Saldana Doesn’t Want Spock/Uhura Breakup In Star Trek 2016 + Zoe In Women’s Health UK Naked Issue


Zoe Saldana is doing the publicity tour for Guardians of the Galaxy, which opens this weekend – and she has fielded a question on her thoughts about Spock and Uhura’s relationship in the next Star Trek movie. Details on that below plus check images of Zoe from Women’s Health UK’s new ‘naked’ issue and more.

Saldana on Spock/Uhura

During her Guardians of the Galaxy junket interviews, IGN asked the actress about the future of her relationship with Spock

Would you like Uhura to break up with Spock and just be part of the team again?
I don’t know. They have such a special bond. It would be nice to see Uhura do more stuff, but I feel that JJ [Abrams] and his team of writers did such a great job in the sequel and I am pretty sure for the third installment we will see [Uhura] be more hands on as well. It would be heartbreaking for me to know that they would break up.

Watch the clip below.



Do you agree with Zoe or should it be over for Spock and Uhura.


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Zoe Goes Naked For Women’s Health UK

Recently we reported that Zoe is now pregnant and she has been showing a bit at the Guardians of the Galaxy publicity events, but the September issue of Women’s Health UK has some photos of a pre-baby bump Zoe in her birthday suit. Zoe adorns the cover of their September ‘naked’ issue and Women’s Health has given us some high-res images. Check those out below.

zoewhuk-02 zoewhuk-03
(Photos: John Wright courtesy of Women’s Health)

The Zoe Saldana interview (read excerpt online) launches the Women’s Health Body For Life campaign in the September Naked issue of Women’s Health – on sale now and available as a digital edition.

More Zoe From Guardians Publicity Tour

Here are some fun bits with Zoe from her publicity tour, starting with the actress on Late Night with David Letterman talking about what possible colors she may be taking on in the future.

Zoe explains how he did some real damage to Guardians co-star Chris Pratt on ABC’s GMA.

Saldana and Guardians co-stars talk on AOL about how she passed the time during her long stints in the make-up chair.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1st. Early buzz on the film is very positive with a current Rotten Tomatoes score of 91%. THR is predicting a $65M domestic opening weekend, which would make it one of the top August openings of all time.

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Do Spock and Uhura have such a “special bond?”

It seems like just another love affair.

It has, however, profoundly changed the basic essence of Spock and how he functions in a mostly human Star Fleet. He is now just another human guy.

The 23rd Century is no doubt full of inter-species bondings and good for that! S/U are not the first and not unique in that way. Spock is the result of inter-species bonding of at least 35 years previous, am sure that freedom has moved forward many times with many couples of different species,. gender (or same gender) and what not..

Spock embraced his Vulcan half in order to be the individual he is–or used to be.

I don’t want to actually SEE the “breakup” in the next movie. I just want it done with. That ridiculous relationship should just be completely forgotten, altogether. Like it never even happened. It should never be spoken of again.

I certainly don’t want to SEE the breakup in the next movie, either. That’s because I don’t want there to be/have been a breakup in the first place. I don’t need any Spock/Uhura relationship ‘drama’ in my Star Trek, but I’m perfectly happy for the movie to show that they are still in a mature relationship. I fail to see how that relationship, when handled in a mature way and showing the characters as more than 1-dimensional individuals, would detract from whatever overall story arc forms the next movie.

judging from the patterns I have noticed in this site from the past, I had a feeling you’d post this LOL (for the same reasons other interviews are not posted ;) thank God I don’t need to rely on trekmovie to find new interviews and stuff, if I did I’d only read 50% of them..)

what a stupid question to make. Uhura is more part of the team than some of the secondary male characters, the relationship in no way makes her less an officer.
I love Zoe’s answer anyway

1. IDIC Lives! – July 31, 2014

“Do Spock and Uhura have such a “special bond?”

maybe not for you, but for the characters and the actors playing them yes ;)

“It seems like just another love affair.”

two people ‘dating’ from 2257 (following the comics) to 2261 and ongoing and whose relationship survived the loss of his mother and home planet, not to mention them struggling with the fact that they’re an interracial/interspecies couple is hardly the kind of relationship that’d I’d call a ‘love affair’
Last time I looked, they were in an exclusive emotional relationship and none of them was cheating a wife or boyfriend/girlfriend either.

