Roberto Orci in talks to direct “Star Trek 3”

star-trek-writer-roberto-orci-wants-to-revive-the-franchise-on-tv-146446-a-1381748857-470-75Deadline Hollywoods Mike Fleming is reporting that Roberto Orci, co-screenwriter and producer of the previous two Trek films, has emerged as the frontrunner to direct the third feature and is currently in talks with Paramount and their producing partner, Skydance Productions.

According to Fleming, Orci has mounted “an aggressive lobbying campaign” to land the job, and should he get it,

…this would amount to another first-time director taking on a massive project, which has been hit (Snow White And The Huntsman) and miss (Transcendence, John Carter, 47 Ronin).  Orci could be an exception on the positive side of the ledger because he has been involved for so long as writer and producer in shaping such big scale films as the Star Trek films as well as theTransformers and Amazing Spider-Man movies. I’m told that Paramount’s partner, Skydance Productions, has been in Orci’s corner, but Paramount needed convincing. Now it all could happen at warp speed.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

The pace certainly appears to be picking up.  We’ll bring you more information as we get it.

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So nobody else wants to do it? Really?

Sorry my englishe is a little bit carzy i am from france

the first star trek film did not give me an excite. second star trek film gave me a very nice excite. i hope number 3 star trek has a very nice action to it, and a very grand story.

my favorite characher persons in star trek? dark vaders and lucky sky walker. i like when dark vaders say to luck sky walker ‘your lack of faith is giving me a very big disturb’!

One question: why?

As a co-writer, he has screwed up STID incredably. And now he wants to direct the third? I don’t think so!

Bob Orci is a nice guy, but he’s already pounded at CBS’ doors for a new Star Trek series, and twice they said no. For a good reason.

Don’t let him direct the lemon he’s writing now; hire one from the outside.
Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Frakes. To name a few…

Seriously, after STID my fanfeeling for the franchise decimated.

The guy who has single handedly ruined this series to date gets a chance to direct?


Everyone should have been fired after Into Dorkness!

Good luck Bob! You’ve earned your shot. And thanks for everything you’ve done to breathe new life into this beloved franchise.

Star Trek Lives!

1. Buzz Cagney – May 9, 2014

So nobody else wants to do it? Really?

We really haven’t heard of any name directors expressing interest.

Joe Cornish was being considered (never heard of him). And now it looks like it’s gonna be Orci.

I’ve never directed before either but I’ve seen every Star Trek episode and film and I know the difference between a dolly shot and whip pan….I’m not a fan of flare or 3D….can I have a go at Star Trek 3?…….

Orci or not, let us enjoy Star Trek 3 (Reborn?) being made. I choose optimism before going dark ;-)

One thing Trek needs is infusion of Fresh Material. If Mr Orci has a Vision seems a logical Course of Action. From my Part, i believe he cares about Star Trek. His Block-buster-ish writing style is quite good for a Trek Movie – just look at the Scale of Star Trek Into Darkness!!

Good luck Bob. All previous comments and speculation aside, we’re all rooting for your success.

If Kirk can go from cadet to captain in one day, why not screenwriter to director?

I, for one, am cautiously optimistic. The man seems to know Trek, even if not everyone agrees with his vision. Once a director is locked in, maybe we’ll hear more about progress being made towards a (hopefully) 2016 movie.

Two things should be pointed out. One: all the people Paramount has offered the job to have turned it down, Orci is the first person to come to them. And two: if he’s the front-runner, then that means Paramount is considering him a better candidate than other people who presumably have prior experience.

Well, I’m looking forward to it. No slight to the new writers, but I’m hoping this might show us what a more single minded, passionate approach can bring. I thought STID was ok, but it seemed like any issue i had with it, especially that terribly ill-judged over-cribbing from TWOK, was a result of too many cooks just not knowing when to stop throwing stuff in the pot.
Whatever anyone thinks about BR or Paramount, they are the ones that are going to make the next film.
I think Orci can do it, and he obviously cares deeply about it. Maybe this is the chance to see what his singular, uncompromised vision for trek can be.
No pressure!

