Go Behind The Scenes of Star Trek Continues in New Documentary Series

The first two episodes of a new behind the scenes documentary take you onto the set of Star Trek Continues. Wired and Condé Nast Entertainment were on set for the filming of episode 3, “Fairest of Them All”. Producer Vic Mignogna takes you on a tour of what director James Kerwin calls “the fourth season of The Original Series”. The set designers, costume designers, makeup artists, editors, and everyone involved with the shooting have taken every step to ensure that the episodes of STC look and feel like something shot in the 1960’s, and the attention to detail is worthy of the nitpickiest of Trekkies (go ahead, do your worst in the comments). Look for episodes 3, 4, and 5 of the behind the scenes doc in weeks to come.


Behind the Scenes of “Fairest of Them All”
Episodes 1 and 2 of this new behind the scenes documentary debuted today, but the series will be a total of five episodes long. Watch for episode 3 debuting next Tuesday on Wired TV, followed by episodes 4 (6/24) and 5 (7/1).

Intended to pick up where the original show left off, the web series “Star Trek Continues” has brought about a wave of nostalgic appreciation for the classic sci-fi show. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and now, with two full webisodes under its belt, the show, by producer/director/super fan/star Vic Mignogna, is ushering in brand-new voyages of the starship Enterprise.


TrekMovie’s Las Vegas Screening
Read more about the soon-to-be-released episode of Star Trek Continues and see TrekMovie’s exclusive photos of the cast. The episode is set to premier this Sunday at the Supanova convention in Sydney, Australia and will be available on the web the same day for your viewing pleasure. Want to see “Fairest of Them All” on the big screen, but can’t make it to Sydney in two days? Join TrekMovie in Las Vegas for a midnight screening (July 31st–August 1st) at the Las Vegas AMC Town Square theater, and hang around after the showing for a Q&A session with the cast and crew. Admission is free, but we’ll be filling seats on a first come, first served basis.



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No Sybock?

What happened to McCoy? Appears to be the actor from the first Vignettes, is he taking back over the role? Only watched the first behind the scenes so far…so maybe it will be answered there.

Wow, it’s been awhile since I commented here but I’m really impressed by STC and looking forward to the new episode!

I would love to be able to walk around that set.

Nice! =)

Thanks Kayla! <3

I’ll be happy when news of the next film starts showing up so this site won’t just be writing about fan fiction.

Very wel done indeed. It does have that look of the TOS as if was made back then. Nice to see Kipleigh in this, she went from ENT back to TOS…sort of.


Everybody is entitled to their opinion I guess. I happen to really dig these fan-made episodes. As a matter of fact I prefer them to the official Star Trek we are getting. It’s only a personal preference so hopefully nobody loses their s**t too much over me having an opinion.

I really admire the love and dedication that Mignona and Cawley exhibit in their productions, and I eagerly anticipate Axanar. I feel fortunate to be able to watch Star Trek, with new stories, being told in a format and setting such as this. I can watch at my leisure and can be surprised by where the stories go. We all love our vids and DVD’s of TOS but I, for one, can recite entire episodes from memory, scene for scene. New stuff is cool. Thanks for the gift of Star Trek.

@ 5. BatlethInTheGroin – June 13, 2014

“I’ll be happy when news of the next film starts showing up so this site won’t just be writing about fan fiction.”

I guess you were living in a cave when Trekmovie posted these THREE stories about ST 13:

Variety says Roberto Orci named director of “Star Trek 3″


Roberto Orci in talks to direct “Star Trek 3″


Orci and Kurtzman to end film partnership; Orci lobbying to direct Trek 3


If you want news about the next Trek movie, go ask Orci.

I agree, don’t usually take the fan films super seriously though I support the love of the show that they put into making them but I’m just really liking STC. I think it’s one of the first that really feels like a TOS show/episodes. There are some that do great sets, visuals, music but this one gets the feel right along with pretty good actors! That’s usually one of the things that takes me away from them. Liked the first episode but really think they did awesome with the Lolani, can’t wait for more! So very well done to all at STC! Even made me want to go back and watch TOS again…not that it takes all that much convincing.

After this, the next I’m really looking forward to is Axanar…looks awesome!

Star Trek Continues really looks great. I just watched the first two episodes again and the sound, lighting, special effects, and, yes, the acting, are very good to outstanding. I am a Phase II fan, but this project seems to be even more accurate and impressive when you compare it to TOS. It looks like the original STC Dr. McCoy is back, and I do hope that someone out there can tell us if he is going to stick around, He did appear in the shorts STC did, and he was very good. It would be cool to see the same actors in each of the upcoming episodes because I like this cast very much. Vic is definitely the best fan-film Kirk I have seen, and we, the Trek Community, are very lucky to have him around.

Looks great, and like “In A Mirror Darkly” we don’t see the “Real” Universe in the episode.