“It has, however, profoundly changed the basic essence of Spock and how he functions in a mostly human Star Fleet. He is now just another human guy.”

your priorities should be checked a bit.
I guess you should ask the writers, then, to delete Kirk/Spock friendship as well since he’s more OOC with him than with his own girlfriend. At least he never cried or tried to kill her.
Unless you think that him trying to kill someone because he insulted his feelings for his mother and then him crying, screaming and acting homicidal when one movie later the same person dies, even though he hardly considered him his friend (or knew him for that matter) and he didn’t even cry when his own mother died, is just the most in character (not to mention vulcan) and controlled Spock you ever saw.

3. ObsessiveStarTrekFan – July 31, 2014

if these two break up some people here will have nothing to talk about lol

it’s just delicious and beyond amusing that a subplot romance that takes like.. how many minutes of screen time? makes certain people here so worked out and obsessed against it. You gotta wonder why and the answer might be quite interesting.
I mean, they destroyed vulcan, killed amanda, killed kirk’s dad, killed pike.. created a whole new reality, made khan a white british dude.. and certain people’s main priority is always and constantly complaining about two characters loving each other.
I, for one, never had the habit to focus my attention over stuff I don’t like or I’d rather ignore.

@6. Jemini,
“I, for one, never had the habit to focus my attention over stuff I don’t like or I’d rather ignore.”

Unfortunately with Abrams Trek, that leaves very little to embrace. ;-)

Not to be argumentative, but if people don’t express their displeasure with things they don’t like, or merely ignore them, won’t the powers-that-be just keep serving up the same stuff?

This should be dealth with the same way Worf’s return to the Enterprise in Insurrection was dealth with; You hear the beginning of an explanation, then the camera swings to something else and it’s never mentioned again.
Really, who cares. This is Star Trek not the Kardashians. I couldn’t be any less interested in what these two are doing personally and if they spend more than ten seconds addressing it in the movie, it only takes away from what will probably already be a struggling plot rehash.

Sorry, dealt not dealth. lol. Looks like I invented a new word (?)

#9 bassmaster22

You dealth with ye old S/U romance in excellent fashion.

Why did IGN let such an ignorant person conduct interviews?

7. Curious Cadet – July 31, 2014 “Unfortunately with Abrams Trek, that leaves very little to embrace. ;-)” and yet, no one forces us to watch or like their trek, right? isn’t making it so much talked about a way to make it more popular? I find that contradictory for people that claim to not like it… just saying judging by the numbers (=how much the movies earned and the positive critics) if the haters in this site were the majority and not just a vocal minority, then I’d have to believe that these people are pretty masochists because while they claim to hate the reboot it seems they all went watching the movies and buy the dvds.. and waste their time in this site commenting every article. “Not to be argumentative, but if people don’t express their displeasure with things they don’t like, or merely ignore them, won’t the powers-that-be just keep serving up the same stuff?” it depends. If you’re too fixated and obsessed about one detail that isn’t even that much part of the story, to the point that every poll about this pair in this site have most of the votes since 2009, it begs the question why a fictional couple hit some people’s fragile nerve so much when there are many problematic things and bigger plot points that are ignored instead. Personally, I think that no one would waste so much time and energy over something they don’t like unless they have an agenda because… Read more »

11. Nony – July 31, 2014

Why did IGN let such an ignorant person conduct interviews?

lol I didn’t want to be that mean but yeah…
I don’t know what she expected Zoe to say there.
Misleading question and quite passive aggressive against Uhura. Zoe has a bit of a ‘what’ moment too, especially since she was supposed to answer questions about Gamora and guardians of the galaxy…
maybe the interviewer is a reboot hater but they still find it more interesting as a topic than Guardians of The Galaxy (that, btw, is having pretty positive reviews. Can’t wait to see Zoe green!)

