and helping him design the Vengance.”

It’s actually worse than that. Orci’s semi-canon official narrative is that Marcus found the Botany Bay, thawed out Khan specifically, changed his physical identity, wiped his memory thoroughly of who he was, then completely re-educated him in 23rd century physics and engineering, then put him to work designing weapons, stealth torpedoes, and completing the Vengeance (which WAS almost completed), as well as blowing up the Klingon moon Praxis, and then finally discovering his true identity, locating the 72 cryo pods and devising a way to smuggle them out in torpedoes he designed.

All of THAT was within a year.

We need this movie to be epic again. Epic in like Star Trek 2009. Need a return to that epic form here.


Wasn’t the episode ‘The Pegasus’ was it? He was a rogue admiral…well in a way.

31 Curious, in that case Mr Orci is woefully uninformed about civilian oversight, military funding, contracting, design, shipbuilding and all that.

Surprising in view of Trek09.

And disappointing. I’m willing to suspend disbelief to a point, BUT.

If Kirk goes dark, then Spock will have to kick his ass.


Let’s come up with something science-ficcy and original this time. Let’s explore. Let’s not get too caught up in other projects to give Trek its due. Let’s not do a referential jobbo, ok BobO?

19. Phil – January 27, 2014

I appreciate your efforts, but you’re just making up your own “fanon.”

None of what you’re presuming was even remotely implied in STID.

Carol Marcus was just there to give us some T&A and to set up the climax of the story. That’s it.

@31. Let’s not forget the infrastructure now. Unless Marcus and Khan were a two man show, the facilities needed to be built and manned to build these exotic weapons, whatever raw materials that were needed had to be sourced, processed and delivered (either that, or someone ordered up an obscene number of replicators), exotic new propulsion, weapons and data systems needed to be tested, and crews needed to be trained. Further, whatever passed for civilian oversight apparently had to be bribed, or extorted to look the other way.

Sorry, but behind every megalomaniac there is a willing labor force building his arms of conquest. Or unlimited slave labor. There was a flippin model of Vengeance on Marcus desk, for Christ sake. If this program is secret, it has to be the worst kept secret in the Federation. And Carol Marcus, who was up to her eyeballs in her fathers business, is a free woman. Something’s afoul in the Federation, I fear…

@Matt. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize you had personally talked to CBS or Mr Dorn about the seriousness of his Trek TV pitch. So I guess the multiple news reports about there being interest at CBS in Dorn’s pitch were just CBS punking the fans then.

As for the statement by JJ, it is the only official statement that has been made by anyone involved, it that is not the case then mister Les Mooves needs to open his mouth and make a statement to the contrary, until he does JJ’s statement is the last word on the subject. Of course since it is well known that Moonves dislikes Trek I have no problem believing that statement.

A few of the elements I would like to see in the next movie:

A totally new, original threat
Guardian of Forever
Cestus III
Carol Marcus contracting a disease that permanently turns her into a hairy ape-like creature
Jean-Luc PIcard’s ancestors
Dr. Noonien Soong and Spock meet, debate
The origins of Dark Matter
An explanation how Prime Spock failed his mission trying to save Romulus in the Prime Universe. Prime Spock doesn’t fail.
Uhura and Spock break up
Scotty reimagines the bridge into a more, gray and black with red railing design
Uhura contracts the aging disease seen in The Deadly Years and must retire from Starfleet as an elderly person
The Orion Pirates take over the sector of space with the Guardian of Forever and wreak havoc in all the pasts and different universes.
The Orion slave women restore the universe almost like it was, except they enslave all men as their own personal sex slaves.
The demon Pazuzu from the Exorcist is encountered by the Enterprise crew and must defeat him.

Beside Star Trek XIII, Bob has two major movies coming out in 2016, The Mummy & The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Not to mention the other TV & movie projects that he will be hired to write/producer from now to 2016.

You gotta admire the guy for tackling all these various projects at the same time but I can’t help wondering if the quality of these projects will suffer somehow!

…stop wondering: the quality sucks =(

…hopefully, Godzilla will be good =)

39. John from Cincinnati – January 27, 2014

From your lips to Bog’s ears.

I wouldn’t be entirely against seeing Kirk go a little dark. Start flying off the handle a bit and Spock and Bones working together (finally getting the screen time and relationship development together they need) along with the crew to get him back to normal.

We really need more of the Triumvirate in the next one if possible. Those three need to start becoming what they are meant to be.

And, as John from Cincinnati said, END that Spock/uhura thing. Really, that’s about enough of that. It’s lost its charm, if it ever had any…

I would also like to see Uhura and Carol working/talking together. I mean, two brilliant, beautiful women on that ship we can have at least one scene with them. We have two lead females now, lets get them together and watch them be HBIC. Carol is a freaking DOCTOR of advanced weapons for gods sake. Torpedoes! that is probably the most badass thing I’ve heard in a while.

here’s a simple idea for ST XIII:
a spaceship skirmish where the valiant Enterprise DOESN’T get the snot kicked out of it by the Big Black Supership of the Week.

I mean, for Zeus’s sake, this is supposedly the most advanced ship in all of Starfleet and it’s repeatedly being shot to shreds by superior weapons, having little to absolutely zero shields in effect and/or falling out of the sky.
The ONLY time this hot rod had any good side was when it was blasting an already crippled target.
That’s really all I want for in NuTrek 3.

Please show us some of the aftermath of the Section 31 conspiracy! Its political effects and so forth would be very interesting…

Jeezus These writers are total garbage.

Get Away From Earth!

Orci stil on the writing team? Guss we can all look forward to another throw away story with Khan and Klingons.
To boldly go where there was no need to go.
Orci should say “F” off to the original fans now before he even writes a single word. You know, the fans that actually keep the franchise alive.
And our wonderful talented actors will be given crap to wok with again.
Oh well.
I’ll keep reading updates here and warning all about what they really mean.

The Enterprise in danger of capture by Klingons, actually gets taken to Qronos but a new Vulcan boy saves her and Spock is jealous of him…Uhura likes.

Away from Earth, Enterprise for destruction not earth, cadets in training aboard, Kirks friend from where no man…does not play a roll in the movie other then a buddy and please give me Riley!!!