Bye Bye Robot releases new TNG movie posters

Bye Bye Robot, an independent art publisher who has been publishing licensed Star Trek-related artwork since 2011, is releasing 4 new posters inspired by the 4 TNG feature films.

The prints, created by artist Matt Ferguson, are designed to be reminiscent of old movie-house posters from the past. All the posters contain a stylistic similarity.

From the press release:

 …each print contains the essence of its respective plot. From the character portraits of William Shatner as Kirk and Patrick Stewart as Picard, to the multiple ship portraits of the U.S.S. Enterprise, we see the major components to each story portrayed in such a way as to inspire a visceral response in each viewer. Pulling story elements together with iconic imagery you will also find the Borg Queen, the “Reman” foe, and the Nexus Ribbon amongst the striking visuals.

 The posters are printed on heavyweight 100lb paper and measure 12″x”24″.  They are available individually for $25, or can purchased as a set of four for $85.  You can order them here at .


As mentioned above, the folks at Bye Bye Robot have been publishing Trek artwork for the past few years, offering a great variety of TOS and TNG art, including movie posters featuring the TOS movies, also by Matt Ferguson.   My personal favorite, which I have to share, is a “campaign” poster for a certain genetic superman:


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Borg Queen is awesomely creepy in that pic.

I agree, but I have to say the other three posters have a sense of epic scale and mystery that the First Contact poster lacks… which is somewhat ironic, given that First Contact was, IMO, by far the best of the four movies.

I really like the “vintage” Khan poster as well. The Eugenics Wars of the mid-1990s (?!) have always been a fascinating little paradox of retro-futurism. (Yes, I know they were retconned into some secret underground struggle in a highly unsatisfying way, but I much prefer this 1960s vision of a massive global conflict across the continent of Asia against the despotic Khan and his superman army, which this poster evokes perfectly.)

That’s a novel idea…exciting posters for less than exciting movies! The good thing is, it won’t take 2 hours of your time to be unimpressed! lol. They do look cool though.


Ironic indeed that the vision depicted in these posters looks greater then what was actually contained in these films.
TNG fans often exaggerate the often stunted concepts of their favorite show.

#5. The Keeper – April 4, 2014

Ironic? Surely you jest. What you describe is the prime function of most book covers and movie posters.

#6 Disinvited – April 4, 2014

Exactly…the illusion of greatness does not make greatness, which is what I am pointing out here.
Great posters, crumby movies.

I like the Insurrection a lot, my fave of the four. The First Contact is one I would have bought back when I would buy something like these. I do agree the Generations is the least of them.

Generations & First Contact posters looking great.

I love the Insurrection one. Really striking.

Would love to buy these…if only they were available outside America.

how many supposed trek fans seem to have bad opinions of a lotta trek….sooo whats the freakin point…every frikkin time a trek movie or movies or series is mentioned in any way…that movie or movies or series really sucked blah blah….if i was involved in any of these id just give up….all u fans seem to hate almost everything….anti fans maybe?

Happy First Contact Day!

#12. Jim Nightshade – April 5, 2014

You are mistaken that studios or production companies pay that much attention to critics. Even when a studio tries to use such things to diminish their payout to those other participants in a film’s creation it is always telling as to what really counts when they greenlight a sequel.

I like the First Contact poster the most. It is different from the other three.

great posters…I think Insurrection is the best! (not many times one could ever say that! LOL)

btw just thought you guys would like to vote TWOK or whatever Trek movie for this :

i remember Empire did a greatest ever list a few years back and being disappointed TWOK wasn’t there

the JJTreks will no doubt make the list as they are popular/recent/kewl etc….so itd be ridiculous if there was no TWOK in there somewhere

The Borg poster is creepy in a bad way, the rest are pretty good. One might actually think Generations is watchable from its poster…

Oh yeah: Happy First Contact Day!

On the Khan poster….Why is Central America being used as a land bridge between India and Africa? Someone needs a geography lesson…..

HubcapDave: If the globe is transparent, that’s the way it looks.

The sad fact is the NG movies were awful. Every one of them, worse than the last. What a lost opportunity. And the awfulness that was ‘Nemesis’ killed the franchise for a decade.