No. After the way he and Kurtzman made Into Darkness a dumb summer blockbuster, vapid, soulless and poorly written, lifting almost all the elements from past Trek and from the Dime-a-dozen Blockbuster Book of Cliches I don’t want him writing the next one and directing? NO.

If be directs it he’ll rewrite it, hack it to pieces because he loves the franchise so much he literally reused its best moments in Into Darkness bringing nothing new to the table. Into Darkness is to me the worst Trek movie AND the least Trek one of the whole 12 pack.

Ironically I liked the 2009 movie, thought it was a nice way to reintroduce Trek to new audiences. Saw it twice in cinemas. Into darkness – I wanted to walk out half way through.

Good luck Bob! Ich keep the fingers crossed, that you get the job. Ioved Into Darkness. It is now my favourite trek movie, so I think it is a great idea to let bob direct the next one.

I really like the new movies but handing a big budget fx driven movie to someone with no directing experience is not the way i would go i can understand why parmount needs convincing id be looking at all other options first. Even J.J. had directed some tv before paramount gave him mi3.

8 Harry, you have a point !
Maybe Bob was writing the story he wanted to be a part of from day one! Kirk is him. Now he’s Kirk …

Well … we’ll wait, we’ll see … and

I’ll be optimistic.

Might as well! :-)

Seems like this is becoming somewhat inevitable, he will be writing and directing the next Star Trek movie.

I honestly can’t think of anyone less qualified, if Into Darkness proved one thing it is that this braintrust doesn’t get Star Trek. They don’t understand why people love it or what makes it tick and that makes them wholly unqualified to handle it.

To say nothing about the fact that he’s never directed anything. This is the 50th anniversary film and this is what we’re likely to get? The Doctor Who 50th had its flaws but at least it was done with genuine love and understanding of the franchise.

In short, don’t want this

Just going to say, no directing experience – for a movie as big as Star Trek? Shouldn’t happen..

Trek again predicts real life….. in some surreal meta fourth wall explosion…. witness Kirks’ rapid promotion in ST 2009, now Bob follows suit, thanks to Admiral JJ in his corner! Joking aside, like father figure Abrams, I have faith in Mr Orci… plus we need new Trek in 2016 !!!

Trek- history shows one thing: If trek fans are in disagreement over something trek related then the result will be great. :)

Here we go folks. The end is here.
Any hopes and dreams that Star Trek can make a return to enlightenment with logical and meaningful story telling has just gone down the tubes and out the window.

It was bad enough that this insulting walking reject was rewarded with still being on the writing team, now Paramount Pictures is going to let this talentless half wit buffoon direct.
A fine group of actors will be left bumbling around on screen adding yet another bad credit to their resumes.

I’m sure there will be dozens of screaming fans of Orci excited with this news, but the heart and soul of Star Trek’s long life will be left out in the cold and tossed to the side adding more insult to what’s already been injured beyond repair.

Star Trek has become the franchise that died.

If i were to judge him for his story-telling, i d say he is THE most qualified right now! As for Transcendence and IF i were to guess – clearly, the Director didnt have Orci’s devotion for Star Trek.

Even more IDW comics bare his signature. Which are Great!!

Devotion to trek doesn’t make a good director or writer look at what a mess Doctor Who has turned into since self confessed fan Moffatt took control! We don’t even know who has actually been approached or turned down directing the movie at this point it all just rumour mill. I just hope they get the best experienced director they can it needs to be good!

I’d still like to hear from Roberto himself on why he wants to direct the next movie.

Go BOB!!!! Good luck, buddy!! In the immortal words of comedian Rob Schneider — “You can do it!!”

Just when many of us were hoping for an uptick in quality for the 50th anniversary, we get downgraded back to the minor leagues of wristband trans-warp transporters and reanimated tribbles….

Is there any good news around?

