Sorry, Netflix & CBS Not in Talks To Produce New Show

A new story is making the rounds claiming that, while at Phoenix Comicon this past weekend,  author Larry Nemecek (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, Star Trek Stellar Cartography) revealed that Netflix and CBS are “in talks” regarding a new Star Trek series.  The story made a big splash, since it’s not so crazy to think that Netflix, who has hit it big with recent original shows Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, would look to Star Trek, one of its top performers in streaming TV, for a new series. In a blog post on his web site, Nemecek refutes the story:

…this non-bylined writer known only as “Starfleet Intelligence” is too wrapped up in tossing around jazzy phrases of TheBizSpeak in this post, and has the situation blown up way too big —though it makes a nice screaming headline…it’s in Netflix’s interest to be casting about for new shows—including those from known franchises. I understand Star Trek is one of them—especially as Trek’s 737 hours of “reruns” performs as a top draw ON Netflix. As I understand it, there have been overtures.  But none taken. So far.

You can read the entire post here.

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I know they’re not – but they should be!

Just do it!!!!!

They should be indeed. Capitalize on the interested casual fans Abrams Trek has brought the franchise and thrill this fan [and those of my ilk] by bringing the present Enterprise crew to Netflix!!!

Yeah! [Cheers] Make it so!!!

This new TV show is coming…where..when and what about…is to be seen

#3 Yes, along with the present actors who play them and have blu-ray/DVD copies made of the series for those who cannot see Netflix, live outside the US.

On another thread, someone put forward the idea (jokingly perhaps) that BBC America should take over the television side of the franchise and make a series…interesting idea. It means that the British get to own the TV side, but then again, Americans never had any stake in Star Trek, unlike the British with their Dr Who series.

What a Spocktease…

Despite all the denials, I still believe in my heart of hearts that this WILL happen.

Just not today, sadly.

Netflix in-house would be a great producer for a new Trek series!!

There’s no denying the addictive quality of their two current in-house productions, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, which are also fairly deep, sophisticated shows—definitely not ankle-deep brain-candy. House of Cards is actually a favorite of both the President and Congress, which, if nothing else, speaks to its relevance.

And it makes sense that Netflix would want to produce a new Trek series, given this:

Netflix doesn’t release streaming numbers, but market research firms frequently list Star Trek in its various forms as the most streamed content on Netflix.

Bring back “Enterprise”

push it to new highs !

Just another rumor that gets blown up into more than it is .

Just another rumor that gets blown up into more than it is .

Sorry about the double post .
I thought that the first one didn’t go.


…now in other news…

The Counter-Conservative movement can only be helped by the replacement of Wall Street Republicans by chicken-head biters.

House Maj Leader Eric Cantor became the first person in American history to lose his primary while holding that role.

Marja: yeah, no. this would be REAL Star Trek! =D

@I-am-Not-Herbert: So, what’s your point, and why do you always go off-topic?

Dang it.

I follow Trekmovie on Twitter and they announced the other day that there were going to be some “Big Announcements” this week – I was hoping a new TV Show would be one of them…

Where are we with those announcements???

“Please be true, please be true”

Bring back Enterprise! With original cast…. Manny Coto especially

Come on Netflix… Do it baby!

Netflix should NEVER be in talks to produce a Star Trek series. Not because there’s something wrong with Netflix produced shows, but because Netflix is currently where shows that nobody wants ends up, like Arrested Development. Like I said, that is discounting Netflix produced shows, because Netflix has an interest in promoting it’s service with original content. But Star Trek should be produced for a major channel or syndication. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be, to reach the largest potential audience. It’s Star Trek, not Arrested Development – both are great shows, and have dedicated fan bases, but Star Trek is thoroughly engrained in pop culture, and can ride the wave of successful movies. Arrested Development, although I loved it, many people never watched it or heard of it.

That being said, er….I admit, I could have the whole thing wrong. *LOL* I’m not familiar enough with modern television anymore, but it could be possible that Netflix would beg for a new Star Trek series, because it would potentially draw a good number of viewers, and CBS would be okay with it, because it’s low risk, and they could gauge support for another series on regular television, one that may overlap with the Netflix series like TNG/DS9/VOY. But then again, I’m not sure how many Star Trek fans already have Netflix, vs how many would be attracted to a new series. And the problem with Netflix is this – people can watch the whole season dumped at once. If people don’t like it, word will get out before some people sign up.

Damn. My universe just shrunk, again!

Whats worse, when people lie about a TV series being discussed or lie about it not being discussed.

The statement clearly says Netflix has expressed an interest. Thats a step in the right direction.

