First Look At Star Trek Ongoing #39 Comic – Coming In November

IDW has announced their comics for November, with only one Star Trek comic – part 5 of 6 of the "Q Gambit" series in the ongoing new movie universe series. See below for cover and details on Star Trek Ongoing #39, plus first news on the return of Galaxy Quest in comics.

IDW November: First Look At Star Trek Ongoing #39

IDW have released info for all their November titles, with only one from Star Trek. Here is official info.


Star Trek #39

Mike Johnson (writer) Tony Shasteen (art and cover)
It’s the penultimate chapter of the "The Q Gambit"! Captains Kirk and Sisko must work together to fight back against the forces of the Dominion! Meanwhile, Spock attempts to free the Enterprise and her crew from the clutches of the nefarious Dukat! And just what is Q planning for everyone involved? The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance in this all-new story produced in association with STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99



Variant cover


What’s next:  Apes Crossover + second Galaxy Quest

In case you missed it, at Comic Con last month IDW announced a new Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover comic. With it not listed in the November solicits, it appears that comic series will kick off in December or later. IDW did reveal that Tone Rodriguez and George Perez will be drawing covers for the first issue of the Apes/Trek crossover.


TrekMovie thinks of the 1999 sci-fi parody Galaxy Quest as part of the Star Trek family. In 2008 IDW published a 5-issue series of Galaxy Quest comics, and at SDCC they talked about a second series (along with releasing a promo image – see below). For today there was no listing for Galaxy Quest in the IDW November solicitation so this series is also looking like a December or 2015 release.


September & October Comics + Pre-orders

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The Galaxy Quest cast was on the record a few days ago as being up for a sequel. Make it so, DreamWorks…

Ha, the Primate Directive. That’s a good one.

OMG yes a Galaxy Quest sequel Best Ever Idea

Want to check the new ongoing comics out, would be fun to visit the DS9 world again (but the twist of being in the new continuity)

A Galaxy Quest sequel is a BRILLANT idea!
Just not in an alternate time line with lens flares please.

I had an idea last year about a Galaxy Quest sequel which would involve, instead of convention attendees, contributors of a web site not unlike this one. That could be a really hilarious element of the farce I think.

A good story for the Galaxy Quest sequel would be how the original cast deals with Galaxy Quest being rebooted.

# 7. Lee – August 20, 2014

” A good story for the Galaxy Quest sequel would be how the original cast deals with Galaxy Quest being rebooted” — Lee

Even better: how the aliens deal with it.

How about a reverse universe scenario where Trek is the show based on their actual adventures? Shatner, Pine, ect could cameo.

Marketing for the Galaxy Quest sequel should concentrate on who the villain really is. Or isn’t. Or is.

And at some point a character on the bridge will say: “Main power is out. We’ve lost lens flares!”

Galaxy Quest was brilliant, with the cast of a TV show fighting the alien warlord Sarris.

Watch, Hollywood has such myopic vision, you can bet the sequel will be about Sarris’s brother coming to Earth to exact revenge on the ones who killed his brother.

Another paint-by-numbers sequel dumbed down for the unwashed masses.


Proof that Galaxy Quest is a Trek movie: It fits perfectly into the bad/good order, explaining things:

I: No. II: Yes. III: No. IV: Yes. V: No. VI: Yes. VII: No. VIII: Yes. IX: No. X: No…

Wait, what happened at the end there? Well, there’s this:

I: No. II: Yes. III: No. IV: Yes. V: No. VI: Yes. VII: No. VIII: Yes. IX: No. Galaxy Quest: Yes. X: No.

Ah! That thus explains:

XI: Yes. XII: No (?).

XIII should thus rock.

YES!!!!! More Galaxy Quest! Can’t wait for this comic! The Trek ones are pretty good too.


We need another Galaxy Quest Movie!

That top picture; it’s Not-Picard and Not-Shatner together at last.

“Main power is out. We’ve lost lens flares!”


I must be one of the only Trekkies that doesn’t worship Galaxy Quest. It was a fun movie and I liked how it dealt with issues that the origial Trek cast dealt with between one another. Great satire but this whole idea of lumping it in as a Trek movie….I dont get it…

The new Q comics have been great. I LOVED Trek 2009, and was just satisfied with Into Darkness but this story has given me another high for the new crew. Really hoping Orci gives us something great now that it’s his baby.

Just read the first two issues in the “Q Gambit” storyline. In the first issue, Q does not introduce himself by name and Kirk refers to him as “the intruder.” By the second issue, he’s calling him “Q.” Did I miss something?