Watch: Free Enterprise TV Series Kickstarter Pitch Video + Rare Movie Toy Prototype Reward Added


Last week TrekMovie reported on the new Kickstarter campaign for Free Enterprise: The Television Series a TV prequel to the 1999 Star Trek-themed cult comedy Free Enterprise. Over the weekend the producers showed a new Kickstarter pitch trailer at Comic-Con and that is now online. They have also introduced a new rare ‘Bomber Bill’ figure as one of the back rewards. Watch the pitch and get more details below.

Free Enterprise: The Television Series – New Pitch Video

Mark A. Altman Robert Burnett – the guys behind the 1999 Star Trek-themed cult comedy Free Enterprise – have a new Kickstarter pitch video talking about their plans for making a pilot for a prequel TV series based on the movie. This video premiered at SDCC over the weekend.

New Backer Reward – Bomber Bill Toy Prototype

As part of the Kickstarter promotion to fund a pilot episode for Free Enterprise – The TV Series, the producers also announced a new back reward; a super rare prototypes for a proposed, but never realized, Free Enterprise toyline from EMCE Toys (makers of the retro MEGO cloth figures). These never produced toys include "Bomber Bill" inspired by the World War II bomber pilot outfit that William Shatner wore in the film and later donated to Planet Hollywood Cannes during an appearance on behalf of the film at the Cannes Film Festival.


Only three prototypes exist and all three will given to those who back the project for $1,250 or more. In addition, autographed DVDs of the original Free Enterprise film have been added as rewards at a lower price tier for those fans who may not have seen the film. According to Altman, more rewards will be added in the coming days.

According to Kickstarter, Free Enterprise is the first Kickstarter campaign for a television series that is actually being launched by established industry professionals as co-creator Mark A. Altman is a veteran of such TV series as Castle, Necessary Roughness and Femme Fatales as well as the Dimension Films release DOA: Dead Or Alive while Robert Burnett was a producer for the Star Trek Experience in Vegas as well as the films Agent Cody Banks and The Hills Run Red for Warner Bros.

To learn more about the project and to donate, visit the Kickstarter Page.

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No more Spoofs we want real Star Trek.

Star Trek Titan

I love these guys. The movie is great and always makes me laugh.


I wish them the best and I hope this show happens… or anything Free Enterprise happens.

Free Enterprise was a good watch onceor twice.

But a Prequel?!

How can you complicate a fan movie with no real plotline?

Boy, That was pretty bad..especially considering the GREAT stuff these two guys have done before…