CoolStuff: Assimilate Warm Beverages With Borg Cube Mini Fridge + Klingon Warnog Arrives In USA


Those crazy geniuses at Think Geek are at it again with something that is literally ‘cool,’. a Borg Cube Refrigerator. Warm beer and sodas will be futile as they get assimilated into this menacing mini-fridge. Details and pictures below. 

Star Trek Borg Cube Mini Fridge From Think Geek

Think Geek has just added an exclusive new Star Trek item that is also very usueful. The Borg Cube Mini Fridge is a 11.5" cube that can hold around 9 cans of soda or whatever else needs to be assimilated.


It glows green on the outside and inside (of course) and has settings for keeping food warm or cold. It will set you back $149.99. More details at

1cb0_borg_cube_fridge_open 1cb0_borg_cube_fridge_closed


Klingon Warnog Arrives in the USA

Looking for something to keep in your fridge? How about some Star Trek beer? The Federation of Beer has previously only been been selling their officially licensed Star Trek beers in Canada, but that changes this week as they are now collaborating with Indiana-based Tin Man Brewing to produce Klingon Warnog for the states. According to Federation of Beer "The Star Trek-themed beer is a high-quality Roggen Dunkelweiss (Danish Rye Beer) that captures the warrior essence of the Klingon culture with its bold and unique taste."


Klingon Warnog Ale will be available in select liquor stores and bars in Indiana and Washington State startiung this week. Federation of Beer has already begun holding a series “First Contact: Klingon Warnog” parties to celebrate the launch. For more information on where the next events will be held go to


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Hmmm, checking bank account…

9 beers?
Back in the day, I called that “happy hour.”

I see synthahol sales doing very well.


oh man! that would SOOO go in my dorm room at Starfleet Academy! =P

…invite the bro’s over for some ‘nogs! SWEET! =D

#3 CmdrR – at my age, I call that ‘lunch break’……

I’m thinking of #5 I am not Herbert’s comment about his dorm room at Starfleet Academy. Wouldn’t it be cool if this universe actually existed? You could order blood wine and warnog? You could have a Borg refrigerator in your Starfleet Academy dorm room? As much as I had issues with the last two Trek movies, the one thing they did do for me was make the Academy and the ship more real. Most everyone is young and looks like they’re in college/graduate school/academy, the ship was buzzing with activity and people hustling around …it was the closest approximation to the Star Trek universe I’ve experienced. Now, with Borg refrigerators and Star Trek beer, it just feels a little more real.

Maybe I’m drinking too much of that beer, huh?!!

The Borg fridge is cool, but why did they make it so small?

I think they’d sell more of them if they came in a practical size, like at least a college dorm room mini-fridge.

…now I just need a toaster-oven that looks like a replicator! =D

StevenPDX: Cheers Mate! ;-)

the Borg fridge ties in nice with the Borg video you had on your wedsite the other day

Right back at you, I am not Herbert!