Star Trek Online Launches Second-Annual Summer Event in Risa


Star Trek Online has launched its second annual Risa event, allowing players to partake in various summertime activities. This year’s event features new assignments and rewards, and those who complete the event reputation project earn access to a new high-tier ship. The event is available June 5-July 17.

Cryptic, developer of the MMO Star Trek Online, has launched their second annual Risa event, allowing players to partake in various summer activities. Running from June 5- July 17, the event showcases new rewards and activities, including swimwear, customizable powerboards, races, pets, and a new ship. “It’s the time of year when the beautiful resort planet Risa offers special hospitality to everyone and unveils its newest luxuries,” states Cyptic’s dev blog.


Risa decked out for the season


A Risian powerboard can be yours!

The new ship, the Risian Luxury Cruiser, is only available to Rear Admirals who complete the summer event reputation project. Replacing last year’s Risian Corvette, the Luxury Cruiser comes with a unique console and registry name.

“The Risian Luxury Cruiser is quite agile for a ship within the Cruiser class,” states the ship’s dev blog. “Despite its agility, it sacrifices little durability.”


The new Risian Luxury Cruiser

Players can also recruit unique Risian Duty Officers, purchase their own monkey pet, shop on the new promenade, or even built their own sandcastle. Various purchasable summertime cosmetic pieces are also available. Players can access the Risa event through the mission journal, or by traveling through the Sirius Sector Block. While most summertime activities are only available through the event, Risa itself is accessible year-round.


Risa in the summertime

A resident of Freedom, Maine, Kyle Hadyniak is a fourth-year Journalism student at the University of Maine, minoring in music and history. His interests include playing guitar, video games, and writing. A fan practically since birth, Star Trek has influenced his life in innumerable ways. While open to anything science-fcition, other major sci-fi interests include Stargate and Battlestar Galactica.


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What, no free Horga’hn for horny guests?

Mr. Kyle, your agonizer, if you please!

Just remember, what happens in Risa, stays in Risa ;)

Lousy tourists hogging all the good powerboards

There are horga’nh hunts in the game. You fly around with a jetpack thingy and collect them, or rather the little favors under them. Hard to explain. * L *

This article has a typo. The Summer event runs from June 5 until July 17. If it were only 12 days long, one wouldn’t be able to participate in the daily “Flying High” mission 25 times and obtain enough pearls to trade for the Luxury Cruiser.

4 – Doesn’t sound like the jamaharon-inspiring doohickies we see in all the Risa brochures and tv commercials. I mean, without jamaharon, Risa is basically just Cozumel. And in Cozumel, you can get drunk off your azz without a Ferengi stealing your wallet.

6. CmdrR – June 7, 2014

Well yeah, definitely not the same. *L* I like the game. It has a pretty standard formula for play, but it’s fun if you play it from time to time. I like how they incorporate a lot of canon, even obscure canon, into the gameplay. That Capellan kid that McCoy delivered is in the game. You can fight Mugatos *L* And as for Risa, it’s a rated PG game, but it is kind of fun to fly around Cozume….er Risa in your little floater thing, Beautiful design. The only improvement I could think of would be greater roleplaying opportunities.