The S/U relationship should end only if it serves as an element of the story in ST3, and not because certain fans of the franchise wants it to. Otherwise, it would seem forced, especially since the relationship has been built up for the past two movies.

As an aside, I do hope that Dr. McCoy gets a chance to have a relationship of his own, maybe dating a certain Dr. Carol Marcus? After all, five years in deep space IS a long time to be w/o a relationship…especially w/o the use of a holodeck to, well, you know. Heh.

@1. IDIC Lives!, “Spock embraced his Vulcan half in order to be the individual he is–or used to be.” Spock was full of Vulcan pride. That’s who the character was, battling with his human nature. Now, he almost shows open contempt for it, and appears virtually Human in behavior if not appearance. I understand why Kirk would be completely different than his Prime universe counterpart as a result of Nero’s arrival, but I can’t see anything that explains Spock. By all appearances, Spock should have turned out exactly the same as in the Prime Universe. Yet he seems the most radically different. The death of his mother certainly would contribute to his inner conflict, but he seems to have lost all interest in controlling his human side, and that’s just not the character. Perhaps Orci is trying to show us with Spock/Uhura the side of Spock that gave us such interesting glimpses of Spock’s personality with Leila, but even that relationship was unrequited — Spock simply would not allow himself to return a lover’s feelings or show her any emotion. In fact that would be a far more interesting relationship to see between Spock and Uhura on screen. I never once believed Spock had any feelings for Christine Chapel, but to watch him struggle with someone for whom he truly cares, now that would be interesting and in character. Open mouth kisses in front of the Captain are dull. Actually I think I give Orci too much credit. the Spock/Uhura… Read more »

I can’t wait to see what our crazy-in-love Vulcan does next. (sarcasm)

Who votes no? Its an alternate universe, let them fall in love. Are you really that petty that you’ll stand in the way of love, even if it is fictional.


15. Curious Cadet – July 31, 2014 “Spock was full of Vulcan pride. That’s who the character was, battling with his human nature. Now, he almost shows open contempt for it, and appears virtually Human in behavior if not appearance.” Spock is half human and half vulcan. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to deny a side of himself because that would mean he’s trying to be who he isn’t. Even less it would make sense for him to hate his human side that to him probably represents his mother, whom he had always loved. They showed it to you in these movies especially the first. He tried to be vulcan to fit in that society because he grew up there, but he never really apologized for being human. He wanted to please his father and get accepted by him, he embraced the vulcan culture.. but never at the expense of his mom whom he loved and defended. It’s symbolic that when the vulcan bullies attack him, it’s them calling his mother a wh**e that sends him over the edge, not them calling his father a traitor. Yet, later, he will somehow imply to his dad that he reacted that way to defend him… and vulcans do have even more emotions than the humans that’s why they control them. How can you see the struggle between his two sides if the character is never challenged? besides, using your logic then even Tos Spock should have never been Kirk’s friend.… Read more »

Honestly, I would rather they just transfer her off the Enterprise entirely.

Can we just pretend it never happened? Everyone knows they just wrote the Spock/Uhura nonsense to attract mindless female fans to the franchise for financial sake. Ever notice those who actually like the S/U relationship are mostly women? There’s a reason for that. Why not Chekhov/Uhura or Scotty/Uhura like Trek5? Why destroy one of the fundamental aspects of Spock? Oh right, to attract the Kardashian crowd to the theatre.

Badly worded Poll question.

“Do you agree with Zoe
should it be over for Spock and Uhura.”

Which is it? What do you want us to answer? I know you’re probably looking for the second phrase, but the question should really be more clear if you want the most accurate poll responses.

