Star Trek Prelude to Axanar Now Online + Vegas Screening + Kickstarter Update


Star Trek Prelude to Axanar, the 20 minute preview to the full fan film Star Trek Axanar, debuted on the big screen during a red carpet event last weekend during San Diego Comic-Con. Today, the short film is available for all to watch streaming online and serves as the Kickstarter video for the recently launched new fundraising campaign to raise money for the full-length 90 minute feature film Axanar (which has already met its first goal). You’ll have another chance to see Prelude on the big screen in Las Vegas this Saturday night. Get the details, see photos, and watch Prelude to Axanar below.

Watch Prelude to Axanar, Released Online Today
Prelude to Axanar, the 20 minute preview to the full feature Axanar, was just released online today after its theatrical debut last weekend in San Diego. Watch the full video below.




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Star Trek Axanar Kickstarter already past first $100k goal
Prelude to Axanar is acting as the Kickstarter promo video for the full-length 90 minute feature, Star Trek Axanar. The campaign debuted less than one week ago and has already surpassed it’s first $100,000 goal. The first $100k is slated to build the required sets, but the Axanar producers are seeking $650,000 in total. The stretch goal of $275,000 will allow the team to obtain a long-term facility in Los Angeles for the sets and production. And the $375,000 Stretch Goal would cover pre-production costs as well. Depending on how things go with the current Kickstarter campaign they may launch additional campaigns in the future to help make Axanar as professional as possible. starfleet_procurement


Prelude to Axanar Red Carpet Premiere
TrekMovie was on the scene last weekend in San Diego for the red carpet premiere of Prelude to Axanar. Stars and crew of the film walked down the red carpet posing for photos. Executive Producer and actor Alec Peters was in high spirits, especially when surrounded by the Axanar cosplay babes.

Executive Producer and Garth of Izar Alec Peters with the Axanar cosplaying babes

Sean Patrick Kennedy with the Axanar cosplaying babes

Editor Robert Meyer Burnett and Alec Peters

Mark Edward Lewis and Jesse Akins

Mark Edward Lewis, Alec Peters, Diana Kingsbury

Vulcan Ambassador Soval Gary Graham

Doug Jones and costume designer Claire Max

Klingon Commander Kharn Richard Hatch and friends

Prelude to Axanar Las Vegas Midnight Screening
Don’t miss your chance to see Prelude to Axanar on the big screen this weekend during the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. A FREE midnight screening and Q&A will be held at the Las Vegas AMC Town Square theater on Saturday night. See the film and mingle with special guests JG Hertzler, Richard Hatch, Executive Producer Alec Peters and Editor Robert Meyer Burnett. You can get your tickets at the theater on the night of the event. Be sure to get there early!


New Axanar Podcast
The Axanar team has teamed up with Trek.FM to bring you the Axanar Podcast where you can listen to stories and the behind the scenes goings on of the production. The third episode of the podcast series was just released and discusses the sound design of the film. The podcast is a very interesting insight into what its like to create a feature film, from the inside out. Listen on the Trek.FM website, subscribe on iTunes, or follow them on Stitcher, SoundCloud, or RSS. Here is what you can look forward to for episode three:

Spectacular visuals and captivating acting are two of the most noticeable elements of a film, but take away the sound and what are you left with? In the absence of sound effects, even the greatest story doesn’t feel quite right. Weapons fire, starships zipping by, footsteps, and the gentle ambient hum of the engines are all critical to making the visuals believable. But how are they created? The sources of many sounds Star Trek fans find familiar may surprise you. In this episode of the official Star Trek: Axanar podcast we’re joined by Mark Edward Lewis, Jesse Akins, and Academy Award-winner Frank Serafine to learn more about how they bring Axanar to life through sound.

In our news segment we get a first-hand account of the San Diego Comic-Con premiere of Prelude to Axanar, some of the behind-the-scenes excitement that led up to the screening, the launch of the Kickstarter for the full Axanar film, and Axanar activities on slate for Star Trek Las Vegas.




