Exclusive Interview: Alec Peters Talks Star Trek Axanar As It Passes $400K On Kickstarter


The Star Trek Axanar Kickstarter wraps up Sunday, but it has already set a new record for independent Trek production crowdfunding. TrekMovie sat down with producer and star Alec Peters to talk about the dream of making his own Star Trek movie. In part 1 of the interview below, Peters talks about the Axanar Kickstarter experience, how they plan to spend the money, how they are making Axanar a professional production, the approach to designing a look for 20 years before the original Star Trek series, and more.

Alec Peters Talks Axanar As They Blow Past $400k On Kickstarter

“Star Trek Axanar” is an independent Star Trek film set in the time before the original series, which will tell the story of the Battle of Axanar – with a focus on the character of Garth of Izar (from the TOS episode “Whom Gods Destroy”). Axanar is brainchild of Alec Peters who was first introduced to fans as a Star Trek collector and CEO of PropWorx which, handled some major Star Trek memorabilia auctions (Peters even wrote some Auction update stories for TrekMovie.com). As a life-long fan, Peters was always fascinated by the character of Garth and decided he wanted to be the one who told his story – creating the concept for Axanar and casting himself as Garth.

Peters then surrounded himself with industry professionals and actors who shared his dream and they began with the “Prelude To Axanar,” an in-universe History Channel-style documentary about the Battle of Axanar which was released earlier this summer. That acted as a proof of concept and sales pitch to seek crowdfunding for the feature-length Axanar. TrekMovie talked to Peters about the campaign and where he and his team are going next.

Kate Vernon, JG Hertzler, Gary Graham, director Chris Gossett, Alec Peters, and Richard Hatch at “Prelude to Axanar” premiere at San Diego Comic Con 2014

TrekMovie: Congratulations on the success of the Kickstarter campaign. It looks like Axanar is going past $400,000, which would be a record for any of the Star Trek related crowdfunding projects. Why do you think it has caught on so much?

Alec Peters: I think it is due to the professionalism of ["Prelude to Axanar"]. It doesn’t look like a fan film, it looks like a Hollywood production.

TrekMovie: So you see "Prelude" as a sales pitch for the full "Axanar" Kickstarter?

Alec Peters: Yes. And I think the other thing about "Prelude" is not only does it look and feel like a real production, but it is a compelling Star Trek narrative. I think people are excited about seeing a time twenty years before TOS that they have never found anything out about before and not only is it well written – by Star Trek people – people like the story and how we tell it and it really comes across as Star Trek.

TrekMovie: So even though you guys already have around $400,000 pledged, your actual goal is $650,000? Will you have to go back to Kickstarter?

Alec Peters: The $650,000 figure is a rough guess of what our budget will be for the full length feature. It will probably be a little more. One of the things on "Prelude" is we learned a lot. We spent four times as much as we expected to spend, but we originally expected it to be a ‘fan film’ and now I don’t think many people consider it just a fan film. So for the full-length feature we want to make sure we knock it out of the park for the high bar that we have established for independent Star Trek…So for the rest of the budget, I don’t know if we will go back to Kickstarter. I think we are in a powerful position right now to be able to create a method for our donors for us to get the rest.

Behind the scenes filming "Star Trek: Axanar"

TrekMovie: You have used the word ‘professional,’ so does that mean that everyone who works on the project in production and post-production will be paid? And will they be paid union wages?

Alec Peters: Everyone will be paid, but we can’t afford union wages. If we were to pay standard industry union wages, then we would need to raise millions of dollars. People are still doing this because of their love for Star Trek, but we will pay them something.

TrekMovie: So when people are hired for this, they are still Trek fans so there is still an element of volunteerism, like other fan films.

Alec Peters: Right. "Prelude" was made with a totally volunteer crew. All professionals, but they still volunteered their time. But when we do the full feature it won’t be a two-day shoot, it will be a twenty-day shoot. Now you are asking people to commit three weeks of their life to your film, so you better pay them something. It may not be union wages, but they are being paid something.

TrekMovie: With you guys collecting more money than anyone has before, what are you doing to be transparent about how you are spending all this money.

