Watch: Star Trek TNG S6 Blu-ray Extras Clips – Whoopi Talks Gene, Spiner Talks Spot, Gag Reel, & Relics BTS

Season 6 of Star Trek: The Next Generation was released today on Blu-ray. We have compiled video previews of some of the new special features from the set. Watch them below


Whoopi Goldberg on why she joined Star Trek: TNG (via Yahoo TV )

More from Whoopi at Zap2It, where she talks about geeking out meeting Leonard Nimoy.

Gag Reel (via Crave)

Brent Spiner On Working With A cat (via Uproxx)

Behind the scenes on “Relics” (via IGN)


Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the trailer for the TNG S6 set


Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Six come out today, along with the “Chain of Command” single disc set. You can order them on Amazon.

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nice reflections.


Very nice.

The Gag Reel should be called the Cussin’ Reel.
TOS’ Gag Reel has De Kelley grabbing generous handfuls of the producer’s chick. Top that!

Richard Blanchard

OMG Whoopi Goldberg is so amazing in TNG. Even today, as I see her on The View, I think back to living in Nevada, watching her as a 9th grader. BBC America is rerunning season 1 and I wish she was in it.

Hat Rick

The re-creation of the bridge of the TOS, in the episode with Scotty, looks intriguing. I’m sure many fans have compared that set with the original set (as seen in the TV episodes or in photographic images from the TOS era, since the original set presumably has long been destroyed) for accuracy.

It occurs to me that it would be interesting to compare the bridge set used for the Scotty episode, now available in high-definition, and the ones used for fan films such as Phase II and STC.

Great content from TrekMovie, by the way. Thank you again for making TrekMovie what it used to be.

Hat Rick

I just surfed on over to Memory Alpha and read about the bridge set used in “Relics,” the aforementioned Scotty episode. Turns out only a small wedge of the bridge was actually constructed; most of it was greenscreened from TOS footage. I did not know that.

Also, there’s an interesting tidbit about the rental of furnishings purpose-built for a 1993 Star Trek exhibition.



Great stuff in there.


Re: the “gag reel” … I think SirPat must have had a VERY long day of shooting in that first bit. Gates looks over sympathetically, “I know ….”

I loved LeVar trying to straightface it through blowing the technobabble …

and Whoopi, of course


The sixth and seventh seasons of TNG make JJ Trek look brilliant. Don’t get me wrong, there were SOME good episodes…but overall, this is when I started noticing TNG going downhill. And Trek didn’t recover until the Dominion War in DS9…


RE: 8 Trekbilly
Yes I feel the same, I later found a continuation of the Dominion War in a 4 or was it 5 paperback series. Reminded me more of the less politically correct days of Trek, Which I prefer to the newer stuff. But gotta say I love all the series.

Whoopi’s adorable when she talks about meeting Leonard Nimoy; it’s cute that even a professional actress has that reaction. :-)

KevinA Melbourne Australia

Watched “Rascals” last night on Blu-Ray. I was so disappointed they didn’t fix the major problem with the classroom monitors. They display “Classroom 7” but when younger Picard talks to Riker he says Classroom 8! How simple would it have been to fix this, it’s a really glaring mistake.