Mulgrew, Braga & Cumberbatch Nominated For Emmys


Today the 2014 Emmy nominations were announced and some Star Trek veterans are being honored for their work in Television, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Mulgrew and Brannon Braga. Details below.

Trek Vets up for 2014 Emmys

This morning the Television Academy announced their nominations for the 2014 Emmy Awards. Included on the list were three prominent Star Trek vets. For acting, Star Trek Voyager star Kate Mulgrew was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series for her role as Galina "Red" Reznikov in the Netflix series Orange is the new Black. This is Mulgrew’s first Emmy nomination. Just last month she picked up the Critics Choice TV Award for the same role. For the Emmy Mulgrew will be going up against Anna Chlumsky (Veep), Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory), Julie Bowen (Modern Family), and Allison Janney (Mom). Orange is the new Black was also nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series and a number of other awards.

Recent video of Mulgrew talking about playing Red with AP

Veteran Star Trek writer/producer Brannon Braga picked up two nominations this year, one for Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series as a producer of FOX’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. The show is competing against PBS’s American Masters and Pioneers Of Television, History’s The World Wars, and Showtime’s Years of Living Dangerously. Braga’s second 2014 nomination was for Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming for his directing of the Cosmos episode “Standing Up In The Milky Way.” Cosmos was also nominated for a number of technical awards. This is the second time Braga has been nominated for an Emmy. Back in 1994 Braga and a number of his fellow Star Trek: The Next Generation producers were nominated for Outstanding Dramatic Series.

Cosmos special feature with Braga from recently released Blu-ray

Also picking up an acting nomination is Benedict Cumberbatch (aka Khan/John Harrison in Star Trek Into Darkness). Cumberbatch was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie for his role as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC/PBS TV series Sherlock. This is the third year in a row that Cumberbatch has been nominated for an Emmy, but he has yet to pick one up. Cumberbatch will be facing off against Chiwetel Ejiofor (Dancing On The Edge), Martin Freeman (Fargo), Billy Bob Thornton (Fargo), and Idris Elba (Luthur). Sherlock was also nominated for Outstanding Television Movie and a number of other awards.

Cumberbatch Emmy nomination announced today

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Go on Kate Mulgrew! She is magnificent in OITNB. I’m glad she’s finally being recognised on a broader level.
Otherwise, the EMMY Nominations this year were extremely surprising in the amount of apparent snubs. Oh well…

Some great shows, including Cosmos. Have to say, I’d love Benedict to pick something up for Sherlock. I love that show so much and his performance is outstanding.

Cumberbatch certainly deserves to win for Sherlock. Superb acting!

No nomination for Ancient Aliens???

Sherlock is a fabulous show, one of the best on tv. Unfortunately, I have to keep an eye on our local PBS station because there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it will be on.

5. P Tech, sign up for the “Masterpiece” email list. They will inform you to death with info about upcoming programs ;-)

Personally, not so crazy about “Sherlock” — the performances are first-class, but for me the ne plus ultra was the Jeremy Brett / Edward Hardwicke series of the mid-’80s. I just don’t like Holmes placed into modern times, he was a creature of the Victorian era, and don’t care for him to be turned into a super action hero, as in the Guy Ritchie Robert Downey Jr. productions [though I adore RDJ and Jude Law as Holmes and Watson]. I think Ritchie is appealing to the Steampunk demographic. If there really is one.

I would love to see Cumby and Freeman in a Victorian-era “Holmes” or RDJ and Law in a calmed-down Victorian-era “Holmes.” I see the series and the Ritchie movies, but am not bowled over by either, except for the sterling performances. And I really dislike the “pointing to the clues” camera technique.

4 – P Technobabble… double dose of Sherlock news:

I love the cast and characterizations on Sherlock. The plots and bs twists? Not so much. They just fall apart on close examination. Oh, and Sherlock pulling a gun and just shooting the villain, a la Indiana Jones or Han Shoots First… that just doesn’t work. Nor did the whole blackmailed by “remembered” evidence. Jeeez.