Hey Bob Orci. Would be nice to hear from you directly here on Trekmovie.
Tell why why you feel you will make a better Star Trek then J.J

Writer, fine. Director? Big mistake…

With the level of vitriol being spewed around here, why the hell would Orci give up his time to show up?

I wish him every good luck with whatever happens next. I found much to enjoy and applaud in both Trek films and if he does get the gig, I hope he has a great time and enjoys success. So many nasty, spiteful comments in these threads. And it goes without saying that if we were all in real space with him, butter would not melt!

Stay strong, Mr Orci. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

Qapla’ Bob!

Just remember Leonard Nimoy’s first major motion picture as director was Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock. And personally that movie already broke the odd number curse before there was an odd number curse.

It’s the same with Jonathan Frakes whose first time directing a major motion picture was Star Trek: First Contact, and I believe it’s still regarded as the best of the Next Generation movies.

It can be argued that he did direct Star Trek: Insurrection, and though I enjoyed it, many didn’t. But also remember Leonard also directed Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home, and that was even better than Star Trek 3.

As well both Jonathan and Leonard had an advantage that they were familiar with the series or saga, as well they were familiar with the cast in which they knew how they would act.

This will be the 3rd time that Roberto Orci will be involved with Star Trek, and thus he has that advantage that he is familiar with the new Trek, as well he is familiar with the cast.

Did I mention that Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan was Nicholas Meyer second time not just as a movie director, but director period?

Besides, I have more faith in Bob Orci directing a million times over that that turkey who gave us G.I Joe: Retaliation and Justin Biiber’s: Believe

Why are some people so dumb and rude with it?

The truth is that nobody has seen what Bob Orci’s own vision is. He is one person within a team of writers, producers and director. He was not in charge. The studio executives and JJ Abrams got the final say.

For better and/or worse, if Bob does get the director’s job as well as being one of the writers, this will be the time when we may get to see the Orci Trek vision far more than we have seen so far. I am cautiously optimistic. Maybe he has actually liked and wanted to do a story more akin to what people like myself and Marja wish to see – or not. Just don’t know – can only hope!

Excelent news :)

A remarkably shortsighted decision. The 50 annyversary star trek film and we have not a super director, a super producer , a super writer…we have Roberto Orci and the John Doe brothers. A no experience director, a mediocre producer and writer. A guy who insulted the fans. A man who insulted the fans…the producer and writer of the worst reviewed Spider-Man film yet.

Incredible. outrageous, sad very sad. You insult fans and critics And you become the head honcho of the next trek film.
Incredible. Pure decadence. Pure shamelessness. They are kidding us. Maybe they think no matter because ST is nothing…and trekkers a lot of nerds.
Disney knows better. They wanted superstars to helm an write SW ep.VII. they say:« our fans are important for us» SW is the future.

This annyversary movie will be a funeral. It will be a funeral because Orci and his little helpers have not talent to make a good trek movie. Arrogance is not enough. A bunch of grouppies bowing their servile head it is not enough.
Do you want Orci to direct the next star trek film? Ok. It is yours. I’m done with this mess. I m not the only one. A huge number of true trek fans are tired of this humiliation, intolerance, arrogance, and soddy star trek.

I think what most Star Trek fans want is an intelligent story first and foremost, they want something that is thought provoking which is what TOS brought to TV.
Pure razzle dazzle special effects can be had with all the Marvel movies along with countless others. Some are really fun movies and entertaining as well,but they all seem to morph together at this point and seem like different variations of the same formula.
Is it asking too much to have intelligent fare and also be entertaining?
I think the worry of such an inexperienced director which Mr. Orci is, is that he well turn out another mind numbing all special effects movie,which might do just ok at the box office but will enrage Trek fans.Yep, a bad directing job can tank a movie even one with a loyal fan base.
Let’s just hope Mr Orci. Paramount and Bad Robot know what they are doing.
I do want the next Trek movie to be great and successful !

For those who hated STID and can’t understanding why Orci may get the job:

It has a 90% audience rating at Rotten Tomatoes. The vast majority of viewers liked the movie. A lot.

