Watch: Trailer For ‘To Be Takei’ Doc – Featuring Cho, Nimoy, Nichols, Koenig, & Shatner


The documentary “To Be Takei” about Star Trek star George Takei comes out in August and features interviews with the new Sulu John Cho along with George’s original Trek co-stars Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, and even William Shatner. Watch the brand new trailer below, plus the latest episode of George’s webseries "Takei’s Take" where he talks Trek and social media.

To Be Takei Trailer

The "To Be Takei" documentary promises to take you through George’s journey "from a WWII internment camp, to the helm of the starship Enterprise, to the daily news feeds of five million Facebook fans." Here is the brand new trailer./p>

The film has already been getting good film festival buzz, and gets a general release on August 22nd. It will also be airing in July on DirecTV. More info at

Takei’s Take – George Talks Trek At SXSW

The second season of George’s webseries "Takei’s Take" kicked off earlier this month. In Webby-award winning first season George gave his takes on a variety of things. In the second season Takei leaves the studio setting with episodes shot on the road, with the first ones shot at the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX. This week’s episode has George talking about Star Trek and social media. Watch it below.

Catch up on past episodes at the Takei’s Take YouTube Channel.


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Harry Ballz

Notice how, in the description, it says “George Takei comes out”

That’s old news, isn’t it?

Rod of Rasilon

“& Shatner”

How are the haters gonna hate? before they find a way.

Rod of Rasilon

I follow “uncle” George on twitter, I like him a lot :)

We’ve got to love these folks while we still can.



I wish I had half his career.
Congrats and keep going…

Commodore Adams

lol awesome. Im happy for George and all that he has done. A wonderful human with a beautiful soul.

Live long and prosper George


Looking forward to this one.

George Takei is a wonderful, positive human being. The world could use many more like him…


Go George!


Takei Pride!


I caught a screening at the Seattle International Film Festival a few weeks ago – here’s my review if anyone wants more info on it:

It’s not super deep, but it is a ton of fun – the crowd at my screening loved it.


A magnificent human being who survived and overcame terrible times, going on to become a great talent…and an even greater role model. One of the real-life heroes of Star Trek!


To this day I mispronounce George’s name every, single time I see it written. In my head I say, “Takai” (rhymes with “i”).

I try to correct myself each time, but the right way never sticks. And it’s all because of Bill Shatner mispronouncing it that way for so many years.

Dammit, Jim!


I was in the front row for the world premiere screening at the Sundance Film Festival. I really enjoyed it. It’s a fun biographical documentary about Takei’s life, especially his life with Brad.

Anthony Thompson

George is the nicest of the TOS crew that I’ve met. He’s genuinely interested in meeting the fans. I’m looking forward to seeing this film.


11 Cygnus, George informed everyone that the right way to pronounce his last name was Tah-kay.

Tah-KY, he grinned, means “expensive”

Somehow that helped me remember! ;-)


I had the same problem with the pronunciation, until I read/saw/heard that “Takei” rhymes with “Okay!” That helped a lot. lol

Once upon a time, I was channel-surfing when I stumbled upon a 1960 WWII movie in which he appeared with Jeffrey Hunter (!). The title is Hell to Eternity, now available on DVD from Warners. Worth checking out.

And I’m very much looking forward to seeing the Takei documentary! :)


I think they should have him in as Cho’s grandfather in the next star trek movie he can have a cameo saying “Oh My. Nice to see another Sulu at the helm of a ship.” And maybe put some back story of a lineage of helmsmen of ships or something. :)


14. Marja – June 30, 2014
15. Cosmo – June 30, 2014

I’ve even tried sub-vocalizing, Takei is gay, Takei is gay as a rhyming scheme, but that doesn’t even work.



Love it! I want to see all of them (I’ll even take aren’t second cameo) in the next movie. It would be a spectacular tribute for the 50th Anniversary

Adam Bomb 1701

#13 – George was always that way; very accessible to the fans. He went to the New York conventions in the 1970’s, and would invite the attendees to go jogging with him at (IIRC) 7 a.m. Getting up at that hour may not have been easy for him, as he was probably jet-lagged.