And the person who said Netflix is where shows go to die obviously doesnt watch House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. Give your head a shake.

I don’t subscribe to Netflix. If they had a new Star Trek series, I would subscribe to it.

I would hope for a Captain Sulu series starring John Cho and set in the nu-Trek universe.

@18 (Logicalleopard): The problem is that, by all indications, CBS doesn’t want to produce a new series, otherwise, they would have already done a series. They have 700+ episodes that they can re-run or repackage with very little cost, so they are not even interested in putting in new money for a new series. Heck, we’re lucky enough to get the ‘Trek movies as it is, and Paramount has to continue to produce a new film within a certain time frame, or all the rights go to CBS. Besides, with a Netflix-based series, we can get some ‘Trek. And as much as you, I and a whole bunch of people want a new series on air in some capacity, that ain’t going to happen in this environment. Disappointing…

I figured it was a hoax… too bad, they really could do it…. I’d be watching.

@LogicalLeopard. Netflix has teamed up with Disney/Marvel to produce 4 Marvel TV shows for exclusive release on Netflix. Disney has poured a reported 200 million dollars into the production, the first up will be Daredevil, featuring Vincent Donofrio (I know I misspelled his last name, Goren on Law and Order Criminal Intent) as the Kingpin of Crime (character portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan in the film). These 4 shows will also be connected into the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” like Agents of SHIELD is. Clark Gregg (Coulson) is hoping to have crossover episodes, and it is fairly likely given that 4 of the actors from various Marvel movies made appearences in SHIELD’s first season, including Sam Jackson, who showed up twice.

Netflix is also the exclusive home of the unaired sixth season of Star Wars The Clone Wars. Exclusive Dreamworks animation shows, and much much more. Currently Netflix has 44 million subscribers (roughly) in the US alone and Star Trek is among their most streamed content.

I don’t expect any announcement for a new series until the next movie is released. I’ll bet a suit at Paramount/CBS/Viacom has a long range plan for Trek – including a new TV series, but they won’t share that info with us.

It might not be in the works now. But it’s an idea that I think will be explored in the future. And it’s a great idea. 10-12 quality episodes per season.

if CBS is unwilling to produce a new TV show or unsure how to do so, going with a Netflix partnership makes sense.

For one, it reduces their risk. Producing Trek as a premium TV show has a lot of benefits. I’d love a big budget slickly produced 12-14 episode season of Star Trek.

Make it Kirk-era (in the modern films universe) with guest appearances by the Movie Stars but staring new characters. Perhaps focusing on what Nero’s incursion did to the timeline (I know I know…”time” gets a bad wrap) as the over-arching storyline with every episode being in keeping with discovery etc.

no, no, noooo…!!!! JJ-verse SUCKS!!! keep that crap away from me!!! =(

At some point someone will make a successful pitch at a limited run story, if for no other reason as a trial balloon. If it performs reasonably well. More will follow.

One thing that won’t happen, will be a return to the primary color universe. Pining for CGI Shatner & Nimoy won’t happen, except maybe in a Trek version of Clone Wars…yeah, right. The Talifans will launch their own Jihad if that comes to pass…

Oh, and it’s nice to see some content popping up here. Anything going on behind the scenes you’d like to share, Matt?

@ 30. Phil – June 11, 2014

“One thing that won’t happen, will be a return to the primary color universe.”

Funny, the reboot didn’t offer any fresh ideas yet. The movies & comics, both overseen by the same team, only recycled plots & elements from the Prime Universe.

“Pining for CGI Shatner & Nimoy won’t happen, except maybe in a Trek version of Clone Wars”

No one is asking for CGI Shatner & Nimoy. Star Trek is NOT just about Kirk & co, unless of course you are stuck in the 60s with your fond memories of THE KIRK.

I really wish this story had some reality to it. I enjoy all of the Star Treks on Netflicks. I say get out the JJ universe and go the Federation right after the Romulan War or Star Trek the 3rd generation with a new 3rd cast of the Enterprise 150 yrs ahead of the orginal and 250 yrs ahead of NX-01.

Any one agree?

I agree with some of the poeple here. They AREN’T in talks, but they SHOULD be. Of couse, since when has CBS listened to what the fans wanted in regards to a Trek series after Enterprise ended? Oh wait…that would be…never.

I agree! =)

The time has come to pass the torch to a new generation of @$$hats…

#32 – “Star Trek is NOT just about Kirk & co, unless of course you are stuck in the 60s with your fond memories of THE KIRK.”

Ahmed – I have never had the slightest sense that Phil is stuck anywhere, let alone “the 60s with your fond memories of THE KIRK” and might I say that goes for me and others as well.

