STLV: Star Trek Online Announces ‘Delta Rising’ + CBS Announces RockLove Trek Jewelry [UPDATED]


The Star Trek Convention in Vegas saw the announcement of Star Trek Online’s next expansion – "Delta Rising," and as the name implies it will take players into the Delta Quadrant – complete with some voice talent from Star Trek: Voyager. Details and first images below, plus a wrap-up of other merchandise news announced at different panels (besides previously covered TNG S7 Blu-ray panel), including the new jewelry licensee RockLove.

UPDATE: Some new images from panel have been added. TrekMovie will do separate article showing off previews of “Delta Rising” later this week.

Star Trek Online Announces "Delta Rising" Expansion

Cryptic Studios held a panel at Star Trek Las Vegas Con to announce and preview their second major expansion of the game (following last year’s "Legacy of Romulus" expansion). This time they are headed to the Delta Quadrant with "Delta Rising." Cryptic’s lead designer for Star Trek Online Al Rivera described the new expansion saying:

Star Trek Online takes place in the year 2410 which is about 32 years since Voyager returned home. A lot has happened since then. We wanted to tell the story about what has happened to all our friends and all our enemies and what effects the Voyager have on the Delta Quadrant in it’s seven year journey

Redesigned USS Voyager and Intrepid class exterior for "Delta Rising"

Star Trek Voyager star Tim Russ (who was part of the Romulan expansion) will return to reprise his role as Tuvok for "Delta Rising." Cryptic also promised "several more" Voyager stars will be doing voice work. The only one revealed at STLV was Garrett Wang, who will reprise his role as Harry Kim.

Cryptic’s Al Rivera (R) gives Garrett Wang his long belated promotion to lieutenant (Photo: Josiah Koons)

Set to be released in October, the "Delta Rising" expansion promises to include a number of new races including Telaxians, Ocampans, Kazon, Hierarchy, Malon, APUs (Automated Personal Units), and more.

"Delta Rising" Races

The devs also announced they are going to raise the level cap in the game from 50 to 60 which will create new ranks of Fleet Admiral for Federation faction players and Dahar Master for the Klingon faction. In addition there will be a new Captain advancement system with "new powers for ground and space." There will also new ‘tier six’ ships, which will also introduce a new class of bridge officer.

"Delta Rising" New Federation Escort and Cruiser

"Delta Rising" Romulan Warbird and Klingon Raptor

Here are some more preview images shown of "Delta Rising."

Voyager interiors

New "Delta Rising" plants to explore

Cryptic’s Brad Stokan showing off “Delta Rising” (Photo: Josiah Koons)


More Merch News

compiled by Jared Whitley, Brian Drew, and Kayla Iacovino

CBS Announces RockLove Star Trek Jewelry + No Plans For More Hasbro

At STLV, CBS Executive John Van Citters held his regular “Star Trek Treasures” panel on recent and upcoming Trek products. Almost all of what he talked about were things previously announced and reported here at including the Borg Cube Mini-Fridge, Phaser Universal Remote, Fun With Kirk and Spock Book, Star Trek Pop-ups book, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes Comic Crossover, and the Eaglemoss Ship Collection.

Van Citters did add a couple of tidbits about some of the previously announced Star Trek items. The current plan is to do 90 total ships with Eaglemoss (instead of the original plan of 50). He also went into great detail on the ThinkGeek Universal Phaser remote proclaiming it to be the “best phaser replica ever made” down to the right weight and feel (due to it being based on last hero phaser prop).

The only new licensee mentioned was RockLove Jewelry who will be producing new Star Trek jewelry for both men and women. The only specifics so far were a phaser necklace and an Enterprise ring (pictured below). There are no details on the RockLove site yet, but you can see the work they have done for other licensed products including "Vikings." TrekMovie will provide an update on Rock Love when they are ready to reveal their Trek line (possibly in October).

RockLove Enterprise ring

During the Q&A section Van Citters said that CBS "would love" to do an officially licensed Risan Horga’hn statue and it has been discussed but it has "not risen to the top of the pile" of priorities." He also noted that there are "no plans to do more with Hasbro," who released a series of Star Trek "KRE-O" products in conjunction with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013.

Star Trek Timelines Introduces Themselves

Executives at Disruptor Beam, the game production company that produced Game of Thrones: Ascent, gave a discussion on their forthcoming browser-based game Star Trek: Timelines. They didn’t have any images of the game to reveal, but they did show a few images of their planet-creation system and promised to release the game in 2015. Their major selling point for the game is that, because the various Star Trek timelines will be merged somehow, you’ll be able to make a crew with any character from any series (not including the new movie universe). 


