‘Klingon Candidate’ Running For US Senate In North Carolina


A North Carolinian is hoping to bring some Klingon honor to the US Senate.  David Waddell, who gained notoriety earlier this year for writing a resignation letter in Klingon, is now running for the US Senate. More Star Trek meets politics details below.


"Klingon Candidate" To Run For US Senate

In January of this year, Indian Trail city councilman (and self-described Trekkie) David Waddell resigned his post in style, posting the his reasoning on Facebook in both Earth English and Klingon. At the time he said he had hoped to get on the ballot as a third party candidate to run for US Senate, as reported at the time by Fox 8 (below).

Waddell didn’t get on the ballot as the Constitution candidate, but he according to the Charlotte Observor Waddell has just qualified as a write-in candidate to take on incumbent Kay Hagen (D) and challenger Thom Tillis (R). Waddell recognizes that his chances are about as slim as a hot day on Rura Penthe, as noted in The Observor:

“I’m not going to tell you I’m starting to pack (for Washington),” Waddell said. “It’s a mission to get a message out.” When asked if it were a five-year mission, he said it was a lifetime one.

Waddell tells the Washington Post that he is going to be taking his Trekkie side to "an absolute minimum" on the campaign trail, noting "there is a time and place for having fun."

Not the first

If successful, Waddell would not be the only member of the Federal government who is a known Trekkie. Both President Barack Obama and US Senator Cory Booker (NJ) are well known for their fondness for Star Trek. And if Waddell brought his affinity for Klingons to the Senate, he would not be the first to talk about the warrior race on the floor of Congress. That honor goes to former Oregon representative David Wu, who railed against "faux Klingons" back in 2007 (see below).


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Might we get a translation?

Uh, a rebel klingon in north Carolina…we need general Sherman again…

Would impeachment proceedings involve Bat’Leths? :-)

Klingons? I’d settle for ANY intelligent life in Washington, DC.

When I think about Obama and Booker the name Dunsel seems more than appropriate.

We have a former guest star as the sovereign head of state in Jordan, so why not a faux Klingon in Congress? I’d vote for him if I could just because he hasn’t got a D or R behind his name.