Reading Rainbow Kickstarter funding with Trek alumni

As we reported a couple of weeks ago LeVar Burton had started a Kickstarter fund to bring back beloved children’s show Reading Rainbow. It made their first goal of funding within a day, but the need for funding isn’t over, in an update this week Burton announced that he has enlisted Trek alumni to help him read stories, there will be exclusive Reading Rainbow Live! events for Kickstarter  pledges.

Reading Rainbow Live! is a series of one-time-only events where I’m inviting you to bring your child and join us for a few hours. My friends and I will read from a few children’s books. We’ll all watch a classic episode of Reading Rainbow together, and everyone will go home with some special goodies. And afterward, there will also be a smaller Meet & Greet reception where a small number of families can join us to take photos, sign autographs and talk!

The first performance will feature the “Men of Star Trek,” which include: Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Robert Picardo. The second performance is themed as the “Women of Star Trek,” with Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden, Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew appearing. There are also two special solo performances planned, one with William Shatner and one with Patrick Stewart. All of the live readings will be Los Angeles, except for Patrick Stewart’s, which will be held in New York City.

Read on for the full details.


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Why I like Star Trek

I’m not sure where to post this. I just read this today – from Friday 13/6/14 NZ Herald – Lucy Lawless interviews William Shatner –

Great interview. It is a bit sad what he says about alcoholism…

This is such reaffirming stuff. It’s great to see Reading Rainbow… and Trek doing great things together.

In those photos, the kids all look so young and eager to work.

Crap, Keachick! WHERE in Georgia?? I’m in Georgia!

I’d be willing to bet that donations to the Kickstarter would increase exponentially if some of the stars were able to appear in different cities around the country.

I used to love being in L.A. because I was close to all the convention action [got to see many of the TNG stars up close & personal in their presentations]. I felt rather spoiled, and was sad for folks in other cities.

Actually it would be really cool if they could put these on YouTube. And people could contribute via a link.

You go LeVar! Thank you for raising literacy in this reading-needy country.

I have more admiration for Shatner having read that interview. Thanks Rose!

1 – His admission that his delivery of lines in Trek could be stagey [one of the more effective speeches, though, was in “The Corbomite Maneuver” in which he talks about the spirit of adventure and curiosity which drove man into space and concludes by saying this about the Enterprise: “That’s why we’re ABOARD her!”].

2 – His admission that his love could not cure his wife’s alcoholism, and the extensive knowledge he acquired about the disease. I agree with him, a month is not enough time to beat alcoholism [as some rehab centers claim] — it takes considerably longer. I think the reason we see such huge relapse rates is because of these places with their short rehab periods.

3 – His own love for “adventure” in accumulating all different experiences as an actor.

4 – He looks very winsome in that picture from the TV. What dimples!

Trekcore has their TNG S6 Bluray review up, and it looks like they got to interview people at the CBS-DIGITAL office where they make the Blurays!

There are some productive uses for Kickstarter, I see.

Good on them! Nice to see our favorite actors banding together for something good.

I hate to say this but reading that starting bit on the main page at first makes it seem a little bit like cash grab when you load up the main page here at trekmovie

like 1 million isnt enough to get it going, prompting me to go huh?!

but reading through it all it does seem like an interesting proposal, plus after all they would have to fly out, arrive, get a hotel and all that and that would of course cost money.

although I would have to agree with Marja and honestly I think it should be mandatory to videotape and post this to youtube to share with everyone if it happens.

also I cant help but think doug drexler should be involved somehow lol

sorry I’ve been up for about 16 hours and I read it wrong I guess, unless the main page was changed to better display the full story.

so disregard my previous comment please as I’m running on auxiliary power and I’m evidently not thinking straight right now lol