SDCC14 Exhibitor Hall: First Look At QMx USS Reliant + 2015 Star Trek Hallmark Ornaments + More Trek Merch

TrekMovie visited the San Diego Comic Con 2014 Exhibitor Hall to check out some of the Star Trek merchandise on hand, including first looks at QMx’s USS Reliant Artisan Replica and the 2015 Star Trek Hallmark ornaments. Check those and much more out below.

SDCC 2014 Exhibitor Hall: Star Trek Merchandise

The Exhibitor Hall at San Diego Comic Con is huge and very crowded and peppered around are booths featuring some new and interesting Star Trek merchandise items. Here are some of the selections on display this year.


Artisan USS Reliant


sdcc14merch-20 sdcc14merch-21

sdcc14merch-22 sdcc14merch-23

USS Enterprise Refit Desk Model


sdcc14merch-25 sdcc14merch-26 sdcc14merch-27

More from QMx

sdcc14merch-28 sdcc14merch-29


2015 Ornaments

Needs of the Many
(Star Trek II)

Lt. Uhura (TOS)

USS Enterprise C (TNG: “Yesterday’s Enterprise”)

2014 Ornaments

 sdcc14merch-33 sdcc14merch-34

sdcc14merch-35 sdcc14merch-36

Star Trek greeting cards

sdcc14merch-42 sdcc14merch-43 sdcc14merch-44

BifBangPow – Entertainment Earth

Big Bang Theory/Star Trek figures


Star Trek Bobbleheads


sdcc14merch-02 sdcc14merch-04 sdcc14merch-05

sdcc14merch-06 sdcc14merch-07 sdcc14merch-01

Retro Coasters and shot glasses


sdcc14merch-09 sdcc14merch-10

sdcc14merch-11 sdcc14merch-12

Think Geek

Phaser Universal Remote


sdcc14merch-54 sdcc14merch-56 sdcc14merch-57

Star Trek Hoodies

sdcc14merch-52 sdcc14merch-53


Star Trek II Kirk Uniform jacket


Enterprise Archer Jacket


Diamond Select Toys

USS Excelsior (Regular and Battle Damaged)


 sdcc14merch-15 sdcc14merch-14

Prop Store

Authentic props from Star Trek TV and films


 sdcc14merch-45 sdcc14merch-46 sdcc14merch-47

sdcc14merch-48  sdcc14merch-50 sdcc14merch-51


Create your own mini-figure station


sdcc14merch-31 sdcc14merch-32

We Love Fine

“Riker Leans” Tee


Simon & Schuster 

“Seekers #1” and “The Klingon Art of War”

sdcc14merch-16 sdcc14merch-17

More SDCC 2014 to Come

More from SDCC to come: Star Trek cosplayers, report from Prelude to Axanar screening and an exclusive interview with Joe Gatt (aka “Science Officer 0718” from Star Trek Into Darkness). So stay tuned.

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That Enterprise refit desk model looks nice, but it looks like Pewter, which does not fare too well in the hot and humid climate of where I live (Louisiana), it droops over time.

Any chance you got to stop by the Eaglemoss booth and snap some shots of the newer models? :)

Nice to see the Enterprise-C get the Hallmark treatment.

The Kirk/Spock ornament is on my list…and some big bang stuff

Juan Ortiz SHOT GLASSES ?????


I dig those hoodies, but I would never wear them in public.


I do loves me a good Reliant, though. I want to see the Ent-C up close before deciding. The battle damaged Excelsior also looks like a winner. Dang, I prayed for stuff like this when I was a kid. I really did. Who knew my prayers would be answered 45 years later…

that Reliant model is gorgeous!

@1 John Gill “It droops over time”

Sorry to hear that , John. Err, I assume we’re still talking about the Pewter.

Any new product announcements from DST? I’d love to know what is up next following their Ent-A and NX Excelsior.

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like an irradiated Vulcan gasping his last breath …

Although the resurrection angle might be apropos.

No Star Trek ship news yet. I am disappointed to say the least. Come on DST Zach, throw us a bone, please!! We don’t care if we won’t see it for two to three years. Just let us see what’s in store to create the buzz and excitement which push your sales!!

That Reliant looks freaking fantastic.

#1. John Gill – July 27, 2014

Viagra’s such a wonder drug you could do worse than try some in your pewter – although now you have me pondering what it might do for my ‘puter?

#11. Curious Cadet – July 27, 2014

Nah, resurrection’s more Easter.

The Orion slave girl was gone the first weekend it was available. I’ve got one. : D

Call me grumpy, but I hate to see Star Trek associated with Big Bang Theory so much.

Why is the Alicia mask from Batman in with Trek props & listed as a Trek prop?

@9. Now, behave, Harry….

God I love the QMX models. I just don’t have thousands of dollars to blow on frivolous (in essence) shit. Just empty material things….bud damn they do look amazing.

…so much stuff! …so little money =(

Wish I had one of those Reliants. Those must be for the 1%er Trekkies out there, because I know little ol middle class me can’t afford that sort of thing! We need some wealth redistribution in the form of QMX models!

I demand one!! Lol!!

#17. ME!! – July 28, 2014


@18 Phil

(in my best Beavis&Butthead chuckle)

heh! heh heh heh!!!

Hey DST, how about a Voyager model sometime soon?????

The artisan Reliant already has a crack on the starboard warp pylon, or is that a full break? Yikes! It makes me wonder how well these things can withstand shipping. Certainly looks gorgeous though…
The hoodies are awesome, even the Wesley one.

By Golly, Jim! Is there no end to Star Trek tat??!!


Holy smokes, you’re right! I can’t believe they put it on display! And they want how many thousands of dollars? If your display piece, which is obviously fantastic, has such a major flaw and botch job fix it does not bode well for pre-orders.

Always in favor of more models of the Enterprise-C and Excelsior (less so the refit Excelsior class Enterprise-B). That post-TMP pre-TNG era in Trek is so under-explored and beguilingly mysterious, and those blue-grey-white hulls paired with circular saucers are so graceful and elegant, it’s a wonderful period in Starfleet’s design history.

Have to say I always found those DST electronic models a bit too big and clunky, and battle-damage, while it makes sense in some cases (e.g. Enterprise-A or C), often seems like a way to re-sell the same model with some scarring tacked on, and feels like a real stretch for the Excelsior. I don’t know of any other battle-damaged Excelsior models, presumably because its screen time as a damaged ship at the end of ST:VI was minimal.

@27. Well, in their defense, that model probably has been subjected to a lot more shipping and handling then one that would be shipped one and done. You are right, the display model should have had a better patch job, and it does look fantastic.

Yeah, I can’t believe they’d have a cracked Reliant. Maybe their pitch will be, “Oh, this model represents the ship just before the nacelle was blown off in TWOK.” Of course, if memory serves, it was the port nacelle that was destroyed, not starboard.

Maybe Jochim damaged it trying to learn how to pilot the ship. JOOOOOOOOOCHIMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Nah, not the same as KHAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!