Trexels Mobile Star Trek Game Adds TNG Content – Now Available Free


Late last year [x]cube Games launched the Star Trek game ‘Trexels’ for iOS devices – delivering pixelated fun on board the TOS-era ‘USS Trexelprise.’ Today they have launched a big upgrade to Trexels that adds Star Trek: The Next Generation content, and the game is now free. More info and video below.

Trexels 1.5 Goes To Next Generation

The officially-licensed Star Trek mobile game Trexels is going to The Next Generation. The game – featuring the voice of Star Trek’s George Takei – sends you and your crew on pixelated adventures as you try to maintain your ship. The original version released last December just included TOS content, but the new update adds characters and the Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For the game the Enterprise D has been specially modified for exploring the "Trexelian Expanse," which is where the game’s adventures are set. Players can also now add Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Data, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Geordi La Forge, Deanna Troi, Worf, and Wesley Crusher to their crews. In addition some special missions will include characters such as Q, Moriarty, Doctor Noonien Soong, and others.


Trexels v.1.5 also adds new "tactical combat scenarios," allowing gamers to strategically target enemies and heal officers in the midst of challenge sequences. Trexels now features over 250 stories in total, including new Away Missions, Officer Stories, Red Alerts, and Episodes. They have also added new social features to let players share their Trexels adventures.


The game has also dropped its $2.99 price and it is now free. Trexels has a premium currency model where you use real money to buy Dilithium to be used in the game. You can use Dilithium  to speed up game assignments and to purchase items such as classic TOS and TNG officers and special uniforms.



Trexels can be downloaded for free now at iTunes store. An Android version is also in the works and should be released later this year.



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I just may download this!

Shame the Android version is so delayed otherwise I would play :)

Angry Joe did a review of this game.

Yep.This ‘thing’ could have been something special.

Like Jeyl, I watched Angry Joe’s review of this game and I will avoid Trexels like the plague. The devs focused more on how to turn every action in the game into a microtransaction instead of making sure the game was actually fun and worth your time.

Jeyl and njdss4:

The game is now FREE, and they’ve heavily updated it in the many months since Angry Joe reviewed it (which was in 2013).

In fact, so much of what Angry Joe was upset about has been directly addressed in the updates. Much of his original review no longer applies.

Have you tried the game now that it’s free?

@4: I’ve played Trexels since the first week it was available on the iTunes store.

It is very possible to play Trexels without any microtransactions.

There are aspects of the game which advance the player to new levels and unlocks. Typically this is conducted through dilithium crystals, which players can get through microtransactions — or carefully leveling and/or playing a space-based target shooting mini game to collect more.

[x]cube has set up the game to reward dil based on accomplishments; dil is also used to speed up aspects of the game, heal injured crew, buy components within the ship.

Aside from the original $2.99 investment in Trexels, I have not spent one penny on the game. And I’m at Level 68.

It’s fun!


is there a way to play this on a pc?

This is a very fun game, but can be tedious if you don’t want to pay to speed things up. I really enjoyed it for a while.

Backwards dev team. How can you make a Star Trek game, but not for Android?

C’mon! Besides the fact Android has more market share than iOS, “Android” is a lot more sci-fi than a fruit. ;) #headshake

This isn’t a game, it’s a pavlovian experiment where you get praised for tapping the screen while Star Trek music plays.

There is nothing fun about it, I’m not even sure I’d call it a “game” per se, as there are no mechanics, no skill elements, not even any decisions to be made.

Literally, all there is to do is tap the screen. I was hoping for something in the vein of FTL but it’s more like a bad Zynga game where they forgot to put in anything worth doing.

iOS? Stop selling your soul to Satan and put a Windows version out already!!!!

@10: It’s not about “more” market share for Android.

iOS owners spend far more on apps than Android owners. There are statistics published out there, just Google (or other search engine of choice). It’s a fact.

That # may be changing. But when Trexels was developed, it was a fact.

[x]cube was smart to go after the marketplace with the most potential buyers: iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) users.

How do i get the next generation content? It is only allowing me to play tos.

If their goal was to “alienate” millions of Android users, they have succeeded.

“iOS? Stop selling your soul to Satan and put a Windows version out already!!!!”

Hahhaha… the Irony

There was a time, from the early 90s till, oh… now, actually, that Windows OS had ALL the games and every now and then, rarely, super rare actually, someone would BLESS Mac OS with a really shoddy PORT of a game released on Windows. I remember it took Starcraft like 4 years to FINALLY come out for Mac after it was out on Windows. The fact that we got Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force at the same time as Windows was HUGE. I bought Windows JUST so I could play Starfleet Acadamy (still the best star trek game since Netrek:The Real Version)

nx01, you pay $1.99 ( or whatever it’s selling for at that time) for it to be added to the game. You can see options for the ship and all the next generations characters but you still have to earn them by either paying real money for Dilithium or earning more Dilithium playing the game.

My question: Once you purchase the 1701-D, do the sound effects become STNG or stay TOS and can you change your ship back to the 1701?

This is a neat little game. And, it is more than just screen tapping, especially when adding rooms, giving orders, when to train new crew, etc. I find it very engaging and thought provoking, there is a lot of strategy in that part of the game.

Now, the actual missions are a little dull and frustrating (and where the screen tapping comes into play), but ya gotta have the good with the bad, I guess. The rooms and crew building part is hella fun.