Alec Peters: If you look at the Kickstarter it tells you exactly where the money is going. First hundred is going to the sets, the next hundred and a quarter is going to the sound-stage, etc.  We strive to be accountable and transparent, which is the right thing to do. And if you go back to "Prelude" we were pretty specific about where we were spending the money and we are getting ready now to actually publish the budget for "Prelude to Axanar" for all the donors to see. [Note: Not long after the interview was conducted, Peters posted a detailed "Prelude" budget at Kickstarter].

Axanar actors Kate Vernon and Tony Todd at "Prelude to Axanar" premiere at San Diego Comic-Con

TrekMovie: Getting back to the issue of a professional production, I can remember talking to you years ago about Trek fan films and we both agreed that they could often have lots of great elements – like sets and costumes – but were hampered by non-professional elements – often the actors. So for the full Axanar film, will any of the actors be non-professionals (besides yourself)? 

Alec Peters: Besides myself, everyone is going to be a professional actor to one extent or another. Not everyone is going to be J.G. Hertzler or Tony Todd. Everyone has to audition for parts. There is no family and friends program in our auditioning.

TrekMovie: I understand that all the actors from "Prelude" – including Richard Hatch, Kate Vernon, Gary Graham – will be in the full Axanar film, and you recently announced Garrett Wang will be joining to play a Klingon. Have you cast any other parts?

Alec Peters: No news yet on that. We are still casting the entire Ares crew. There are more big roles to be cast.

TrekMovie: While you are not casting friends and family, you have cast yourself in the lead role of Garth of Izar. You are now the star of this big thing and it is your first time as an actor. What have you done to prepare yourself? A lot of people are going to see this thing, so are you nervous, optimistic? terrified? 

Alec Peters: That puts a lot of pressure on, because of what we did and how good "Prelude" was. I was fully prepared to step aside and just produce. I had that conversation with Christian where I said "if you don’t think I can do this, we will get someone else." I have been in acting class for two years with Richard Hatch as my acting coach, because you got to prepare. "Prelude" was a test of what we can do and what I can do. I know I can produce – "Prelude" proves that, but the question is: could I act? It is scary to be the weakest link in the chain. And it was great because Gary Graham said to me "you know Alec, there were a lot of people on the set who were really worried you were not going to be able to pull it off, but I have to say I was really impressed. You did amazing work." I knew Richard was going to say good things because I am his student, but for Gary say that totally unsolicited told me that I hit the mark OK.

The original Garth of Izar – as played by Steve Ihnat in TOS “Whom Gods Destroy

TrekMovie: You and director Christian Gossett are writing the script. What role is David Gerrold playing with the writing?

Alec Peters: He does a read and makes suggestions so he is our creative consultant. I am the primary writer with Christian as director and helping me revise the script.

TrekMovie: And I understand Robert Meyer Burnett is returning to edit, who are some of the other key people on the creative team.

Alec Peters: Well there is Kevin Haney – who is doing make-up – he won an Academy Award for Driving Miss Daisy. And Frank Serafine who won an Academy Award for The Hunt for Red October is our sound editor. They show the kind of people that Axanar is attracting.

TrekMovie: What about music and visual effects and design?

Alec Peters: The music it totally original by an outstanding young composer named Alex Bornstein who actually came to us when he read your first article about us two years ago. He worked for Bear McCreary and Hans Zimmer and now he is working for us. Tobias Richter – who most Trek fans know – is doing the visual effects. We have a couple of guys doing the production design work. The stuff you see on our Kickstarter page is by a guy named Eric Henry who is a young graphic artist who hasn’t worked in the industry but his stuff is spot on. Plus we have another guy from the industry, plus Christian Gossett designed stuff and he is a visual artist – that is his specialty.

Early USS Ares flyby test by Tobias Richter

TrekMovie: Speaking of the look, you guys are trying to capture an aesthetic between the USS Kelvin from the 2009 Abrams Star Trek movies and the original series Matt Jefferies TOS design. What are the challenges of trying to fit into that spot? Will everything you do be a new design?

