ViralVids: The Truth Behind JJ Abrams Star Trek Lens Flares Exposed + Kids With Trek Names


Taking a break from the San Diego Comic-Con news, tonight we present you with a couple of new Star Trek humor videos: one introducing the truth behind JJ Abrams’ lens flares and another explores Trek children naming.

Saturday Night at the Videos

First up is "Star Trek: The Human Lens Flare" from Luke Knezevic, which tells the true behind-the-scenes story of the real man behind JJ Abrams’ lens flares.

STAR TREK: The Human Lens Flare from Luke Knezevic on Vimeo.

And up second we the comedy troupe of ‘Secondary Inspection’ comedy team of Reston Williams and David Stodolny, who present an unusual meeting of two dads with some interesting choices for kids names.

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Lens flares?

How does that old song go?

“Blinded by the light…..”

…I’ll level with you, bro: YOU SUCKED!


Now THAT was a good “KHANNNN!!!!” scream ;-)



My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

Human Lens Flare, meet Mr. Phaser.

I hope Bob cuts back on that stuff. It makes me want to change my contact lenses.

My kid is named Jean-Luc :) Which seemed perfect for obvious ‘trek’ reason and he is French, so it does stand out for the non-trek people… He’s 4 and already think he’s the captain anyway and does the ‘engage’ hand sign when the car starts to move…

Both were good videos…LOL

Is it possible that we two, Khan and Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, have grown so old and hackneyed that we have outlived our usefulness?

love the videos so funny

“I’m in every scene.”

He sure is.

Funny stuff!!

JJ never met a lens flare he didn’t like.

That was pretty good.

I fully enjoyed the concept, story arc and development of the main character.

nice! lol.