Kirk and these other characters have served as a template for much of what comes later in any Star Trek. Also, their particular stories as regards what happened in the five year mission and in earlier parts of their lives got cut short – ie the series was cancelled after the third season. Later, we meet these people again 15-20 years later and not given any idea of what, why, where, who, how of these people in those intervening years.

With this alternate universe, such stories can now be told with some being derivative of what we have already seen in various TOS episodes – almost and some not.

A good television series (on Netflix whatever…) with these original characters, with the present actors playing them, is what, I believe, could really make Star Trek shine and be loved by a great many.

No, it is not my grandfather’s Star Trek, and it never has been…

A polar vortex will happen in hell long before Netflix gets the rights to produce a new “Star Trek” series.

CBS isn’t interested in having another studio share in the profits. And besides, it’s highly likely that in the future, Netflix will become property of a rival studio — cough!- Disney – cough!.

I’m still sticking to my prediction of no new series until after the year 2020.

Around February of 2006, Rick Berman’s personal assistant had this to say:

“The TV side [CBS] is now technically in control of the franchise’s future, and Les Moonves hates all things Sci – Fi” — Doug Mirabello

So that’s the hurdle.

“As I understand it, there have been overtures. But none taken. So far.”

SO FAR! It HAS TO happen. Sooner or later. My God, man! Next year’s our 10th “anniversary” of ENT’s cancellation. The year after is our 50th. It’s a most pivotal time for the franchise, especially with so many competing franchises going ahead at full steam. Star Wars, Avatar, X-Men, The Avengers, Justice League, Planet of the Apes, Terminator, Doctor Who…and now a Stargate reboot… all of them are taking steps into the future. There is NOT much time left to get a new TV show ready for lift-off in time…

If they’re going to do a new show in the Abramsverse, then it really should tell the story of the USS Stargazer, and the early career of the new Picard.

Make the story very character driven, involving a deep space long-term mission in which (a) the original Captain and XO would die, (b) Picard would be promoted as a result, and (c) they would be too far from federation space to simply return home. Picard would be forced to take command, and the series could tell the story of how he became a great leader. He makes a LOT of mistakes early on, and both he and the crew pays for them. People die under his command.

Jack Crusher is the XO, and has to deal with the fact that he has a family but can’t interact with them (Wesley and Beverly are back in federation space, and are NOT on ship). He has psychological issues as a result, and has to come to terms with them before becoming a good XO.

Other characters could be woven into the storyline as needed, such as a younger Noonian Soong before or during the creation of Data, Mogh and/or Worf before the Khitomer Massacre, a young Lwaxana Troi, or even crew members from the original abramsverse trek (Scotty, or possibly McCoy).

Remember, this is the new plotline we are dealing with. There are whole new stories that can be told about new and old characters. ^_^

@41: STARGAZER! Brillian idea. They should use the Alternative Main Titles from Encounter at Farpoint composed by Dennis McCarthy as a recurring theme…

Anyway. I really don’t understand why there hasn’t been ANY space-based TV show in the US since the end of NuBSG…Interest in Space is bigger than ever. Just look at the various documentary projects: The Universe, Through the Wormhole, Hawking’s stuff, How the Universe Works, Cosmos: A Space Time Odyseee, BBC’s Wonders of the solar system / universe series etc…Such a large number of documentaries hasn’t been around since the late 70s…

So there IS plenty of interest in space exloration, lots of new scientific concepts to be filled with life… The time for Star Trek to return is NOW!

23. dswynne – June 11, 2014

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that CBS doesn’t appear to be interested, and that if given a choice of Netflix or nothing, I’d gladly choose (and purchase for a month or two) Netflix (if they don’t release things on DVD). But I was just basically lamenting the fact that it appears to have come to this.

25. Who cares – June 11, 2014

Well, that’s kind of my point. Shows that no one else wants, it appears. Fox is airing Gotham later this year. NBC is airing Constantine. One of those small networks, I think the CW, is airing Flash later this year. ABC (I believe) already has Agents of Shield. So why couldn’t a Daredevil series, and the other 3 comic book franchises, make their way to a network? Is it a problem of too many, some sort of different distribution strategy I’m not understanding, or because they weren’t good enough for a major network to pick them up? Why was the sixth season of Clone Wars unaired?

I know this is a losing battle, because CBS doesn’t seem interested, bottom line. But my only point is that I think that Star Trek is “better” than Netflix. If that’s all we have at some point, then okay. And it might be a good thing, because Netflix may focus more on quality, rather than just a bunch of episodes to throw away on the chances that someone might see it and like it in syndication. The “binge” aspect of Netflix might help too, because you could make the stories more related. How much better would the Xindi arc have been if people were watching it all at once, instead of saying, “I’m sick and tired of these stupid Xindi” after 8 weeks or so.

