Watch: Robot Chicken’s ‘Star Trek TNG Night Crew’ – Featuring Patrick Stewart & Chris Pine


This weekend’s episode of Adult Swim’s stop-motion animation series Robot Chicken will include a segment with the "Star Trek TNG Night Crew," featuring voice acting from real Star Trek stars Sir Patrick Stewart and Chris Pine. Watch it below.

TNG’s Night Crew on Robot Chicken

Here is the full clip (via IGN) of the "Star Trek The Next Generation" Night Crew from this weekend’s episode of Robot Chicken ("Noidstrom Rack") with Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Capt. Picard and Star Trek’s new Kirk Chris Pine playing ‘Captain Jake.’

Robot Chicken airs Sunday night at 11:30pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.

More Trek from Robot Chicken Season 7

"Noidstrom Rack" is the 12th (and penultimate) episode for Robot Chicken’s seventh season. Over the years the show has delved into Star Trek many times, including two other times this season, both TOS gags. Watch them below.

"That’s So Kirk" (from episode "Rebel Appliance")

"Dammit Jim, I’m a Proctologist" (from episode "Snarfer Image")


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Nice animations!



Remember when Robot Chicken was actually funny? So long ago.

Alright! with so many new articles that it’s almost difficult to keep up with them. The site’s operating on all cylinders again it seems. Or rather, with Thrusters On Full! Much appreciated everyone!


Great to have a Trek laugh on a Friday night again. It’s been a loooooong time.

Crude and hilarious as usual with Robot Chicken.

Did anyone else catch Pine’s Shatnerian inflections toward the beginning? :-D

Good satire on old/new Trek controversies …

I guess that could be a way to defeat the Borg – get them drunk…one can only hope…:)

I wonder if he Borg are good at doing the robot dance…

that was soooo funny
agree with comment 5 good to have you back and working at warp factor speed keep up the good work

“McCoy touched my butthole.” lol

Your blood…so full of beer….

Love Patrick Stewart and Chris Pine doing this stuff! It wouldn’t be nearly as funny without.

Damn Kirk and his Prime Directive.