#3. Trekbilly – July 10, 2014

What do you mean? Braga, Harrelson, Patinkin, Cranston, Voight, Macy, Buscemi, Thornton, Bergeron and LeBlanc ARE Ancient Aliens.

And congrats to Brannon Braga for “Cosmos.” I hope I get to see it one of these days; I regret it was not on PBS but on cable.

By the way, someone’s “nerd flag” is flying. Idris Elba’s show is called “Luther” not “Luthor,” dear “Superman” fan ;-)

It’s a detective drama. And do I mean drama. Sometimes heavy, but Elba definitely shows his acting skills at their best.

#8. Marja – July 10, 2014

HUH? The new COSMOS is an OTA FOX broadcast show that airs its 1st run episodes Sunday nights and not on cable.

actually cosmos was also being broadcast on a few cable channels but i dont think at the same day and time….

go admiral janeway! i didnt even know she was in orange….i have seen her wearing an eyepatch ala fury of shield… the adult swim ncis spoof show….cant remember name of it its some long silly name… but when i first channel surfed and saw her on the show it was a real wtf moment haha….a 15 min. show…she is hilarious in it tho n gets to play next to comedy talent like megan mulhaney etc and she more than holds her own on it….former trek actors seem to be able to do comedy quite easily from shat to stewart, robert picardo etc…more power to em all…
another strange comedy on the same channel has or had chris elliot in a western….their last episode had him dying with a nearly perfect spoof sequence tribute to the final number/scene in bob fosse s all that jazz…a movie that both spoofs hollywood and at the same time celebrates it with great fosse dance sequences, very semi autobiography in which star roy scheider is brilliant in…shoulda won oscars……

actually name of the adult swim comedy with mulgrew was ntsf:sd:suv…and it spoofed several different shows…mostly fbi ncis type shows…

10, Dis, I’ll check online to see if CBS makes its programs available for internet viewers, as PBS does. I don’t own a television. Can’t afford cable. In my area cable is necessary to get decent reception and costs a minimum higher than I’m willing to pay for 90% crrap. Netflix only charges $9/month and it’s commercial-free.

11 jim nightshade, I thought “All That Jazz” did win some Oscars … hmmm

#13. Marja – July 11, 2014

Let’s be clear. You would check the FOX TV site and NOT cable or CBS.

I like the current iterations of Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, RDJ is playing a variation of Tony Stark, but it’s still fun. The new BBC series is interesting. Benedict Cumberdatch is great, and so is Martin Freeman.

“Cosmos” is also out on dvd and blu ray. There’s no telling if the show makes it past a second season, so you might want to enjoy it while you can.

#4. P Technobabble – July 10, 2014

Here in SoCal, we had the main PBS based station decide that the PBS’ restructured fees where too expensive and so they dropped it to form a new non-profit television in consort with I believe a new Minnesota Public Radio outfit. That left 3 lower level PBS stations, none of which individually had enough resource to pickup the open slot’s fees to form a trio that could. The end result being in regards to SHERLOCK is that he could pop up on any one of those 3 stations during a week when PBS proper airs him. And shows are constantly being bumped around in what feels like endless rotational fundraising among the party of 3.

I am enjoying, for the most part, the two television interpretations of the Sherlock Holmes stories where the characters are brought into modern times. They are Sherlock and Elementary where they have Dr Watson as a woman – really good that. Lucy Liu is great.

My preference is for Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman – very well done and fun as well.

I also like the version played by RDJ and Jude Law, although I do find some parts of those movies to be overly violent and brutal. Both good actors playing good characters.

Love Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins…

lucy lia is always great…

Sometimes, I wonder if I like STID so much because I like Sherlock so much *LOL*

marja i believe all that jazz got a few nominations but i think it only won in costuming n set design…somethin like that…