Alec Peters: Everything we do will be a new. We aren’t doing TOS, it is going to be different. But our greatest problem is TOS is an almost 50 year old vision of the future. If we are twenty years before that, the challenge is to make your ships and everything about them look 20 years older without looking like you are from a Buck Rogers serial. So JJ’s people took a stab at that. They were mindful for making the Kelvin look older than certainly the Enterprise in their timeline. That is the challenge. You need to create stuff that looks somewhat retro to TOS, but still looks cool.

3-D render for bridge of the USS Ares from "Star Trek: Axanar" by Eric Henry

TrekMovie: What is your current schedule for production and release? Is it rigid or more flexible?

Alec Peters: It is flexible. We aren’t a studio that has a deadline and there are so many variables so it is hard to nail down right now. Getting a studio space is the first job we are trying to execute on. We have a place we are in the midst of closing a deal on currently. We will start shooting in Q1 of 2015, January of February.

TrekMovie: How much of the shooting will be done on location?

Alec Peters: We have lots of locations planned, at least five locations. Probably all around the LA area but it is possible we will go to the Valley of Fire [Nevada State Park] for the landing party scene but we are still far away from that.

TrekMovie: And the hope is to release it in the Summer of the 2015? How do you plan on releasing it?

Alec Peters: It will be kind of like we did with "Prelude." We had a red carpet premiere at San Diego Comic-con, then our donors got exclusive access to it online. And then we released it on Kickstarter and now it is out publically on our YouTube page.

Full "Prelude to Axanar"

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of the interview, where Peters talks about Axanar as a ‘war movie,’ how it fits into Star Trek, and what the plan is for the future after release.

And if you want to donate, visit the Axanar Kickstarter page.

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This looks to be an amazing production by an amazing crew.

Home run. Here’s hoping something of this quality becomes a TV show one day.

Shocked at this point now if Paramount didn’t halt a 7-figure Star Trek unauthorized production.

THAT BEING SAID, I truly hope they don’t.

This is going to be an awesome project.

There is no reason why Paramount can’t, at some point, commission an actual official Trek production from these talented people. Paramount is in control, and always has been, of Trek as an intellectual property. Axanar could be an extremely cheap way of “ordering” a pilot for a future television season. Extremely cheap, as in free of charge, to Paramount.

Looks awesome, with one small exception — he shouldn’t have cast himself. He seems far too milquetoast to play such an iconic role. Wish he was content to stay off screen.


Hat-Rick, CBS owns the rights to Star Trek now, not Paramount. Paramount has the rights to make the movies, that is all.

Glad to hear that the funding is coming through.

I’m sure that the full-length film is going to look fantastic, have good performances and be an impressive technical achievement. And the story premise is compelling.

I would just like to reiterate my hope that Alec will have a strong *theme* (i.e. a thematic statement) for his story. Since TOS, Trek has always been at its best when the stories have had meaningful, overarching themes that all of the good stuff—the narrative styles, the performances, the aesthetics, the exploration, the action, the technology, etc.—have been in service of.

Looking forward to seeing this next year!

Thanks, Alec, for the comment. I should have known, and written, that.

P.S. Good interview, Anthony.

This is awesome. Can’t wait!

I think this should be given a big Budget by CBS and Paramont and released on the Big Screen. It is far Superior to anyhting that J.J has done.

I really hope this movie is not free to see, it should be a pay to see production, otherwise it will be consider trash by non trekkies. Let me pay just a bit, say like 1.20 at a rental stand please…consider wisely this comment before referring to it please.

“Prelude” looks fantastic. I didn’t want it to end. Best of luck with main project.

While there are some well-known Trek TV writers who have complained that the complexity of Trek lore acts as a barrier to the ability to tell an expansive story, others (including Manny Coto, S4 of ENT) see great possibilities within that same lore. Hell, TWOK came out of “Space Seed,” and both ENT and ST09 borrowed heavily from TAS “Yesteryear” which is an elaboration from DC Fontana on themes from her earlier “Journey to Babel.” All to great effect, and the betterment of the overall backstory.