It was uncanny seeing some of the ‘from behind the scenes’ shots of Mignona … he has the Shat posture down perfectly, and from a distance even resembled TOS Kirk facially!

How cute to see him as a child “playing” Star Trek. We used to do the same thing, but not to such a perfect degree, witth sets and all! We went to a vacant lot. I remember wrapping two thick paperback books in black paper and attaching a belt or something to make a “tricorder.” I always played Spock because I could keep a straight face. Hee!

I love the fact that there are people who are so talented and devoted to Trek that they would make such interesting fan productions, even though their professional lives are not originally associated with the entertainment industry.

Some of these productions are using young actors and crew who are in it for the experience (and, yes, perhaps the recognition and resume’ factor), who ask for nothing in monetary compensation while giving so much of their time and talent in return. How could you not admire this dedication?

I will not be one of those who criticize such productions for the fact that nonprofessional, nonexperienced actors are used. That’s not my style, and I frankly don’t think it’s all that appropriate to make such judgments. I look at these productions are all the more authentic and indicative of the enthusiasm of those involved. It’s all to their credit, in my opinion.

It’s also interesting to me that Conde’ Nast is associated as that’s been a fairly blue-chip name in the media industry. A good thing, as I see it.

May the winds be favorable; good journey to all.

Todd Haberkorn is really getting the Spock posture right. Posture is part of what’s so convincing about Mignogna’s Kirk. Now, if only the makeup folks would fill in and thicken Todd’s eyebrows a tad, it would give Spock that “darker” saturnine aspect — not just for “Mirror” but in general. Todd has such a friendly face! But yes, he is making Spock his own as a character. The mind meld scene in “Lolani” proved that.

I hope Spock gets to say politely, “Your agonizer, please.” Hee-hee! and that Chekov gets to do his “agonizer” scream.

I wonder if all the guys had to wear “evil male character” eyeliner too?

I like that Chris Doohan has darkened his hair to be more like his Dad’s. He’s taller and thinner, but has reported he’s working out, so good on ya, Chris!

Who the hell was Yeoman SMITH? Guess I need to re-watch “Mirror, Mirror”

I’m impressed with the cast’s appearances and performances.

I didn’t even recognize Haberkorn when he first started talking in the doc.

I sent Lolani to a friend of mine yesterday who’s just learned of STC. I clicked on it just to make sure the link worked, and I had to pull myself away from it 10 minutes later and get back to work. It’s that enjoyable and rich—it’s got so many little goodies in it—that I could just keep watching the thing over and over.

And the Conde Nast doc looks great, too—worthy of the show.

Now I need to re-watch Mirror, Mirror….

Just saw the videos and they look like the actors and crew are having such a blast. The production quality (sets, etc.) seems indistinguishable from Hollywood-financed projects. And the people involved, from the executive producer to the guy who moves stuff around on the set, appear to be folks you just want to know better over a beer or two at the neighborhood bar. They have that energy about them.

This is really great news for Trek. JJTrek is one thing, but these people are doing it on a shoestring, and they bring their memories and their passion, and their own personal vision, with them, as they do the things kinda wanted to do when the Earth was young and we, too, played “Star Trek.”

Reading this article and watching these videos has made my day. I tip my hat to Roddenberry / Paramount / CBS for creating and letting spring forth such creative efforts and making it just a little more fun to be around half a century after Star Trek’s episode. I think that if Roddenberry and Gene Coon and others were still around, they’d have a blast as well.

The visual effects on this are much better than what CBS Digital did. These guys should be given a contract to redo those OS visual effects again…

Love that they’ve positioned Yeoman Smith (Andrea Dromm) from WNMHGB in the mirror universe as Lt. Smith (Kipleigh Brown). A real salute to what might have been had Ms. Dromm opted to take the pilot six-month hold contract rather than go off to make a one-off film. Plus, blonded up this way, she definitely evokes the look of Ms. Dromm. So, I sure hope they gave Kipleigh’s Smith this line:

“Is this any way to run a starship? You bet it is!”

Geez. The sets look better than the 60 show!

Great comments, hoped everyone enjoyed the BTS episodes–more to come! And thanks from the teams at WIRED and Condè Nast Entertainment.

Michael Prenez-Isbell
Condé Nast

@# 7 nicely said, I could not agree more.

Utterly fantastic guys. Looking forward to view day.

I’m not sure but, if this whole episode takes place in the mirror universe,
it would be interesting to have an evil mirror Kirk intro speech to Prime Kirk’s: “Space the Final Frontier, these are the voyages etc…” at the start.

Anyways, all the best and continued success to cast and crew.


There is a joke that in the Mirror Universe, women have hairy legs as a sign of them being eeevil.

@17. Trekbilly That would be because Trek FX veteran Doug Drexler is behind a lot of the effects work. He even makes a guest appearance in “Pilgrim of Eternity” as the Paladin hologram in the opening scene of the show.