It has grossed 467 million worldwide. It was unequivecolly a financial success.

When I point this out I usually get responses that try to unskew these numbers. You can’t. The Bad Robot version of Star Trek is both very very popular and very very lucrative.

I liked it. I didn’t think it was perfect. I specifically think the hospital and open scenes needed to be flipped. I get what they where trying to do by having characters expirience primeverse events but at different points in there life journey. I’m not sure it works exactly.

But this isn’t Transformers by any stretch: a financially successful film series that makes money despite the people who watch it not really liking it much.

Good luck Bob- my wife met you on Matador and when she told me I just about fell out of my chair!

Also, has there been any discussion about the potential for more movies or is this one the final?

This would be fantastic! I hope Bob gets it. Bob understands Star Trek and I think he would do an amazing job. Better than having an outsider come in (see- Stuart Baird).

@Ann my impression is that a lot of the negative feelings about STID aren’t really about the movie itself but rather a rejection of Star Trek as a tent pole franchise. If that’s correct it doesn’t matter who directs — the type of movie it will be is already set in stone.

Home stretch. Bob.

Thrusters on full.

Go get ’em, Bob! The next headline I want to read on this site is “Orci to Direct Trek 3”!

Home stretch, Bob.

Thrusters on full.

29. Oscar
I hope you give Bob Orci a chance with the next movie. Let’s see his vision before dismissing him.

I’m super excited about this and I hope the agents/lawyers dot the i’s and cross the t’s soon!!

Last summer Bob asked us here on Trekmovie what we’d like to see in the next movie. He ‘noted’ several suggestions so let’s see if he can work them into the next movie.


I hope you will be able to check in with us every once in a while after it’s made official.

boborci – good luck! And I actually enjoyed Spidey 2. One of the very few who did,it seems,lol!

Oscar – you might be done,but a lot of new people will come along. I hope you stay long enough to see if it turns out any good though. You never know. And there might some other fun stuff for you that year.

Keep Trekkin’!


I belive in Bob Orci!

What I don’t understand is why some people want to put all the perceived failings of STID on Orci. There were two other writers and a director calling the shots on how the film came to fruition! How do you know Bob is responsible for the things you didn’t like? Maybe it was Lindelof, Kurtzman…or heck, even JJ who was responsible for the things you didn’t like? Film making is a collaborative effort!

Knowing Bob is a fan and has tons of writing and producing credits to his name, I think we would be in good hands.

If anything, that Cornish guy was the one I didn’t want to see direct!

All you people hoping for Spielberg (who, in my opinion, only made three great films a lonnnnnnnnng time ago), Ridley Scott, James Cameron or Michael Bay should give it up. Those guys will (read my keyboard) NEVER direct a Star Trek film! LOL!!!

So, yeah…Bob deserves a shot at this one! Why not?

Roberto is bright, talented and a very passionate trek fan! His contributions to the 2 movies was mostly spectacular, but some fell short. I loved both movies, but was never comfortable with this version of Khan, (or the “magic blood”). No writer creates perfection — they’re all human. And when they’re also a serious fan, maintaining objectivity could sometimes be difficult. This is where the production team and director come in. Their oversight results in all sorts of modifications (rewrites, added/deleted scenes, set alterations, etc). With no “gate-keeper”, lack of objectivity certainly increases the risk of ineffective scenes/dialogue reaching the final print. The pressure will be enormous on Roberto. I wish him the best and will certainly see the movie. I just hope it goes well.

Wen Star Wars comes out, the Trek reboots will unfortunately be a faded memory. Marvel will have a huge lineup of 2016 movies as well. My hope is that Orci can make a movie that sneaks up on the summer blockbusters and closes out the trilogy well. A fresh story and the release date are so key to it doing well. Also resisting the urge to use transwarp beaming, Khan’s superblood and oneliners from previous Trek movies (ex:Khannnn!).

Good luck! Make a movie for the fans that honors us keeping Trek alive for 50 years!