Alexander Siddig Joins Game of Thrones Cast For Season 5 – Watch Announce Video


Today at San Diego Comic Con it was announced that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Alexander Siddig will be joining the cast of the hit HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. More details (including Siddig in the Game of Thrones S5 cast video) below [Game of Thrones Spoilers].


Siddig Joins Game of Thrones Season 5

Today at San Diego Comic Con the producers of the HBO series Game of Thrones announced new castmembers for the fifth season, set to air in 2015. Included in the announcement is Alexander Siddig – Star Trek: DS9’s Dr. Julian Bashir – who will be playing Doran Martell in Game of Thrones.  Here is the announcement video.

Also joining the cast Toby Sabastian (Trystane Martell), Nell Tiger Free (recasting for Myrcella Baratheon), DeObia Oparei (Areo Hotah), Enzo Cilenti (Yezzan). Jessica Henwick (Nymeria Sand), Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Teyene Sand), Keish Castle-Hughes (Obara Sand), Jonathan Pryce (High Sparrow).

Siddig’s character of Doran Martell is the head of House Martell who rule Dorne, one of the seven kingdoms of ‘Westeros,’ the main setting of Game of Thrones. He is the older brother of Oberyn Martell, who was played by Pedro Pascal in the fourth season of Game of Thrones. The fifth season will be the first to feature scenes from Dorne, with location shooting in southern Spain. 

Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones – Siddig will play his older brother and head of House of Martell

Besides Game of Thrones, Siddig has been keeping busy lately. The actor has recently been seen in recurring roles in the Starz quasi-historic drama Da Vinci’s Demons and BBC fantasy series Atlantis

Siddig in "DaVinci’s Demons" (L) and "Atlantis"  (R)



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Flux Yeah! Can’t wait to see him on GoT.

Because I wasn’t confused by the cast of thousands already on GoT…

I like Siddig tremendously for his work in and since DS9. I hope we:
a) don’t have to see his butt and…
b) don’t learn how to spell his character’s name just in time to watch him die horribly…

Otherwise, bring it on!

@2. my words! :D

At last, Siddig’s chance to lord it over Dorn, I mean Dorne!

Actually Michael Dorn would be an interesting addition to “Thrones” … or does everyone have to have an English accent …?

Excellent news. He is a great actor & a wonderful person.

I met him in Cairo back in 2008 while he was shooting “Cairo Time” & unlike some other actors, Siddig was a nice & down to earth guy.

Looking forward to GOT season 5.

GoT is a damn good show! now even better! =)

Funny enough I have met him myself while he was shooting a detective series called Falcón a few years ago in the south of Spain. VERY nice man. Funny as well.

Bashir as one of the Martells? Awesome!

brilliant well done siddig

A little observation: At first I was a bit surprised that the guy who played the relatively young Dr. Bashir was cast as the eldest member of the Martell family – this serves as a small reminder that the last episode of DS9 has been broadcasted 15 years ago…

@10 Wow I feel old. I remember watching the first episode broadcast of DS9 in my first year of college. Wow, that was 1993. Dang, I am old.

Oh wow, brilliant news! Doran Martell is a great character. Can’t wait to see him! :D

I welcome Siddig to a great show. I have no doubt he’ll be great in it.