Fan Turns Basement Into $500,000 Star Trek Mancave + Florida Mansion With Enterprise D Bridge For Sale


Dreamed of converting your basement into a Star Trek mancave (or womanlcave). Well one Trek fan has sunk half a million dollars into that endeavor. See the results below, plus find out how you can buy a mansion with yet another Star Trek bridge replica and more built in.

$1/2 Mil Trek Mancave

New York Trekkie Anthony Sforza has transformed his basement into a Star Trek wonderland. The 48 year-old married father says it took him three years and 1,500 man hours to turn his basement into a replica of a Star Trek set and fill it with memorabilia and collectibles valued at over $500,000. His ‘bridge’ viewing room is modeled on the USS Enterprise NX-01. He started with an original set piece bought from auction and matched the exact paint and materials.

Below is a video tour of Sforza’s Star Trek basement (via Barcroft Media).

And here are more photos (via Barcroft Media)

mancave mancave mancave
mancave mancave mancave
mancave mancave mancave

Florida Mansion With Enterprise D Bridge Replica On The Market – Just $35 Mil

While Sforza’s Star Trek basement is impressive, it may be eclipsed by the Trekified rooms in a 27,000 square foot mansion in Boca Raton, Florida, which went on the market in May. Venture capitalist (and Star Trek fan) Mark Bell is moving to Miami and has put his Boca mansion up for sale for a mere $35 million. In addition to the full-sized basketball court and 1,500-bottle wine cellar, the home also features a replica of the USS Enterprise D bridge and two other Star Trek-inspired rooms, all filled with Star Trek and sci-fi memorabelia. Florida’s WPTV took a tour of the mansion, watch the report below.

More photos of Florida mansion’s Star Trek themed rooms.

flmancave flmancave flmancave

If you want to buy the mansion, see the official realtor listing.

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Hmmmmm………FANATIC plus MONEY equals……..over the top squared?

Hmm…is it me or ? I don’t see anything that I’d want. Some quality is there but nothing really stands out. 1/2 million dollars? Maybe half that – perhaps.

@The Dude

You are correct its ok and clearly way too much money was spent on the wall of action figures. And who knows how much he wasted on the Nemesis stuff. I can say though that I would like the Nomad in there.

He better be careful with that Nomad model

as one mistake – crash hits the floor and it’ll

be transformed into No More….

I’ll be interested in a follow-up story if and when he sells that house—to whom, for how much, is the new owner a Trekkie, and does the new owner keep the Trek mods intact or rip them out.

well, his sister is kinda hot at least :)

Now that’s living the dream!

It can only ever be for a limited time only though… before real life brings us crashing back to Earth, like a saucer crashing into Veridian III.

“Nothing here matters” as Kirk might say.

Interesting but kind of missing the point – they didn’t recreate a specific set or crew quarters or anything, they just threw up some wall panels and paint to look similar. Even the bridge one is noticably different than the real deal. Interesting to look at but meh.



For $500,000 he could’ve funded a STC, Phase II, or Axanar episode, fer crissakes, and made a lasting contribution to fandom. This just seems a monument to his own trek fandom. Fine, and all, but interesting? Hellz if I want to see conspicuous consumption I can watch commercial TV. [Which I don’t.]

If I had the money, and the means, I would build an EXACT replica of the TOS bridge and use it to watch movies and shows. Same design, same sound effects and lighting (turned off during movie-watching, of course), with no unnecessary clutter or add-ons.

These variations and mixes-and-matches of different eras and designs doesn’t work, and will prove a hard sell. I suspect the current owners will have to spend a lot of money removing it all and restoring their homes to their original appearance.

Why is there another “The Dude” that’s me :O :O :O :O

TV News + Trek = DUMB.

Sleeves rolled up.
*23rd* Century Ent-D bridge?
Crappiest transporter effect ever. Twice.

Hey, it’s good to be rich and a Trekkie. I’d settle for 30 minutes in there with the real estate lady.

Dude….my sincere apologies. I’ve changed my name in accordance

to my geographical location – Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It won’t

happen again…Here’s a tall frosty…slides a cold brew down the bar.

The hell is with the amazingly annoying text that keeps appearing at the bottom of the first video?

Let’s see…..the guy could either spend $500,000 dating and bedding the hottest women on the planet, or he could build this monument to a favored memory……….


Harry, Or he could spend that kind of money sending kids to college. Egad.

I am the only person who was annoyed by the reporter using “lightyear” to describe time and not distance?

Well, when you have that kind of money, you tend to do what you want – I liked it. No it is not even close to an exact replica – but it is “fascinating”. More than I’ll ever be able to do – unless I hit the lottery.

Its his money, he can do anything he wants with it. Its actually not any of our business.


10. Marja – July 11, 2014

Does he typify the difference between a Trekkie and a Trekker, Marja? ;-)

P.S. I still self-identify as a Trekkie because it’s the term I grew up with and I like the sound of it better. Trekker sounds too self-serious.

P.P.S. And you’re right. His monument to his own fandom could certainly have been better spent funding Trek fan films.

20. Red Dead Ryan – July 12, 2014

Its his money, he can do anything he wants with it. Its actually not any of our business.

Wrong, I decide.

Calls himself a Trekkie. Writes “Nemoy” under the ears.

Its his money and he can do what he wants with it. Thats a pretty slippery slope you going down. Money does not equal Intelligence, common sense or a good idea.

I don’t find it that impressive. The décor is over the top and not that authentic. Some of the props are cool, but not much else.

(I wouldn’t build something like that even it I was a millionaire)

i think the most telling thing about that video is the wife doesn’t wear a uniform…

The first is a Trek fan room, not a bridge, and the second is a bridge-like room, not a bridge. It’s more of a Next Generation-inspired media room, not a bridge replica.

If I were to make a TNG replica bridge, I would actually make a replica bridge. It would have a ready room, turbolifts, observation lounge, and actual viewscreen with video calling ability built-in, perhaps with custom software, which would also drive the touch panels to act like real LCARS. It would be as exact as possible, not just “similar.”