UPDATED: Trek 3 writer speaks about Trek for the first time – VIDEO

JD Payne, half of the new writing duo working with Roberto Orci on the 3rd Trek movie, spoke with two Latter-day Saint focused publications about being a life-long Trekkie, his faith as a Mormon, and working with Bad Robot and his long time friend and writing partner Patrick McKay. Click on to keep reading and see a new video interview with him.


From LDS Living:

On working with Bad Robot and getting the call to work on Trek 3:

“I’ve done a few projects with JJ Abrams’ company Bad Robot now,” he explains. “We’ve developed a really solid working relationship.” So solid, in fact, that he and his writing partner made it on the short list, as Payne recalls, “A friend over there came to us and said, ‘So we’ve got a new project to discuss with you guys. It’s very preliminary but. . .’  And we were just sort of waiting for it, and then they said, ‘It’s Star Trek Three.’”

On Trek 3:

A Star Trek fan since 15, for Payne, it was a dream finally come true.

So what’s in store for Star Trek fans? “I can’t really talk about much of what it is,” laughs Payne, though he did share, “At its core, Star Trek has always been about adventure, exploration and wonder, with an optimistic sense of the future, and all its possibilities. It’s a massive playground; we’re so excited to be diving in on it.”

Read the full interview over at LDS Living

From Mormon Artist:

There has been quite a bit written about the fact that the upcoming Star Trek will be your first produced script. However, you are pretty seasoned—how many screenplays have you written in total?

Star Trek will be our ~17th script from the first one we wrote when we were in college; our tenth from the time we got agency representation (though only seven of those have officially been in development at a production company and studio). I’ve read that the industry average is thirteen scripts in development for every one that ends up getting produced. I’m definitely still bullish that several of our other projects will make it to the silver screen, so we’ll see how that ratio ends up working out with our slate.

How did you first become involved with Bad Robot? What was it like to work with J. J. Abrams and the group involved with the film?

We had a great initial general meeting at Bad Robot, after which we pursued a project that came to be known as Boilerplate. From there, things took on a life of their own. We feel like we share a creative sensibility and point of view with J. J. and his team. They’ve been fantastic to work with every step of the way on each of the projects we’ve developed together. It’s a relationship we feel very fortunate to have stumbled into.

I could go into more detail about the nuts and bolts of the collaboration, but I should probably leave it at that. People think Edward Snowden got exiled from the country for the NSA Wikileaks scandal; in actuality, I heard his real crime was leaking a super-secret pizza recipe from the kitchen at Bad Robot’s offices.

Read the full interview on Mormon Artist

UPDATE 3/17/2014

TrekMovie regular Ahmed found a 90-minute interview with JD Payne from a Mormon film festival last month. The first 11 minutes are about the next Trek movie. Payne reveals that his first meeting with Bad Robot about Trek 3 was nearly a year ago in April 2013.

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