@LogicalLeopard. Agents of SHIELD is on ABC because Disney owns ABC, which is also why Agent Carter will be on ABC. As for why Disney/Marvel chose to put Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones on Netflix, well that is not something they really share. Your contention that no else wanted these shows is wrong though, it was a major coup for Netflix when this deal with Disney/Marvel was announced, and putting the shows on Netflix allows Marvel to maintain continuity with their shows on ABC, which putting them on NBC, CBS, or another traditional network would not.

As far as the Clone Wars goes, my understanding is that the show was cancelled because JJ Abrams hates the clone wars era stories and wants to shift everything back to the Imperial/Rebellion era. The upcoming Star Wars Rebels series will air on DisneyXD but will make an accelerated transition to Netflix content after airing. Netflix and Disney also have several exclusivity agreements between themselves, for instance for the next several years Disney films will not air on movie channels like HBO, instead they will go to Netflix. Netflix is also very very serious about their move into being content producers and not just content providers, and their original shows earned at least a couple of Emmy nominations last year.

Moonves hating sci-fi might be another point in favour of sub-contracting to Netflix to produce. Let Netflix take the risks, do all the work and pay a lisencing fee to CBC.

Im not a huge fan of the AbramsVerse but it makes little sense to have competing universes.

“Captain Kirk” is what draws in the lapsed and casual fans.

Personally, if it’s an event style 13 episode season, I do something that involved bringing in Shatner & Nimoy. Time Travel gets a bad wrap in Star Trek but arguably the two best Trek films and the one that revitalized the franchise were all time travel based. Fans like time travel.

Nero’s arrival, red matter, black holes etc – have it all impact the timeline or space-time in some way. Something that “requires” Shatner Kirk but to Nimoy Spock (in Abramsverse) that Kirk is dead. So they have to prevent that death to save the universe. An arch about preventing his death leading to a cliff hanger of Shatner’s return would be a great lead in to Season two.

Shatner has been nominated and won many TV awards. He can be a fine actor. Let’s do this.

BTW Logical. Regarding Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, and other potential DC Comics TV series. I am a huge DC fan, always thought of myself as more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan, but I don’t watch, or plan to watch, any DC TV shows because they have never been even willing to try for an inconnected universe like Marvel has, and they aren’t now either, Arrow and Flash are connected, but neither connects to Gotham, and none will connect with the films in DC’s upcoming Justice League franchise. For fans like me, who truly love the interconnected universe, Marvel wins hands down.

45 & 48 Who cares – June 12, 2014

I could very well be wrong about Netflix being a place for shows nobody else wants. It could be just a better distribution method. Disney may have wanted to produce shows involving its Marvel characters, but didn’t want to glut up the television with them. But in some cases, like the Clone Wars, which I admittedly am NOT all that familiar with, and Arrested Development, it just seems to me that if those shows were viable, they would have stayed on their networks. I don’t think JJ has the pull to tell Disney to cancel something on one network and put it on Netflix.

As far as the interconnected universe, you’re right, Marvel is doing that great. I was always a Marvel fan, but I take a look at the DC stuff too. DC really missed out with the Interconnected Universe as a whole, with the level of planning Marvel put into it. We’ll see what their movie attempt is like in the Supes/Bats/Justice league mashup they have coming out. But I do have to say that Constantine and Gotham seem like excellent standalones. Gotham seems like it’s going to be a Gotham PD series, rather than a Batman series, which is great. I look forward to that one. Constantine can also operate more or less on his own, but I probably wont watch, because it’s not my thing.

Netflix is similar to HBO though in that they dont rely on advertising dollars so the ratings are not the end all be all for them.

For Netflix, its all about their subscriber base. They have a budget for original content designed to attract and keep those subscribers.

They brought back Arrested Development because the re-runs were popular on Netflix. Thats the ahem genesis of the Star Trek chatter too – that Trek is popular on their platform.

Traditional TV gives up on programs way too soon. Go back a few years when things were different and count the shows we would never have got beyond a season if they had been as quick to cancel then as they are now. X-Files comes to mind.

And by the way, I am mystified that X-Files is has not been revamped for a modern audience. Both lead actors continue to work in TV with David Duchovney returning to network TV this fall. Skinner is a regular on Dallas. It would seem they’d all be willing (if not completely available) to do an X-Files revival. Netflix would be a great platform for that too.

The other thing I like about “premium” television is that the writers/producers are never restricted by silly content rules. The program can be as realistic and/or adult as the premise calls for.