#23. dswynne – June 13, 2014

Really? I find three day old stubble legs far more “evil” than women’s legs in their natural state.

Where the heck do they get the financing to afford such detailed sets, camera, and special effects?

Is this kickstarter, or did someone on the production team win the lottery and is in turn financing the production themselves?

Just curious!

25 Dis, I agree with you so much. The natural state is so freeing, and I sometimes wish I lived in Europe :-)

I think dswynne was making a joke about the evil goatees and making an equivalent for women …?

What I find amazing is Vic’s the same age Shatner was when he filmed “Search for Spock” and he pulls off the younger Kirk with such zeal and energy someone half his age!

Are you KIDDING ME?!?!?! I had no clue Vic was 51. Crazy.

#24 — It’s fantastic work!! Doug always does impeccable work though…:-) Seriously, it blows CBS-Ds work away!! It doesn’t have that video game look to it…

Vic sure as heck doesn’t look 51! Wow!

#26 Vic didn’t get the money to build most of the sets; he used the sets from Starship Farragut. They paid for them over the years and have just about the whole ship built.

28, Herb Finn, Diet and exercise regimens have improved VASTLY in the last 50 years. Back in the ’60s, “everyone” smoked, most middle-class folks ate steak every week, drank two or three cocktails of an evening [not to mention at lunch] … you’d have a hard time finding an actor who does any of that stuff anymore, except on a special occasion.

Y’know, “50 is the new 30”

I like that; now I can say I’m 37 :-)

#22. ;-)

I’m not sure but, if this whole episode takes place in the mirror universe,
it would be interesting to have an evil mirror Kirk intro speech to Prime Kirk’s: “Space the Final Frontier, these are the voyages etc…” at the start.

#30. Trekbilly Doug Drexler did a great interview on Trek.fm’s Continuing Missions podcast talking about how he became involved in the project, and the secret he learned about how to get the Enterprise to look right digitally. It really is a labor of love for him

It is always good to see the events in my Universe. The Empire will always prevail.
Long Live the Empire.

STC ep#3 “Fairest of them All” is online:



Watched it, pretty interesting,

I agree the Enterprise looks great but I kinda wish they had tweeked the E to the pilot version for this just for consistancy. The original used the footage and they made the change for remastered which I thought was kinda nice. If it wasn’t flashing back to it I would just gather they upgraded but you know, minor nitpick. Only got to watch the first couple of minutes, going to sit down shortly and watch it fully.

Just watched the episode and I think it’s the best one. An episode where the story is of utmost importance over effects. I thought that it was interesting as well as suspenseful. Very good continuance of the TOS episodes story.
I really liked this one.

3 for 3 now. Great episode, and Doug Drexler’s work once again is nothing short of awesome.

Just seen ‘Fairest of them all’. 6 stars out of 5. Absolutely loved it! The acting is great, the story was engaging. The cinematography was fantastic – like watching a lost episode of Star Trek. A worthy successor to “Mirror Mirror” (which I am about to watch again!). Great work. I hope this show runs forever!

Is that Bobby Rice (aka Peter Kirk from New Voyages) I spy as a transporter technician?

Absolutely loved Michael Dorn’s “cameo.”

Noticed them too, just finished the full episode… Absolutely awesome! Loved it. There was the nitpick that stood out to me above but that was so minor and really had no other complaints if you want to say that. I did question whether TOS would have done a follow up episode in this way, going back to right where the other left off but that’s really more of an observation not complaint.

Just can’t get over how good that was! Great job guys!

Just saw it! Episode 3 was nothing short of outstanding. There are so many things to love about this episode and this series. In short: authenticity. The actress who played Marlena was the reincarnation of Barbara Luna. The whole cast, really, is just great. Can’t wait for the next one. Truly, we should be getting at least 22 episodes of this per year on some network. Congratulations to everyone at Star Trek Continues. I know you SHOULD live long and prosper!
Note to J.J. Abrams: Please, stay as far away from this show as possible. This group knows a lot more about what great Star Trek is than you do.

@45 (Mark Anton): Between “Continues” (my version of season 4) and “Phase 2” (my version of season 5), we just might get those 22 episodes per year. And the thing is, considering the success of both outfits, it’s a shame that CBS can’t or won’t do even a web-series set in the style of TOS, and do so on a budget that is inexpensive. Sigh…

I like this series and appreciate the attention to detail in the sets, camera angles, etc. Each new episode has been better than the previous. Looking forward to more in the future!

D’Oh! Man, when it waits to post, it really waits.

Loved it. Great Acting and Great Story.
Long Live the Terran Empire.

Well, that was a lot of fun. Not as tight and well put-together as the original “Mirror, Mirror”–but then, I never expected it to be. TOS purists should be in hog heaven, and casual fans at least reasonably entertained. Overall, a fine effort and tribute to a Trek classic.