Taking the story of Captain Garth from a few quick references in “Whom Gods Destroy” and creating the legend of a major Federation/Klingon war is another great elaboration on the classic Trek “history.”

Looking forward to seeing it realized.

This got a special screening at the recent Las Vegas ST con but it was at a late time at night and I was beat after a long day so I missed it. I was speaking to my Klingon friend Jor”de the next day as he saw it and told all about it. I was really sorry to miss it then.

This is fantastic filming and I wish it well and lots of success. There was even Garths costume he had on display from the TOS episode which I got a lot of photos of.

Good luck and good fortune on this endeavor Alex. Look forward to the final film!

I am looking forward to Acrobat far more than NuTrek 3 or even The Avenger 2. Will there be cameos by established characters, even played by different actors? I’d love to see Jolene Blalock as an older (but still beautiful) Ambassador T’Pol. Not to mention some of the older TOS captains in their younger days. And the gorillas in the room: Christopher Pike and Robert April. So many fanboy hopes and excitement, reminds me of the run up to the first JJ movie. I just hope it doesn’t let me down like STID!

Bloody auto correct.

Wow, that was fantastic!!!
Exciting, epic and with the right hint of optimism in the face of overwhelming odds and conflict.
Cannot wait for Axanar.
Brings back fond memories of FASA Trek too.

Casting an amateur as the lead in this is bonkers.

I was about to suggest that the production crew consider hiring a PR firm, if they haven’t one, to promote Axanar when I realized that Trek fans are the best PR firm possible. It occurs to me that if each of us mention Axanar on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking sites with a request that our friends share the information about this remarkable film effort, the word might build even further.

I personally am tired of waiting for new news about the official Trek production (the new movie), by the way, and this is a commentary not on TrekMovie, but on the lack of news about what’s happening to get that movie started. You can only talk about completing the script for so long. I can see that the mainstream media has done very little to cover ST(2016) in the last several months. (Incidentally, Joe Cornish is mentioned in an online site as having replaced JJ Abrams; this is presumably erroneous.)

If we spread the word about Axanar, we might increase the chances of getting a project competitive with ST(2016) in the form of a TV pilot commissioned by CBS. Axanar has that telegenic quality about it that could genuinely make the difference.

Definitely like the design aesthetic. They nailed the pre tos post kelvin look.

Can’t wait to see more.

who again said that (prime) Trek is dead?

As a fan film, this really sets the standard. But I didn’t like it as a piece of Star Trek.

Star Trek is not about war but discovery, it was never about cool battles and starships. This is.

I did like the novel documentary style of the production, but feel that it would grate for a full movie. What was with Richard Hatch’s strange cadence though? he gave very poor stilted line readings and was easily the weak link. Tony Todd though was superb and Hertzler was also great. Alec Peters was also pretty good, but I’d like to have seen more of an edge – a hint of the insanity to come.

To say that the F/X are movie standard is a fallacy, because objectively, they aren’t even close. That said, they were by far the best that I’ve seen from a fan film and if the project had more money then I’m sure they could bring them up to Battlestar Galactica quality.

I’m a massive fan of TOS – where the fleet was comprised of 12 constitution class ships. In this production, we see a great number of ships obliterated. Ships that look far more advanced than Kirks Enterprise.

What this film and the interest in it does show is that Star Trek is viable as a TV show again and for that, I’m grateful.

To boldly go where no man has gone before, to seek out strange, new worlds and new civilisations. An exploration of space with an inward reflection on what it means to be human. That’s what I’d like to see.

And having written all that – I might still chip in some cash and watch the full length feature.

I wasn’t sure about Alec’s acting the first time I watched Prelude, but later I noticed all those little subtleties in his performance and I like the aura of slight mystery that surrounds Garth’s character. I don’t know if that’s the purpose, or if Alec wants us to see his character as clearly as the others are portrayed, but I like it anyway and I guess it might be quite challenging to play Garth scarred by madness in Axanar Heroes. I’m looking forward to those and the feature and I wish the best of luck to Alec and all.

