Our Exclusive Interview With a Tiny Trekkie + The Most Adorable Star Trek Reviews You’ll See Today

Meet Sarai Duenas, arguably the cutest Star Trek reviewer on YouTube today. She was introduced to the world of Star Trek by her father, Abe, who has encouraged her love for Kirk, Spock, and Uhura. Wanting to share his daughter’s enthusiasm for Trek with the world, Abe began filming Sarai as she recapped her favorite TOS episodes and posting them to YouTube. These videos. Are. Adorable. But, we wanted to know more. Who is Sarai Duenas, and what does she want to be when she grows up? Answers to these questions and more in our exclusive interview with the tiny trekkie girl.

Star Trek The Original Series Recaps and Reviews with Sarai
For the last month, Sarai and her dad have been posting recaps and reviews of Sarai’s favorite Star Trek The Original Series episodes. And, not only are Sarai’s videos adorable beyond belief (she refers to “Devil in the Dark” as “The Pizza Monster Episode”), the girl has some serious kid wisdom and can talk Trek with the best of them. So far, she has just been watching TOS and her favorite fan film series, Star Trek Continues. She plans to watch the other series next.

Sarai Coined the Official Star Trek Continues Mascot
Sarai was lucky enough to be granted access to the Star Trek Continues studio during the shooting of episode 3, while her father Abe was shooting a documentary for Wired magazine on the behind the scenes of STC. After finding out that Sarai was a TOS fan, the crew invited her to come to the shoot.

“So since I only live 6 hours form the studio I telephoned my wife to bring her down and meet Spock and Capt. Kirk.” says Sarai’s dad, Abe Duenas. “She was blown away when she first walked onto the set, she did not want to step on the transporter pads in fear that she would ‘go to another world’.”

As of now the STC family has adopted her and they call her the Official STC Mascot, and have invited her to come back for a visit. If that happens, Sarai and Abe hope to shoot a behind the scenes video with Sarai asking the cast and crew questions about stuff she is curious about. Until then, don’t miss Sarai’s review of Star Trek Continues Episode 2, “Lolani” (or, as Sarai calls it, “Molani”).

Sarai’s review of STC episode “Lolani” (or is it “Molani”?)



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awesome… love it.

BTW… first!

Toy Story Trek figures? What??!!!


“These Are the Voyages” SEASON 2 is now out for the KINDLE.

Awesome job, Sarai! And it was great seeing “the guy in the red shirt” Matthew Ewald, in the “molani” episode.

“Lolani” was a very grown-up episode with some really tough themes and a real downer of an ending… I’m impressed (and perhaps a little bit saddened) that young Sarai watched and seemed to understand what was going on.


Of course, what kid doesn’t love pizza… -monsters.

Thanks Kayla!

Love it! ST’s fan legacy is in good hands :)

Ha! She’s great!

And she LOVES Kirk’s drop-kick! It’s her favorite move! That and the double-hammer-fist.

You mean the fist Hi YAH!

That Girl’s gonna succeed everywhere – when she grow up – cause she’s a Trekker, he, he!!

I love that she calls it the “Fist-Hiyah” :) I just about died from cuteness at that part.

Super cute, and really interesting to see what parts stick in her mind from each episode and what elements of each character she likes :)

And I too called the Talosians the “butthead aliens” as a youngster.

She’s adorable!

I also loved the “Fist-Hiyah” part. That’s an awesome name for that move.


How cute is she?!? I loved how she said towards the end of her Mirror, Mirror review “Then they get on the transporter pants…” , or at least that what it sounded like to me on my iPhone. Lol! How adorable is that?!? But that mispronunciation is also a great idea! Scotty (Bob Orci) should work those into the next movie. Transporter Pants! Hahaha!

A testament that this franchise is going to be around a while :)

After watching an episode of Enterprise one night, my three year old said ” I like that, can we watch it again?” At ~14 months, he wanted to watch the opening theme over and over (I know, you all hate it – but he’s also very aware of Kirk, Spock, Janeway, Picard and so on… )

Cuteness overload! Must. Resist. D’awwww-ing.