PixelTrek: Explore the Enterprise D in Pixelated Form


A Star Trek fan, known only as “Daniel,” has created a web-based game where players can explore the Enterprise-D in pixelated, isometric form. Featuring common areas, such as the bridge, ready room, andcaptain quarters, the game also contains little-seen rooms like restrooms, science labs, and staircases. Players have the ability to move freely throughout the ship, and they can even save their progress and pick it up later. Visit Pixeltrek.com to start playing.


Explore the pixelated world of The Next Generation
A Star Trek fan has created a website where players can explore the Enterprise-D, featuring both well-known and obscure rooms. Designed as a pixelated, isometric web-based game, Pixeltrek.com features oft-seen rooms like the bridge, captain’s quarters, and the ready room, as well as lesser-known rooms, such as the shuttle bay control room, staircases, and even restrooms.

“You can move freely through the ship and explore areas and angles that were not shown on the TV show,” states Pixeltrek.com. “For example, the restroom next to the bridge, the many corridors and the countless labs and quarters on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.”

In the video below, the Irish Trekkie takes you through the gameplay.

Irish Trekkie’s run through of PixelTrek

Players use either the arrow keys or WASD keys to control a Starfleet officer throughout the ship. The player starts on the bridge and is free to travel anywhere. Players are able to locate Enterprise crew members, even those who died in the show. The game also features a save mechanic that allows the player to pick up where they left off. Future updates are promised by the developer.

A corridor, one of many you’ll use to travel through Pixel Trek

Even explore crew quarters!



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not to bad…..kinda fun

Looks like a lot of fun. Just strolling around the Enterprise. Let’s face it, we’d all like to be able to do that. :-)

Love it… Or make it so Daniel

I want Irish Trekkie to narrate all vids from now on.

Thanks to TrekMovie.com for featuring my YouTube video and to Daniel for making a great Star Trek experience for all us fans to enjoy :)

Very cool so far! Hopefully we could access Engineering or 10-Forward soon…

It’ll be interesting to see how he handles the verticality of the warp core beyond the two decks represented by the studio Engineering set.

I loved the Trouble With Tribbles homage. See if you can find it…..

Nice animations!

Anyone know how to get through the floodgate on Deck 9 or how to get into the main shuttle bay