In my view, the acting in this production is better than in any non-official Star Trek production, as a general matter. The vast majority of the actors here are pros, through and through. Now, this is not to say that there aren’t professional performances in other non-official productions, of course, and particularly the ones with Trek alums! (Such as Takei and Koenig, among others.) In addition, non-Trek professional actors have also graced such productions. Michele Specht from Star Trek Continues comes to mind, but there are many others.

All in all, what impresses me beyond the fact that Star Trek is one of the few entertainment ventures in the world to generate such admirable fan / independent productions is the ability of everyone involved in these efforts to bring their “A” game to the fore. It’s really wonderful, and in Axanar we have a distillation of some of the best qualities of each of these enterprises — and more.

With respect to the comment by @James (22), I understand that the Enterprise is significantly referenced in Axanar as basically the best of the best Starfleet could dream of building at the time, which would account for the fact that there are only twelve Constitution-class ships even by the time of James Kirk’s captaincy. By the same token, there are only ten U.S. Navy supercarriers today on active duty, and, when the SR-71’s were around, there were only a few of those hypersonic aircraft in service. And of course, there were never more than five U.S. Space Shuttles that ever reached space (source: http://www.space.com/12376-nasa-space-shuttle-program-facts-statistics.html ). Between the time of Axanar and Kirk’s time, the Constitution class might still have been the best of the best, having been upgraded to deal with the latest of the Klingon warbirds, accounting for their scarcity.

^^ any other non-official Star Trek production, I meant to say.

By the way, there is a follow-on to the SR-71 Blackbird. It’s the SR-72, an even faster, more advanced reconnaissance aircraft. You can see it depicted on the general contractor’s website:


The procurement status of this vehicle is unknown to me as I haven’t really been following it, but it’s at least on the drawing board.

Lockheed Martin, instrumental in such advanced space boosters as the Atlas V, is the world’s leading defense manufacturer in addition its status as the largest aerospace company in the world.

I’m sure Axanar is going to be fun.

I wish Trek stars would speak up in support of this project. Star such as — purely by way of example — Sir Patrick Stewart:


He is very much au courant and what he says still perks up the ears of media at large.

What about it, Sir Patrick? What say you?

No more wars/splosions!


I don’t think they’ll be shut down, or even sued. CBS have all but confirmed they won’t be doing anything further with the Prime Universe and, for now anyway, they’re fine with letting the fans have it.

The one thing that I didn’t like about STID was that the story got lost in the action and effects sequences. Axanar looks so different, here the story is front and center. And that is what we’ve needed for a long while.

I’m amazed that they have done so much with so little, I’m actually looking forward to Axanar more than the next Paramount Trek, and I never thought I would see the day that I would be saying that. Wow.

Why not let the fanfilms have the Prime? If that’s not been the decision already.

This really raises fan films to the next level. – Bravo!!!

Wasn’t that taken by the prelude. If it had a star, it would be the CGI. And I’m glad to see some transparency, but it remains somewhat cloudy. A budget is just numbers…actual receipts show whether or not a budget was adhered to.

I also would like to see a new Garth, portrayed with a little more bravado by someone guaranteed to have the chops to handle whatever situation comes their way on the page. Richard Hatch’s acting simply doesn’t knock my socks off in Galactica, not sure he is really in a position to teach the craft.

But, it is what it is. I have not contributed and have no dog in this hunt….but for the benefit of the fans that are funding this, I hope it turns out well.

Wow…it has already crossed 500.000 now… I’ve also pledged $75, especially to qualify for the Blu-Ray release of this incredible production…

This seems to be the most promising of all internet productions yet, although I’ve always been in love with New Voyages / Phase II and definitely liked the story of Of Gods and Men (though not the SFX on this one)…

The least CBS / Paramount could do would be an OFFICIAL box set featuring “director’s cuts” of all series internet productions on Blu-Ray for the 50th anniversary to say thank you to all the fans who kept the franchise alive. Incomes should be donated for beneficial purposes… Let’s call it “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” :-)

Since the end of ENT, those fan productions have been the only source for new Trek in the Prime Universe and it’s a shame there is still no indication for a new Star Trek series… It’s been NINE years… NINE freakin’ years, and we’ve had two blockbuster hits proving there is plenty of demand for new Trek… Marvel has taken off big times, DC, Star Wars and Avatar are about to follow their example and what is CBS doing??? NOTHING!