These are the Voyages Season 3 Due in November

One last merchandise tidbit came during the Geek Magazine "Cage to Darkness" panel when author Marc Cushman announced that the third and final volume of his award-winning "These Are The Voyages" book series is due in November. Each book has focused on a behind the scenes look at single season of the original Star Trek.

Season 3 book due in November


More to come

TrekMovie has even more STLV coverage with our final Sunday wrap-up, including William Shatner.

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I am intrigued by this Phaser Remote!

CBS sure doesn’t mind peddling crap tied to Trek, but they won’t find the guts to fund a new TV series.


worst ship in history of star trek is the uss voyager next up ugly design of ds9 station

Nice work jamie hon! Proud of you <3

I don’t think the risa Horga’hn statue will get released. Imagine little Timmy explaining how that one works to mum or dad in the toy isle.

2. Harry Ballz – August 5, 2014

….just thinking the same thing.

# 3. somethoughts – August 5, 2014

” worst ship in history of star trek is the uss voyager next up ugly design of ds9 station” — somethoughts

Aaaah, Terok Nor was never a ship and while it served as an ersatz starbase it was never really a part of the Federation.

But if we are opening it up to every ship that ever appeared in ToS, I nominate the ORION scout ship:

I like that the ‘Delta Rising’ logo is in a Trek font that we haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t played STO in a long time, maybe I should check it out again.

I agree that the USS Voyager’s design here and in the series was quite ugly and looked terrible when it was sitting on a planet. It looked top heavy and I always thought it would topple over at any time. Such a ridiculous and ungainly design with it having only two landing struts. It should have had at least four in order to properly balance the weight. Just yuk.

#9.Voyager did have 4 landing struts, though the close up of them extending only usually if not always showed the front two. You can seem them in pictures of it sitting on planet.

I always liked the Voyager Interiors, the bridge was actually one of my favorites so while I haven’t been in STO in awhile it’s cool to see them added to the game. The TOS and Defiant pack’s were pretty cool.

Now that Hasbro aren’t doing anymore with Star Trek I hope we see LEGO take up the challenge of making Trek toys sell at mass market using their amazing abilities to make anything awesome. Would be nice to see LEGO do something similar for Trek in it’s 50th year to what they’ve done with The Simpsons this year in releasing one huge set and then a series of mini-figures.

If that sold then perhaps moving onto a full LEGO line of sets.

Alongside LEGO though I’d love to see Playmates take back the license and begin to give us a range of products that CONTINUE on from what they gave us back in the early 90’s. 4 inch scale, ships, playsets etc… They’re doing some great things with TNMT. Perhaps even consolidating the Diamond Select Toys Trek line and having the two companies work together in producing a range of toys that would appeal to kids primarily but also collectors. I think a lot of fans want a definitive line of toys that are of good quality and that capture the fun and excitement of Star Trek.

QmX are doing some wonderful things for all price points with Star Trek in the collectables arena but DST I feel are far too hit and miss still, it’s pot luck if you get a ship that doesn’t have something wrong with it and it’s a pain in the ass to return anything because their distribution outside of the US is shocking. Playmates would hopefully bring Star Trek toys into Toys R Us and would (within reason) produce a better quality of product, as long as they continued on with their 90’s line in regards to scale and quality, as they’ve done with their TMNT line.

Most of all though, I wish CBS would sort it out and put something NEW out there. An animated TV series would be perfect, shown on the same network as TMNT. You could get the current crew of the Enterprise to voice these characters (like they did in the video game) and base stories around the events happening in the Ongoing comic-book series.

My ratings for Trek series:

1. TNG
2. VOY
3. TOS
4. DS9
5. ENT
6. TAS

I’m looking forward to a new expansion for STO…but god do I hate Voyager…and all the craptasticness that came with it. That ship is butt-ugly and she had a nincompoop for a captain.

@13. So what you prefer a needless war story, a captain who gets off scott free for using banned weaponry, and the abomination called Section 31?

I was guy who asked for Garret Wang ‘s t shirt during the panel. He was kind enough to give it to me after the panel. I took a photo and he autographed it. Garret Wang rules! The Star Trek online team rules they were also super nice.


“CBS sure doesn’t mind peddling crap tied to Trek, but they won’t find the guts to fund a new TV series.


The former makes money, and requires very little risk. The latter costs money, and entails considerable risk.

What’s hard to understand?

Agh! No. Not the Kazon. They were a bad joke that didn’t know when to leave. Stop it, Star Trek Online. Stop it. Bad.