Quinto: Orci ‘Will’ Direct Star Trek 2016 – Says Film Is ‘In Formation’ + 1st Look At Quinto In ‘Hitman: Agent 47


Zachary Quinto was at San Diego Comic Con to promote a couple of non-Star Trek projects but he did talk a little Trek, notably about whether or not Roberto Orci will be directing the next film. See what he had to say, plus get a first look at Zach in Hitman: Agent 47.

Quinto talks Orci and Star Trek 2016

Since Roberto Orci recently revealed that he has yet to sign his deal to direct the upcoming Star Trek film that has been some speculation over where that stands, but for Zachary Quinto the issue seems settled. The actor told Sky News that Orci "will direct” the next Star Trek, but he didn’t know anything more. And in an interview with IGN (primarily about Hitman: Agent 47), Quinto had this to say about Orci:

He is a cornerstone of what we built with that iteration of the franchise and I am looking forward to getting back to it.

Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware at SDCC Hitman: Agent 47 panel – July 25, 2014

Quinto went on to talk about the status of the upcoming Star Trek film, saying

The great thing about [the Star Trek] experience has always been that it has evolved and unfolded very organically and I think that is the case for where we are now. They are working on the script. They are taking it to the next level and I am sure within the next weeks and months we will get more information on when it is going to happen and what the story is. It is in formation mode now.

Watch the IGN video below.

First Look At Quinto in Hitman: Agent 47

The big reason Quinto was at Comic Con was to promote the upcoming 20th Century Fox action movie Hitman: Agent 47, a sequel to the video-game turned feature Hitman from 2007. Quinto plays the "mysterious and deadly John Smith in Hitman: Agent 47 (Fox). The film stars Rupert friend as ‘Agent 47,’ while Quinto plays the "mysterious and deadly" John Smith. At SDCC Quinto noted “the character is more complicated than the name.” Here are the just release pictures of Quinto from the film.


Zachary Quinto stars as the mysterious and deadly John Smith in "Hitman: Agent 47"

John Smith (Zachary Quinto) gives first aid to the injured Katia (Hannah Ware)

Hitman: Agent 47 due in theaters February 27, 2015.

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I love this man.

To think that the reboot of Agent 47 would have starred Paul Walker just makes it so sad.

For those who want their next Trek to be an idealized version of TOS (an exploration-based allegory without conflict and about discovery and with a message! and clunky speeches! and romance! and a self-evident, oversimplified lesson! and the clarinet of humor at the end while everybody gently teases Mr. Spock!) remember TMP and Insurrection, which may have been decent episodes had they been on TV but were, by many accounts, terrible movies.

I really hope these guys don’t cave into misguided fans and give us exactly what we’ve seen before. Listening to fans = terrible Trek. If anything, give us real political intrigue, not the Snidely Whiplash evil plan stuff from STID.


Who said an exploration story doesn’t need conflict? Of course it does. See: Raiders of the Lost Ark. It has everything, exploration and wonder included.

Agent 47? Very Star Trek name ;-)

Yes, the political aftermath of a secret warship being built by the head of Starfleet who wants to start a war would be very interesting to see. Here Earth was the aggressor against the Klingons, what an unusual thought! It would be sad if nothing happens after that.
As for the rest of the movie, I think it would be good without a real villain. The Voyage Home is my favorite of the TOS films because it’s a more cerebral and still funny and accessible level. Nobody is killed, there are no fights. Back to the Future also never had any deaths (on screen), and I don’t see why the next Trek can’t be something on that kind of level :D

Yes, I love that word ORGANIC actors are so fond of … Nothing more organic than shoehorning a classic character into a story where he doesn’t fit, or make sense, changing his ethnicity, and grafting on the ending of another classic Trek film because you can. Yes, let’s have more of that ORGANIC evolution!

7. Curious Cadet

Sometimes I don’t like sarcasm because it is not productive. It just sounds bitter. Maybe we just should write our ideas and wishes for the new movie, no matter if we like or dislike the previous one and hope that boborci reads them. If I were him, I just would ignore sarcastic comments.

Or did kirk say once: “Why bother going to the peace treaty conference with the klingons, I just could blow up the enterprise on my own.”

“The big reason Quinto was at Comic Con was to promote the upcoming 20th Century Fox action movie Hitman: Agent 47, a sequel to the video-game turned feature Hitman from 2007”

Actually “Agent 47” is a reboot of “Hitman”, not a sequel.

Where’s Agent 86?

I like what Zach called Comic Con: “Nerdy Burning Man”.

Nailed it.

11 Sunfell, LOL. I love Quinto’s sense of humor :-)
To those who are complaining about what Quinto said about Trek, again, he’s an actor hired to do what the producers and scriptwriters have concocted for him to do. If he’s vague and diplomatic, understand, he wants to work, i.e., not bite the hand that feeds.

Actors have a bit of a tightrope to walk there, folks. Even if he hates the idea of Khan coming back, there’s always the great time the actors had together — apparently Cumby fit right in with the group — so that would be fun. As to the idea for the script, he has little to no input so it’s best to be diplomatic about it.

He doesn’t know what the script is going to be. Only that he’s contracted to deliver a good acting job.

@12 “he’s contracted to deliver a good acting job”

Let’s see if he can even do THAT!

Yep. The actors are the mouthpieces and it does seem that often they are the last to know anything or if they do know something, have to keep *mum*, lest they violate some clause in their contracts…

Benedict Cumberbatch appears to be a really talented and very cool guy – somebody who knows what he is doing and great to work with. It does seem that all the actors on the Star Trek movie set had their work cut out, but had a great time doing it and did a damn good job at that. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a repeat scenario? However, it is not up to Zach, Ben, Chris or anyone, including any of us – just the producers/writers/director and their boss(es).

“Mysterious and deadly,” huh? Poor Zach, he’s had to play that so much already….

He’s a wonderful actor, versatile and talented, and I hope he’ll enjoy playing a mysterious but not-usually-deadly Vulcan. Neck-pinching has got to be a nice change from opening up skulls. :-)

Zach is amazingly versatile. I became a huge fan when Heroes was on the air. Then he becomes the iconic Spock in such a believable way. Can’t wait to see him in Hitman! (He’s also done great work for human rights – can’t forget the risks he’s taken for equality for people who are gay.)