@18 (Ensign Ricky): Yes, because we just can’t have Spock be in a relationship with anyone…

Never mind. I just saw the latter question.

BTW, I’m surprised nobody has commented on the magazine that Ms. Saldana appeared in…

24. dswynne – July 31, 2014

“BTW, I’m surprised nobody has commented on the magazine that Ms. Saldana appeared in…”

so disappointed, I thought that the most ‘intelligent’ audience of this site was the male one ;)

Zoe Saldana is beautiful. She’s naturally slim but her body is feminine. I’m seeing a lot of new pictures of her recently and the added curves make her even more gorgeous.

take note moms-to-be!

20. Robert Bishop – July 31, 2014

It doesn’t seem to me, though, that it was the ‘mindless female fans’ or the S/U supporters, for that matter, that ridiculously argued with one of the writers in this very site ;)
Nor they are the ones who seem to believe that they can tell the writers how they must do their job, and then have a temper tantrum and insult them everytime they don’t like something.
it also is not ‘the mindless female fans’ or S/U fans (generic and including the opposite sex now. because if you are being sexist it doesn’t mean that I have to be too) that gave to the star trek fandom a bad reputation as one of the worst and most entitled fandom ever.

so I dunno, your offense might be a compliment to the female audience if the comparison and default for ‘sanity’ and ‘intelligence’ is what you guys are doing in this site since 2009 and for something that you all claim to hate anyway.

The first movie is set up so that Kirk follows in his father’s footsteps in his career and Spock follows in his father’s in his personal life. It’s fairly clear.

I mean, the precedent for Spock/Uhura or Spock/anyone is there in TOS. And people tend to forget that Spock *exists* because Sarek, the most logical, outwardly emotionless, self-possessed full-blooded Vulcan ever to Vulcan, fell in love with a human woman and married her. He didn’t have to. He just did. Both Spocks grew up with that example, and in the alternate timeline, he just happens to have been nudged in a direction that led to him trying out a relationship with a human and liking it.

I’m not particularly emotionally invested in this, one way or another, but I’d vote to let it continue – TOS did set the stage that a Vulcan/Human relationship could occur, so if it contributes to a good story, there’s no harm in letting it run it’s course.

Was it a Freudian thing? The writers destroyed the Spock-who-was.

And so, they also must destroy Vulcan with a flick of their pen. It was such a (pardonne) — fascinating— complex, fleshed-out culture which had been shown in various Prime Trek endeavors and had a beinghood similar to Earth’s beinghood – her life-forms, her terrain, and the advanced species’ culture, traditions, academic achievements and pride).

Spock is immortal, having held onto his katra and detoured around nu-Trek.

Spock is transitory? No, as beauty endures, so does Spock, and so does Prime Star Trek.

Sorry to be corny or dramatic (take your pick depending on your pov), but it is how I feel.

Zoe Saldana is pregnant with her first child due next the first of next year

yeah, no more p*ssy-whipped punk-*ss pseudo-spock please… =(

REAL Star Trek IS NOT a “chick flick”, OK? Thanks… =P

I am Herbert

FINAL warning for trolling

…yeah. Maybe he could get a chance to cry again if they broke up.

This Spock is such a candy a**.

Well, I would rather see the two of them break up. The romance just hasn’t worked for me. It’s not as big a deal for me as it was five years ago, though. Maybe I’m just more nonchalant about it now.

And it’s nice to see (at least so far) no one is telling Zoe to “eat a hamburger”. :-)

Herbert, you are trolling….and being a bit more repulsive then usual.