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Fantastic work. Become a backer so we can see the full version!

This is so well done. Love it!



Have already hacked this and will continue to do so in the future Long Live The Empire! LLAP

It was great.

This is the best done fan production ever. Terrific writing and acting. I can’t wait to see more.

Can not wait for the 90 minute movie. Good job.

It’s really been a great pleasure and an honor to be a backer of this project from the start. Alec and the rest of the Axanar team have run an exemplary campaign and have been very responsive to the needs and requests of fans – whether they’re backers or the curious.

There is so much that is right about this project and the way it’s been implemented that it gives me hope for the Trek franchise beyond the dysfunction that defines the Paramount/CBS relationship (or lack thereof) and the rift that exists between classic Trekies/Trekers and Nu-Trekers.

LLAP, Team Axanar – may you have clear skies and smooth sailing in your on-going mission to raise enough Kickstarter money to fund your entire project and jump-start your studio.

It’s piqued my interest to see the full-length version, which was its goal.

Obviously it’s well put together.

While I’m not much for the Military side of “Star Trek”, this was VERY well done.

I think this is the production that brings fan films to a whole new level. (Even what I’ve seen of Renegades doesn’t come close)

It had the right look balancing The Enterprise Era,Classic Trek,and the “feel” of the Star Trek (TMP-Six) films.


Mr. Peters,

We met briefly on the set of “Origins”. No disrespect to that ill-fated production intended, but in its utter scale and professionalism “Axanar” is in a class by itself. I can hardly wait for the finished film.

I hope you develop the theme of Vulcan reluctance to engage in the full-scale carnage of even a defensive war, as well as the dilemma of Starfleet non-combatants who never signed on with the intention of being soldiers. These were issues where I always felt that DS9’s “Dominion War Arc”, for all its virtues, really dropped the ball.

Again, my sincere congratulations to you and your cast and crew for such exceptional and inspiring work.


Hey! This looks pretty good!

This is jaw droppingly good. How can a bunch of guys on a Kickstarter page with the biggest star being the guy who played Candyman do a better job on a Star Trek movie than a major studio with unlimited funds and big stars like Pine and Cumberbatch? Answer: a compelling story, realistic writing, and a respect for Star Trek’s style. Bob Orci, more of this (and the first movie) and less of the glorified CW sitcom in space that was Into Dumbass.

Impressive! Like watching a 23rd century History Channel, and not a pawn shop in sight. I enjoyed it. Thanks!

Love it!

Awesome work Axanar team! I’ve been really looking forward to this since I first saw the teaser and it didn’t disappoint! Cannot wait to see more!

They’ll get my latinum for a full feature!

I can not wait to see more!!!! It was Amazing!

Really well done! I will be looking forward to the full film..

OUTSTANDING! CBS & PARAMOUNT should turn the ropes over to YOUR TEAM for future TV & movies.

This looks AWESOME!!!! The acting is superb (one of the issues that plagues most fan-made films) the music fits the show and effects are amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing this!

I plan to send money to this. It was a very good production.

Puts the ‘official’ output since 2009 to shame! Forget the JJA stuff and watch some real Trek here. Paramount and CBS must be watching this closely as well they should!

“This Is Fantastic Soon to be a Firestorm In Trek Fan Based Films” Get Involved , and help Mould Your Viewing Future Trek :)
They are a great team and I Love being a Minion Star Trek Axanar Gota Love Great Trek :)


What a great viewing that was, truly awesome.

Please check out my review and spread the word :)

I thought STC was amazing (which it is) but I have to say, this changes the game for ‘fan productions.’ I’ve never seen anything like it. Prelude was the first Kickstarter I ever donated to and seeing this made me understand I did the right thing. I’ll be donated to the full feature.

wow impressive!

Very well executed!

If judged as a fan production, it is among the best of the best. Having professional actors throughout really makes a difference!

