Friday Funnies: Watch Simon Pegg Voice C-3PO In ‘Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars’


Simon Pegg is a big part of the Star Trek universe and an official nerd, but his first love may be Star Wars and he has had another chance to play in that galaxy far far away by voicing C-3PO and another character for an upcoming special episode of the animated series Phineeas and Ferb. Watch a clip below.


Simon Pegg is a huge Star Wars fan loves to do voices of the various droids from the franchise and it is that talent that got a spot for voicing for the Disney animated series special "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars." Pegg will voice both an imperial commander and C-3PO. Here is a video (via Access Hollywood) with a preview Pegg’s work.

The "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars" special will become available this weekend On Demand and will air on the Disney Channel at 9PM on July 26.

Here is the full trailer…

This is not Pegg’s first foray into the Star Wars universe. In 2012 he voiced a character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. And in the above video the Phineas and Ferb producer referred to a College Humor video Pegg did in 2009 with Nick Frost that got him the new gig. Here is that video.



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So, just because Pegg is in the NUTREK movies, we get to hear about how he loves Star Wars?

“wrong with the logic this is”

Simon Pegg surprisingly does a pretty great job at doing a flawless impersonation of See Threepio/C-3PO’s voice,for maybe if Anthony Daniels ever drops out of the role they could recruit Pegg(as 3PO/Threepio) for the future sequels.

Good fun, thanks guys!

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & Edgar Wright’s ‘Cornetto (movie) Trilogy’ is well worth some viewing if you haven’t been exposed to it

Agree with Steven also … Pegg would be a great heir apparent for any light-hearted role in the Star Wars universe.

Harry, Harry Harry….Did you even read this article? The whole point is that he’s not doing it “just because Pegg is in the NUTREK movies”.

His geek-cred has been in play since his 1999 Channel 4 show, “Spaced”. Look at his work…. NUTREK only scratches the surface of his work. He’s a legit get for Phineas and Ferb.

What does bug me, though, is this latest example of the creeping Disneyfication of NUWARS. That’s far more insidious. The decay from within is already hitting Marvel’s TV productions, most especially in the animated arena. Last year this abomination came out:

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel Trailer:

I really understand the need for points of entry for very young potential fans, and TV is an ideal lace for it. I got the bug in 1966 from the old Grantray-Lawrence Marvel Superheroes cartoons. But I think the animated Marvel shows in the couple of years before Disney bought Marvel Studios killed 2 superior properties…Avenvers: Worlds Mightiest Hero’s and Super Hero Squad, which, although silly, was a hit with the youngef kids in our family.


Didn’t Family Guy already do this?

I think this is a clear case of the “Simpsons Did It” principal.

Spelling error – I meant “‘Simpsons Did It’ Principle. “

I’m only okay with this as long as Anthony Daniels got first right of refusal. If not, it’s a shitty thing to do. Daniels doesn’t seem adverse to it, since he just voiced a mere two lines in the Lego Movie, not to mention that he’s currently working with Disney / Lusasfilm on something called Episode VII.


Pegg voiced Dengar in The Clone Wars

NuTrek, Star Wars, whatever. That bit with Nick Frost is hilarious!

Oh, come on Harry…do you go ape $hit when Galaxy Quest pops up on reruns? So the guy likes Star Wars….what I’d really love to see is him do a Scotty skit when he’s into his third bottle of Scotch….

#4 – Did you watch Mission Marvel? It was wonderful.

LOL, Pegg and Frost are so funny together! And Pegg does do a great C-3PO imitation. Or should I say a Daniels impersonation. Pegg’s a total sci-fi nerd, and that’s part of why I love him.

Yeah, it’s a talent to be a decent straight man….

shhhh….R2 can fly, too…..

Any of you guys know just how many Star Trek references Phineas and Ferb have done over the 4 seasons of the show? I will give you all a hint, it is a lot.

#16. Who cares – July 23, 2014

Let’s just say it’s a tie with FUTURAMA and leave it at that.

@#4/Chuckunit. Let’s see here, Disney bought Marvel in 2009, Avengers: World’s Mightiest Heroes came out in 2010, looks like the show wouldn’t even exist without Disney, same for Super Hero Squad (which was bad even for a kids show).

I’m pretty happy that Disney doesn’t own Star Trek yet.