36. Admin – July 31, 2014

so he gets a warning for trolling, but the ones that called other fans ‘mindless’ etc (e.g, Robert Bishop) get a free pass…. lol

TOS Spock is one of my all-time favorite characters. AOS Spock has been far too human for my liking; part of the point of Spock is that he’s neither one thing nor another and doesn’t really fit in anywhere. If Spock were real, I’d want him to have a relationship with Uhura, because I’d want him to be happy (or as close to happy as a Vulcan can be. :-D) But since he’s (sadly) NOT real, I think his character is better served by his not being romantically involved with anyone, at least not this early in his life. There was an essential aloneness to TOS Spock — except for his close friendship with Kirk and his lesser friendship with the other Bridge officers and with McCoy — and that was an important part of the character, part of why we all sympathized with him. Of course, it IS slyly humorous for SPOCK to get the girl and for Kirk to get the brush-off in the reboot movies. :-) But since it looks as if they’re setting up Carol Marcus as a romantic relationship for Kirk, that humorous role-reversal probably won’t be present in the third reboot movie; we’ll probably have some Kirk/Marcus romance instead. *yawn* A certain subset of fans has been thinking that Kirk and Spock would make good romantic partners for each other since the TOS days. Now that Zachary Quinto has come out as gay, Paramount may want to emphasize Spock’s heterosexuality, to counteract our knowledge… Read more »
38. Corylea – July 31, 2014 “Now that Zachary Quinto has come out as gay, Paramount may want to emphasize Spock’s heterosexuality, to counteract our knowledge that Mr. Quinto would probably rather kiss Mr. Pine than Ms. Saldana. ;-) One hopes that homophobia will be truly extinct by the 23rd century, but since it isn’t extinct in the present day, Paramount may want to distract us from the knowledge that Spock’s actor is gay by making Spock’s character more obviously heterosexual than TOS Spock was (since TOS Spock seemed asexual most of the time).” I don’t think it’s paramount’s decision. It’s the writers that out them together in the first movie, before Zachary Quinto even came out. Actually, if we were to follow hollywood’s standards, gay actors are the least guys to get the main romantic subplot of a franchise like star trek. Zachary Quinto is not a vulcan or a serial killer in real life but this doesn’t stop him from playing both convincingly because.. guess what? His job is being an actor. Straight actors play gay characters all the time and when they play heterosexual couples they surely don’t want to sleep with every actress they worked with. You might find some funny stories about iconic couples played by actors that despised each other (Gone with the wind comes to mind, if the rumors were real…) The notion that a gay actor is different from a straight one and thus he must want to make out with every… Read more »

Saldana says, “it would be nice to see Uhura do more stuff”

Are you kidding? She already gets featured WAY too much in the new films.

What an ego!

Thank you Jemini =)

Admin: I will try to tone it down, i guess? but consider: Phil hates me…

#40. Harry Ballz – July 31, 2014

Come on, Harry, if you got what she gets for being in the Avatar sequels, you’d have an ego too.

But if you want to lament about egos, how about the 5 leads in CBS’ THE BIG BANG THEORY holding up the new season’s production to negotiate better contracts? I have mixed feelings. But I suppose I’ll feel better about it if they do like the Friend’s cast and negotiate a better deal for their second tier actors as well.

If my older self appeared in front of me and told me to screw logic and do what feels right, then that’s what I would do.

40. Harry Ballz
so the actress has an ego because they asked her if she wants more Uhura and she said yes? All the actors want more for their characters even the guy who played the half cyborg officer in the last movie said he wants more of his character too!
I didn’t see anyone here complaining when Alice Eve said that she wants Carol to get in the captain’s chair and be the voice of reason of the enterprise and get pregnant with babies whose father is not certain it’s Kirk. No one said she had an ego then and I don’t remember this site making polls asking fans if they agreed with Alice or not.
After all these years you guys are still asking if people want spock uhura to break up. How many polls you have about that already? Ridiculous.

The hatred and bias this site has against Zoe Saldana and Uhura is blatant. You know people have reached the bottom here when even the article about her pregnancy is filled with vitriol and arguments.

