Viral: Star Trek Crew Schools Star Wars Stormtroopers In New Dance Video

dance vid

A new Star Trek themed dance video and song is going viral on the interwebs – featuring a Trek crew schooling some Star Wars Stormtroopers. Check it out below.

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Earlier this year musicians Scott & Brendo had big success with their Stormtrooper Hip Hop Twerk song and video (currently with 4.6M views). As a follow-up they have just released a new Star Trek song and in the accompanying video they have their twerking Stormtroopers engage with the new Star Trek crew, watch it below…

To get the JJ Abrams lens flare-filled look right they even shot the video using an anamorphic lens (just like JJ does). Watch the behind the scenes video below.

And if you want to learn the dance moves yourself, there is a vid for that too.

If you like the Star Trek song (titled "Feel It") you can buy it on iTunes or Amazon.

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This is great! Glad to see the site back in full swing! w00t!


Let me guess, Buzz-you’ve got a generation gap problem with this?

This video is amazing, and funny.

I want to see a video based on the song ‘Happy’ but with Star Trek characters, as shown here with Star Wars ones:

Actually, they didn’t school anybody with that terribly amateurish choreography…

But a B+ for effort, though!

I like that idea, Simon. I’m getting funny pictures in my head!

The Stormtroopers one was fun too!

I liked that the Star Trek dance had some little allusions to the Star Trek movie scores.

This just proves that these Starfleet guys have got rhythm as well. Like it!

Too much lens flares. LOL! Fun video by the way.


OK, I guess.
But, about 18 minutes of BTS for a 3 minute fan thingie? Really?

I always figured that if something went viral, that meant that lots of people were, like, watching it. Who knew…

? I don’t get it…..

#3 yea I hate rap too but I prefer to think that’s just about having good taste. But I’m with #11, sorry, nah, i’m not feeling the love for this- or getting the point of it.
But hey, what do I know and if others enjoy it then its all good.

Wow. You naysayers suck. The whole point of the video is to take something out of pop-culture, and make a dance/music theme out of it. In this case, the guys who produced the Star Wars dance off did the same for ‘Trek. In fact, this is no different from when “filk” (folk songs with Star Trek themes for instance) was first introduced. It’s all in good fun, which is something to be celebrated. You know, IDIC?

Fun stuff. I’m thinking this would be a typical day at the Bad Robot offices these days! :-)

He should have told JJ he needed more lens flares instead of lights :-)

Funny vid.