Variety says Roberto Orci named director of “Star Trek 3”

BREAKING: Variety is reporting that Roberto Orci, co-screenwriter and producer of the previous two Star Trek films, has been tapped to direct the third film in the rebooted franchise.

When approached by Variety to confirm, Paramount, Skydance Productions, and Orci’s representatives had no comment.

Orci, who will be making his directorial debut, is collaborating with newcomers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay on the screenplay.  He had been lobbying to land the directing assignment, and needed to convince Paramount and it’s producing partner, Skydance Productions, that he could handle the demands of directing a major Hollywood blockbuster.

No details about the film are known, but the entire cast is expected to return.  J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burke will produce along with Skydance’s David Ellison.

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Make it so, Bob!!

Yayyyy! Congrats boborci!

Make it so

I’m hoping JJ, Lindelof, and Kurtzman were what was wrong with Into Darkness, and Orci makes us proud.

RIP NuTrek. It’s DEAD, Jim. Give it 10 years until the next reboot, or get it back as a weekly TV series where it should be.

This is great news for Star Trek and its fans!

Almost everything I didn’t like in the previous movies I came to find out were things that J.J. added or altered from the original script, which was better.

Now Bob will be able to do this on his own and he said he wanted to do a sci-fi/exploration movie. I can’t wait!

Glad to hear it!!! Congrats to the new Captain!!

4. Diskhanbobulated

It’s not dead. Bob’s taking the franchise to the next level and I’m looking forward to it.

I hope he does well. I had high hopes for STID, but kind of felt a little let down….the best Trek movies make me think and contemplate a little; I felt a little numbed at the machine gun pace.

Oh no

Congratulations, boborci! I’m thrilled to have this confirmed. Keep these great films going for 4 and 5 as well and I’ll cook you a four-star dinner. Just as soon as I learn to cook.

Are they STILL trying to make us care about characters and situations from a universe that is alternate to the one containing all the beloved characters we actually cherish?

It’s a bit like beating the bottle of glue you got from the earlier horse incarnation.

Orci must think they’ve cranked out a great script if he’s willing to risk his directorial debut with this movie!

How about it, Bob? Is the screenplay as good as your pushing to sit in the “big chair” implies it is?

make us proud bob. =)

6. Mike Barnett

“Aye. An’ if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon.” Remember Scotty scoffing at the Excelsior’s “transwarp” drive? That’s what “new levels” sounds like, with Capt. Styles directing.

I’m still waiting for Roberto’s response to my question.

Best of luck Bob!!!

P.S. It would be cool to have Shatner + Nimoy involved for the 50th Anniversary.

OK Mr. Orci:
I heard you when you did the Mission Log Podcast talk about the “Nu Trek” films, and how some of the story decisions were not things you were happy with and were out of your control…it is all yours now baby! It is now your chance to shine! I, of course, am available for consultation if needed. Good luck and see you in 2016. Cheers.

@Bob Orci, wishing you success in your first directing venture.

May it be good, may it be thoughtful, and may it please move a bit slower with more time for our characters to think and talk with one another.

May it have less violence and more exploration.

May it please be a movie with no villain out for revenge.

MAY IT BE GOOD TREK that will live long, and prosper all of us.

Aye, man.

I hope this isn’t another Nemesis or Transcendence…

**Star Trek **13**. Star Trek 3 was when they Searched for Spock, guys.

16. Marja

Wow! Well said.

Mozel Tov! Not my first choice but Im looking forward to what you do with the franchise Bob.

#16 makes great points. I liked ST09 and STID a lot, but it would be nice to see something more Trekey. Bob is a fan so that is a great start. Looking forward to it!

Hopefully more official news on the film will come soon!

#10: Since your opinion of the films is very much the minority, your sarcasm falls flat. Most people DO care.

Bob Orci:

One request:
If you have money in the budget, please build an engineering set. The brewery kind of takes me out of the movie.

Congrats @boborci. So glad to see it staying in “the family” and to a fellow Trekkie/Trekker!