#38 Corylea

Hi! Interesting post. I guess you do know that a number of people saw TOS Kirk and Spock as possibly having a gay relationship and volumes of some of the best written fanfic is about this alternate reality. No one said that this was true on aired TOS, but it somehow had vibes which led to admittedly fantasy concepts for some fans. Certainly others hated the idea.

In this way, Trek fans were years ahead of gay romance being acceptable. Of course, Paramount and even the actors were not thrilled but–the actors just grinned and endured. Paramount was more vicious.

I hope the old K/S thing is not a verboten subject, I don’t intend to go into it further, just saying, some fans saw Spock as not asexual in TOS, no, not at all!

Young Nimoy is a sexy man, IMO, I don’t get your idea that Spock was a asexually inclined, actually. He controlled himself, he had a different genome than the humans, he acted toward sexual matters as Vulcans do, not as humans do. He is a different species – yes half human – but he embraced his Vulcan half, and who knows what exotic traditions they have??!!

#39 Jemini — You have completely misunderstood my post; you are reading a lot of stuff into it that wasn’t actually there. It wasn’t there because I did not mean it and hence did not say it. ;-) I will not address most of what you said because it is so at odds with everything I said and such a misreading of everything I meant, but I will clarify my last paragraph. That point of that paragraph was that the Spock/Uhura romance is part of the (in my opinion) inappropriate humanization of Spock’s character, but (again, in my opinion), it is the least objectionable part of that humanization, and I’d be willing to tolerate a Spock/Uhura romance if they’d remove the rest of that humanization. I never said — because I never thought — that the Spock/Uhura romance CAUSED that humanization; I see it as merely one more element of it. #45 IDIC Lives — Er, of course I know that a lot of people thought that Kirk and Spock were — or should be — lovers; I, um, actually SAID SO in my post. Trust me, I have read oodles of fan fiction, both K/S and otherwise. :-) As for my saying that Spock frequently seemed asexual, I was thinking about things like the end of “The Wolf in the Fold,” where Kirk wants to go to “a cafe where the women are soooo,” and Spock looks at him as if he has no idea what Kirk means. He… Read more »

Of course she’d be heartbroken. She’d be sat at the back saying ‘hailing frequencies open Captain’ instead of chasing her boyfriend around.
Would be a blessed relief to me if they can find a half way. Give Uhura some good stuff, like the Klingon exchange last time, but have Spock go back to being, well, Spock. Solitary.

I don’t know what it is about this woman….I just don’t like her. I always feel like she’s acting when I see her and I just don’t think her body of work matches the acclaim she gets. I just don’t see the appeal. And I hate to say that because she might be a wonderful and hard working woman but I don’t connect with her at all. And I felt like her blue Avatar over-acted also.

#46 Corylea

Thanks for your good comments. We probably have some friends in common. My best friend of over 30 years wrote some of the best K/S. I am a writer also, and have been for over 30 years.

This is why I was smiling to myself when a S/U enthusiast said that I was against S/U because I probably could not stand the thought of interspecies romance. Say what?!!

I tried to explain that my entire life has been— I have a mixed race daughter whom I raised myself and there is more to my life (always has been) which is innovative and free. Believe me, I think S/U is boring (just my opinion) and tame; it belongs in the realm of someone’s fantasy, not prolonged in nuTrek (*yawn* – to echo you).

Thanks for your post here, we’d probably enjoy a chat with some iced tea or a cup of coffee.

TrekkieGa—ehm, I mean IDIC Lives!
lol I knew you were a spirk fan because you didn’t hide it well, but believe me, everything makes so much more sense ;)

no one would waste so much energy over a subplot they claim to not even care about, unless they had an agenda and think they can ‘earn’ something from that.

I find it funny that there there are many spirk fans lurking this site and commenting since 2009 but they always try to hide it… I wonder why…
either way, if your goal is looking unbiased it’s a lost battle. There isn’t a single person in this page that is not biased. We all are regardless our ‘biography’, better accept this, be honest with our opinions and move on.

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