‘Star Trek Live In Concert’ With Giacchino This Wkd In Houston + Next Wkd At SDCC + More Cities


This weekend composer Michael Giacchino brings his “Star Trek Live in Concert” screenings of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness with a full orchestra to the USA, performing with the Houston Symphony. Next weekend he does it again at San Diego Comic Con and then moves on to Philadelphia at the end of the month and more cities after that. More details below.

See Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness With Giacchino and Full Orchestra

Star Trek composer Michael Giacchino has done a few performances in Europe with live orchestras performing to screenings of the 2009 Star Trek movie and Star Trek Into Darkness. His most recent Trek performance was in May at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Here is a video showing bits of that performance to give you an idea.

Footage from London Star Trek Live event in May

Now he is bringing the show to the USA starting this weekend in Houston, TX with the Houston Symphony. On Friday they are performing Star Trek (2009) and on Saturday they do Star Trek Into Darkness. Tickets ranging from $29-$115 are still available with 10% discount if you go to both.

Houston Symphony Chorus prepping for Star Trek concert

Next stop for Giacchino will be San Diego on Saturday July 26th – for the weekend of Comic-Con – where he will be joining the San Diego Symphony to play along with a showing of the 2009 Star Trek movie in an outdoor concert at the Embarcadero Marina Park (close to the rest of Comic-Con). In addition to the movie presentation, there will be a special pre-screening meet and greet event with Giacchino and John Cho – Star Trek’s new Sulu. There will also be a Star Trek costume contest. Ticket prices range from $25 (lawn) to $90. The pre-event meet and greet costs an additional $75. You can pick up tickets for at sandiegosymphony.org.

Promo for San Diego

More Cities and Dates

Giacchino and the live Star Trek concerts have a number of other cities lined up. Here is the current list.

  • July 31: Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia Orchestra – Star Trek Into Darkness – [TICKETS]

  • October 17 & 18 San Antonio, TX – San Antonio Symphony – Star Trek Into Darkness [TICKETS]

  • January 30, 2015 – Portland, OR – Oregon Symphony – Star Trek (2009) [TICKETS]

  • March 21, 2015 – Toronto, Ontario Canada– Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony – Star Trek (2009) [TICKETS]

  • March 27, 2015 – Louisville, KY– Louisville Orchestra – Star Trek (2009) [TICKETS]

NOTE: More dates, cities may be added. TrekMovie will update closer to events



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Damn, my costume won’t be finished in time for this.

I would like to see this, but I can’t seem to overcome this irrational urge to avoid Comic-Con as though my life were on the line….

I hope there’ll be more dates in Europe in the future! >__<

bay area please!

I saw the billboard for this event in Philly last weekend. It’s pretty cool seeing Star Trek on a huge billboard in the city even though there is no movie out now.

I think I might actually go to the concert here in Philly, I just hope it’s not sold out yet.

Boston, please!

#2 – Some form of precognition perhaps?…You’ll know closer to the date. Follow your intuition. There are sure to be other Comic-con events that involve nuTrek actors and others, but probably not with the orchestra playing the nuTrek theme music…:(

I would love to be able to hear a live orchestra play this great film music. I guess the best I could hope for is that the NZ Symphony Orchestra decide to perform it, perhaps with Michael Giacchino as conductor…now there’s a thought!

Great planning, have the screening on the same day as the start of the Vegas con. I can’t be in two places at once. Bummer, I am sure they will complain about low attendance in Philadelphia.

Ordinarily I’d be all over something like this, given my love of things Trek and the fact the the San Diego Embarcadero is a fine place to spend a summer night. But I just don’t find the music in this case all that inspiring. Giacchino is a fine composer, but for my money the work he’s done on the Abrams Trek films ranks among his least accomplished scores, with a repetitive main theme that soon grows tiresome and a take on Courage’s original theme music that’s downright cheesy. I wish I liked his efforts for this franchise half as much as, say, his music for UP or RATATOUILLE.

(On the other hand, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE? Whatever you think of the movie itself, now that’s an epic film score.)

I love the soundtracks for both movies, wish I could go to this!

#9 – Love the soundtrack for TMP.

Orlando? Jacksonville? Atlanta? Dare I say Tallahassee FL? hahahaha[sigh]
Phil, It’s at the Embarcadero … isn’t that far enough from Comicon or are you concerned about traffic?
Michael, I do like the music though. There are some very touching themes, and I like Khan’s “clockwork” theme [as I think of it].

So-so or not, I imagine there’s nothing like seeing the film with a LIVE orchestra and LIVE chorus. Man, I would love to sing in that!


“Michael, I do like the music though. There are some very touching themes, and I like Khan’s “clockwork” theme [as I think of it].”

I don’t disagree. They’re okay scores, with a few standout moments. I just don’t think overall that they measure up to those of the other Trek films, let alone Guacchino’s own previous body of work.

Of course, for this I really blame J.J. Abrams. :-)

For me the signature TOS movie score is Horner’s for “WOK” … I think I’ve listened to it over 100 times. Along with Klaus Doldinger’s score for “Das Boot.”

Remember the reversing-side tape players of the 1980s? ;-D

#13 – You mean the cassette tapes? If so, yes I do indeed…oh dear, showing my age, but not necessarily my hormones…/: