STLV: More Sunday Panels + Cosplay Photos + Star Trek Wedding Video + More In Final Wrap-up


TrekMovie has yet one more Star Trek Las Vegas Con article with a wrap-up of some more Sunday guests, plus photos of cosplayers and around the con, plus video and report from the Star Trek Wedding and more. Check it all out below.

More From Star Trek Con Sunday

Guest Stars: Support group for supporting actors

A trio of recurring actors entertained the fans with both music and spoken word. Steve Rankin (Colonel Green), Casey Biggs (Damar), and Vaughn Armstrong (Trek record holder with 13 separate roles) shared stories and finished with a rousing number on the guitar and harmonica.


Casey said that when he first read about the Ziyal character, he was convinced she’d be a love interest to him – of course instead of loving her, he ended up killing her. When he discussed the death scene with the actress (Melanie Smith), she hadn’t read the script yet and exclaimed, “I’m dead!??! I’ve got to talk to the producers!” The audience booed him.


“Oh come on! Better her than me!” Then at fan request, he replayed Damar’s death scene and cried out, “For Cardassia!”


O’Reilly & Hertzler: Keep calm and Kling-on

Robert O’Reilly and J.G. Hertzler (Gowron and Martok) put their headridges and armor back on to rouse assembled fans’ to dreams of glorious battle – and to accuse Shakespeare of stealing everything from Klingon culture.


Gerrold: Writing tips from an expert

Aspiring bards got tips from legendary Trek writer David Gerrold, who taught a class in writing and pitching scripts. Gerrold’s resume includes Trouble With Tribbles, and he recently contributed to fan project Star Trek: New Voyages. 
“I hate calling them ‘fan films’ because they’re so professional now,” he said.

His tips included:

  • The most important part of a script or book is the last 10 pages, because that’s the fee ling you’ll leave people with.
  • Writers guilds are your friend and will protect you from an abusive producer or studio.
  • You can never tell a producer he’s wrong. Their egos are more fragile than actors!


Mission Log: Tracking Trek’s trek

Our friends at the Mission Log Podcast (a regular feature here at TrekMovie), John Champion and Ken Ray, whom we’ve discussed at length before, spoke with Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry about their weekly podcast going episode-by-episode through the whole franchise. One fan admitted he’d never seen anything but the Original Series and movies, and Mission Log inspired him to start with TNG. He asked, “How do I survive the first two seasons?” The panel pointed out that the first two seasons of TNG are the “most Roddenberryian” and that there was plenty there to enjoy.


TrekMovie Star Trek The Experience Reunion

Sunday closed out with TrekMovie’s Star Trek: The Experience reunion panel which played to a packed room. TrekMovie’s Kayla Iacovino moderated a discussion, joined by Trek history expert Larry Nemecek.


The panel featured former Experience castmembers Vernon Wilmer (Borg Drone Seven of Sixteen), April Herbert (Vulcan Professor T’Pril, Andorian Commander Tahryn), Nicole Padburg (Starfleet Officer), and Michael Hartnett (Borg Drone Three of Six).



Star Trek Wedding

A Couple Finds Par’Mach In All the Right Places

A highlight of the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention was an actual marriage between fans Mark Restucci and Amy Campbell. The two met in the registration line of the convention in 2012. This was a chance meeting since Mark was waiting in the wrong line! The two brought their love full circle Friday night among friends and fellow fans.


An honor guard, all decked out in their finest costumes, accompanied the happy couple. Original Series star Grace Lee Whitney presided as the resident celebrity.


Rather than “Here Comes the Bride,” Amy entered the room to the tune of “The Inner Light.” Amy’s son, in appropriate rebellious fashion, came dressed as a Jedi.


The ceremony included vows adapted from Worf’s and Dax’s, copious use of the word “Imzadi” and a Data singing some Irving Berlin a la Nemesis.  Data, alas, didn’t make any wisecracks about the couple being “fully functional.”

The bridal party resembled the Riker/Troi wedding with the couple’s personal touches. (Again: alas, no one came Betazoid style.) A standing room-only crowd in the DeForest Kelley Theatre cheered the new couple.


Video of the wedding

(Video courtesy of Chris Mulrooney of Trek To The Troops)


TrekMovie’s Kayla Iacovino’s awesome hand-made costume

 stlv-sunx-69 stlv-sunx-85stlv-sunx-78

More STLV cosplayers

 stlv-sunx-62 stlv-sunx-61 stlv-sunx-60

 stlv-sunx-65 stlv-sunx-55 stlv-sunx-54

stlv-sunx-83 stlv-sunx-52 stlv-sunx-51

 stlv-sunx-30 stlv-sunx-27 stlv-sunx-33

stlv-sunx-01 stlv-sunx-02 stlv-sunx-82

stlv-sunx-51 stlv-sunx-52 stlv-sunx-53

 stlv-sunx-94 stlv-sunx-81 stlv-sunx-88

stlv-sunx-62 stlv-sunx-66 stlv-sunx-67

stlv-sunx-71 stlv-sunx-72  stlv-sunx-80

Starfleet Cheerleaders

STLV ‘hairplay’ from NASA’s ‘Mohawk Guy’ Bodak Ferdowski

stlv-sunx-64 stlv-sunx-63

More Photos From STLV 2014

Photo op areas

 stlv-sunx-97 stlv-sunx-91 stlv-sunx-93

Authentic costume and prop displays

stlv-sunx-12 stlv-sunx-11 stlv-sunx-10

stlv-sunx-09 stlv-sunx-07 stlv-sunx-08

stlv-sunx-06 stlv-sunx-46 stlv-sunx-49

stlv-sunx-50 stlv-sunx-48 stlv-sunx-47  

More photos from around the con

stlv-sunx-16 stlv-sunx-40 stlv-sunx-44

stlv-sunx-32 stlv-sunx-18 stlv-sunx-17

Five-Year Mission Band

 stlv-sunx-58 stlv-sunx-24 stlv-sunx-25

Leaving Las Vegas

TrekMovie’s STLV crew Andy Britton, Kayla Iacovino, Brian Drew and Jared Whitley joined by John Champion (center)

And that was it for another convention! The TrekMovie convention coverage team bid our farewells, shed a few tears, and promised to connect. Between now and the 2015 convention, we’ll all rewatch countless episodes, share videos and articles with each other, participate in other cons and fan projects, and of course continue to keep you informed and entertained at Trek Movie.


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…and we’ll be back in 2015 with even more coverage.

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First two seasons of STNG are the most “Roddenberryian” — peace and prosperity makes for bad drama. Reminds me of the famous quote from “The Third Man”

“…in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love – they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.”

Iotians and Edo and Nibirans, oh my!! I love how creative people can be already just in their choice of costumes!

Your coverage of the con is as good as being there.

Kayla’s hand-made costume is pretty awesome.

Sweet pictures! Man, I wish I could’ve been there. And Wow to Kayla!. Wow! Great costume. You’re awesome.

Great costume Kayla. Just make sure you don’t phase in and out of our universe when you wear it. ;^)

Dang, Kayla! Lookin’ good! :D

Seriously, very cool costume!

Great write-up and it looks like there were some really cool costumes there.

EXCELLENT costume Kayla! =)

I did not make any photos. Oh well its my goal for next year to make the photos.

Trek still Movie Rules.

I hope trek movie has a table next year so that I can come by and meet some of you.

I actually find the first two TNG seasons as enjoyable as any other within the Star Trek TV series. Too much nitpicking…

Here’re a hundred (well, 97 actually) photos from the convention.