If judged as a professional movie (which Mr. Peters has established as his aim and goal), the are a few things to quibble about (Hatch’s odd cadence for example, and the feeling they were trying to cram about an hour’s worth of information in to 20 minutes), but it is still nonetheless very entertaining!

@27 “Only thing I had an issue with is the film shows the U.S.S. Enterprise being built over Axanar ” – That is not what you´re seeing…. :)

lookin’ good! =)

hopefully Hatch will be able to add a little more “heuvos” to his klingon… ;-)

Great work Tobias! Can’t wait to see more! =D

Awesome work! I’m very proud to be supporting this, and have been delighted with not only the visuals, but the performances. Tony Todd delivering Ramirez’s speech is electrifying! And Richard Hatch brings a gravitas to a Klingon character that we’ve not seen in many a year.

I cannot wait to see the full film come together!

Perfection!!! You guys nailed this to the wall!! MORE!!! Can’t say enough good things about the lighting, photography, and Lightworks amazing VFX!!

((Major applause))

I never thought I would say this, but the fan productions of “Star Trek” are starting to give the “official” productions a run for their money in many, many ways. In many ways, they are actually better. I

I really, really enjoyed this.

Might actually donate some cash!

#14 “How can a bunch of guys on a Kickstarter page with the biggest star being the guy who played Candyman do a better job on a Star Trek movie than a major studio with unlimited funds and big stars like Pine and Cumberbatch?”

I don’t know, haven’t seen it done yet! lol

“They called me queen bitch whore of the Federation”

Really? You’ve got one female character and this is all you do with her?

That was fantastic! Way better then I expected. Project Backed!!!

If any of these comments are genuine, then why can’t the old guys be happy with this and leave the real Star Trek alone?

I think it’s because they only care about canon and will only accept things that are canon.

Great job…can’t wait to see the finished deal. I’ll check the finances to see if I can donate a little :) .

Agree totally with #14…couldn’t have said it better myself :) .

Yes, very nice so far!! :-D

Oh what times are these that fans can make Star Trek that rivals or exceeds that of the big studios. The feel, look, heck the smell and taste of it is Star Trek. The universe I love expands in ways that delight.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. This is the blueprint for how the fans are going to enjoy Star Trek in years to come. Let CBS and Paramount bicker back and forth. Meanwhile, dedicated and talented fans will roll up their sleeves and tell us stories. Star Trek lives because of the fans. It was created by Gene Roddenberry but it now belongs to us.

You’ve got my $$$, boss.


This is an expansion of events referenced within Prime Universe canon. Garth is a character seen in TOS. His battle prowess and contribution to the Klingon war was mentioned in TOS. Kirk himself mentions Garth’s tactics were required reading at the Academy, again, in TOS. There are no gratuitous tribbles in a cage on Delta Vega. There is no Kirk getting promoted, demoted, promoted, demoted, promoted ad nauseum. In short, this IS real Star Trek. You can have your AU and I’ll enjoy this, thank you very much.

Narrated by John Gill :D
But Q’ONOS – seriously?! :P

David Gerrold is absolutely right when says that this IS Star Trek. There’s more of the spirit of Trek in this twenty-minute film than in the two J.J. Abrams films combined. To all involved in the production, I offer heartfelt thanks.

Well done, Alec and your whole crew!
Tobias, incredible as always!

I don’t care what CBS says. This IS canon.

Very impressed with the work of the Axanar team.

…and yes it’s me, been back a while actually. Currently holding down TrekMovie HQ while team is in Vegase

@44 (THX-1138): Sorry, but it is ALL ‘Trek, from canon to non-canon, from the movies to the series, from the books to the comic books, etc. You may not like the direction BR is taking the movies, but it was Paramount who approved the moves. But the thing is, that’s okay. Why? IDIC, my friend…

*Epiphanic trumpets*

Welcome home, prodigal son!! ;-)