If you guys feel so negatively about the trek then why the hell are you on this site in the first place??

It’s all ‘waah I don’t like these movies because of a few insignificant issues’ — we’re supposed to be the fans!! Would you really have preferred for them to have stopped making new films after The Undiscovered Country?

You guys are the worst.

I think the posters look great :)


Awesome aspects of Generations:

Kirk and Picard together at last!
Chekov and Guinan
Solving the Enterprise-B mystery (class, appearance)
The saucer section crashlanding
Malcolm McDowell
The TNG crew on a wooden boat
… I could go on. I’m sure everyone here loved those parts as much as I did…

Wicked moments from First Contact:
Jesus, there are so many —
Enterprise-E, what a beauty
‘Sir, there’s another starship coming in… it’s the Enterprise!!’
The Borg (Star Trek’s Dalek equivalent)
Time Travel
The First Warp Ship
Drunk Troy
etc etc etc etc

Are you, Smoking Robot, incapable of enjoying the things I have listed above?!?!

As for Insurrection, I never really knew what to think of it until I read it described as being a great ‘episode’, but a poor ‘movie’. Which has kinda made me see it in a more positive light — imagine Insurrection as a multi part TNG episode! It would have been one of the ‘YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE’ ones! And so, I think it’s fairly great for this reason. As a movie, they could’ve gone grander, but, well, ya know…

Nemesis on the other hand. What even was that.

I’m just tryin’ to say that the TNG movies really are not all bad. First Contact is usually seen as being at least in the top 3 of trek films. Hell, if I tried I’m sure I could think of something from Nemesis that I enjoyed…

Other awesome things about Generations:
Amazing score
Picard family Christmas
Kirk and Picard on horseback
Kirk’s mortality…he’s human like us

Who’s going to buy these? The TNG movies sucked!

Something enjoyable in Nemisis you ask?
Sure – the scene where the bridge is blown open: “He just want’s to look me in the eye” – badd ass! Then Picard ramming the mother F-er, awesome stuff if you ask me :)

Agreed :)

I also thought the wedding was quite nice

And the searching and finding of android parts on the desert planet was pretty cool — worried Picard saying that it doesn’t feel right… but then that chase scene was kinda terrible :p

Always cool to learn more about Romulus of course

#19 HubcapDave, I noticed that geographic anomaly too, that’s really bizarre.

I am such a fan of the Romulans, both in their TOS and their TNG/DS9 incarnations, so I was so excited when I heard that Nemesis would have a Romulan-centric plot, but I was bitterly disappointed by the plot (a Picard clone? really?), and from a continuity and flavor standpoint, the totally contrived introduction of the Remans.

We’ve never heard of them or seen them through countless episodes of Star Trek, and now, in the final movie of the TNG franchise, it turns out they inhabit the other key planet of the Romulan Empire and are an ubiquitous and critically important aspect of Romulan society. Not only was it totally not credible, to my mind it also lessened the Romulans themselves, who apparently rely on a slave race of Remans to do all of their dirty work as mining slaves and their heaviest fighting as shock troops. It also ruined the image I had of Romulus and Remus as the mysterious and beautiful twin homeworlds of the Romulan Empire–in some ways it explained why Romulus gets all the attention, but it’s kind of disappointing Remus turned out to be a miserable dark shadow world filled with downtrodden slaves.

I’ll concede that the space battle with the two Valdores and the Enterprise-E against the Scimitar was pretty epic.

#12: Saying “supposed trek fans” is elitist garbage.


Not sure I agree. #12 has a god point, actually. For a community of people who are supposed to be “fans,” I see more complaining, slamming, bickering and negativity on boards like this than you would see if a group of Yankees fans decided to spam a Red Sox fan website. It’s pretty bizarre. It’s even more ironic given that Trek fans are SUPPOSEDLY known for being tolerant and open minded.

I think Fan #1 slamming Fan #2 for liking aspects of the franchise they don’t themselves like is actually “elitist garbage” to be honest.

Redlettermedia’s Review of the TNG films, and why they were a disappointment:


“First Contact”



While I don’t agree with all elements of the reviews, I do understand the points being made.


12″ x 24″ is NOT a poster in my opinion. I remember the good ole days where movie posters were 27″ x 40″.