As long as the villain is NOT someone out for revenge, as long as no more episodes are regurgitated with classic villains completely botched, and as long as the film is nothing like the one-dimensional utter crapfest that is Transformers, this could work out well.

The best of luck to Mr. Orci and Star Trek 3!

@16. Marja


JD did say this will be more of an exploration, classic trek style movie compared to Into Darkness, so I can only keep my fingers crossed.

@20. Mike Barnett

We got a warp core, not a cylinder filled with swirling antimatter but a warp core none the less. I also remember requesting Klingons and an epic monstrosity of a dreadnought ship…and we got it. I doubt they will build an engineering set, but I won’t say never.

I really would like to see more Klingons, I love Klingons, want to see and hear more from them.

Break a leg, RO.

Fantastic news! Congrats to Bob Orci! Sure, there’ll be the usual cast of grumblers and doomsday predictors, but regardless of their wants or desires, Bob is still in charge and that isnt going to change. So, I head off to bed tonight, knowing Star Trek remains in capable hands and the months ahead, leading up to the 50th anniversary of TOS, is going to be some kind of fun! Go get ’em Bob!

Been coming to this site since it started pretty much to follow these new films. I’ve always enjoyed Orci coming here to speak with fans (maybe he’ll show up here now). I have mixed feelings though. First, I know Orci is a fan and cares about Trek. However, him being a first time director is a little worrisome. It has worked well for Trek in the past, and Orci will likely be mostly replicating the Abrams style, but we’ll see how it goes.

My advice to Orci would be to tune everyone out and make the Star Trek movie you want to make

In other news, water is wet.

I knew this would happen for over a year now, ever since JJ went to the dark side.

Congratulations Bob! Frankly, I hope you aren’t reading this.

Last nail in ST’s coffin…

Handing a big budget movie project and a tentpole franchise to a director with zero experience is never a good thing.

If he wants to direct that’s fine… start small.

also an amazing cast and the derection of JJ were the only enjoyable aspects of the reboots that otherwise (IMO) took a dump on all pre established trek…

Bob seems like a nice guy, but this scene from the ORIGINAL Star Trek III sums things up nicely, Darmok-style: TOS = the Enterprise, NuTrek = the Excelsior. Let’s see how things turn out…

Congratulations Bob Orci!

Now, please quit re-imagining the old TOS stories and write a good story with a new adventure, not necessarily with non-stop action. As someone said earlier, more dialog. But please make it a new subject, or at the very least, expound on something that might have been obscure in the TOS series.

Thanks and good luck

Oh, and no GD lense flares, please. If you can’t make it dramatic without that crap, seek advice from a more seasoned director that is not JJ Abrams!!
I’ve hated that crappy gimmick from the first.

Might be a good idea, @boborci, to take a look at what Manny Coto did for ENTERPRISE in its fourth season. We almost got the Romulan War!

Good writing, good acting, good stories!

All of it depends on the first thing: good writing.

Good luck Bob!

Well, he is a fan. I guess that counts for something. Maybe. And because there were so many cooks on the last couple of movies, it’s hard to tell exactly what his involvement was, though I suspect the conspiracy parts were his.

So anyway, best of luck of with it, Bob, and please… no more conspiracies, evil Starfleet, giant ships/weapons, baddies out for revenge, and ripping off scenes from other movies and episodes. Trek can do so much better.

@boborci. Do us proud. Bring back lots of characters for the anniversary like 7 of 9, Jean Luc, Worf etc. It’d have to involve timelines colliding

Good luck!


Good luck, Bob. And ignore the armchair scriptwriters who want everything thrown in the story blender, please.

Fine Fine so start directing Bob get to work , we have a 50th anniversary to make!

Where were you when Star Trek was killed?

Here, reading about this.

Oh boy! I can’t wait to see what Female Kirk and Male Uhura do in the next movie. (Look it up)


45. ddesjardins
“Where were you when Star Trek was killed?”

When the credits rolled during the final Enterprise episode….I was in my living room saying farewell to an old, burnt-out franchise.

Very Glad Bob:) Keep the Warp Core heating and the upper pylons burning!!