Thanks for all the efforts done by enthusiasts on the internet to keep it going against all odds.

I am so happy they surpassed their goals by so much. I am also happy the word of mouth George Tekei has produced. Axanar has exploded in the last 24hrs. I pledged, I want that blu-ray and the patches associated with Axanar.

I was blown away by the prelude. I love the story, the four years war, the veteran star trek and battlestar actors involved. And once again Tobias delivers with the CG.

I was just blown away by the production value, I watched other fan made stuff and its lacklustre by comparison. Of Gods and Men is terrible. Their new project Star Trek Renegades looks a little better but I have no interest in it. Ive finally started watching some of Star Trek Phase II and Star Trek Continues…they’re ok. The CG looks good, the sets are decent, but they actors ugh, their faces, voices, and acting style just don’t cut it….that is where Axanar has impressed me.

I am as excited for Axanar as I am for any Star Trek that CBS or Paramount would put out.

War or no war, there is so much of star fleet history that has not been explored, I’m glad they are exploring it. From Archer to Kirk, from Kirk to Picard, there are decades of history to be shown, and Axanar is doing that.

For me this is canon, PERIOD!

CBS has already said that Axanar Productions can do whatever they want as long as there is no profit involved.

Looking forward to Star Trek Axanar in 2015 & I hope that you guys will focus on the story & the characters.

Make it so!

@ 34. Jonboc – August 23, 2014

“Richard Hatch’s acting simply doesn’t knock my socks off in Galactica, not sure he is really in a position to teach the craft.”

Which Galactica , the original or the 2003 BSG ?

I think he was far better as Zarek in the 2003 series than his original character as Captain Apollo.

WOW! Axanar seems to promise something VERY special for Trekdom. I too wish the theme was more ‘exploration’ as opposed to ‘war’ but as has been noted Anaxar is touching on canon history. And by doing so in such a finely produced fashion it could be fulfilling some of the wonderful promise and potential inherent in the sci fi universe of Star Trek. It looks like it could be some of the best Trek ever produced. Anywhere. EVER.

Star Trek Lives!

@ 4. Hat Rick – August 22, 2014

Agreed. Right now Star Trek (Paramount and CBS) are only rolling the dice on the new movies and TV blu-rays. They have never done a straight to DVD movie like Axanar, like Stargate has. Paramount and CBS.. Star Trek as a whole could be pursuing big blockbusters, straight to blu-ray movies and a TV show, but they’re taking a “one at a time” approach.

@ Alec Peters.

I am so grateful and proud of what the cast, crew, and everyone involved has done so far. A life long fan, thank you for taking fan made Star Trek to a whole new level. For taking Star Trek to a new level. As you stated, to show the quality that can be achieved for a relatively small amount of money in Hollywood terms. I am blown away at the production value all around. Ive probably watch the prelude a dozen times and I’m still astounded at how solid it is.


#39 Ahmed, I was referring to his role in the original series. Never watched the reboot. How was he in that? Maybe he has improved over the years. ( I didn’t really care for his choppy line delivery as the Klingon in Prelude either, that could simply be a choice, not neccessarily an indication that his acting hasn’t improved)

@ Alec Peters

If you’re still reading the comments.

Is there any chance that the prelude will be included on the Axanar film blu-ray as one of the features? :D

@ 43. Jonboc – August 23, 2014

“#39 Ahmed, I was referring to his role in the original series. Never watched the reboot. How was he in that?”

He was great portraying Tom Zarek, a terrorist who turned politician, as a complex & conflicted character. Zarek was a driven individual who was determine to reshape the remaining human race into his vision & Hatch did an amazing job bringing him to life.

btw you should watch the BSG reboot, it is one of the most interesting & complex science fiction shows.

# 24 Eodeon

Thank you. Director Christian Gosset and I worked a lot on what THIS performance needed to be. And it is about a reluctant war hero, a captain who loves exploration and who was thrust into a role he didn’t want. We spent time watching the Band of Brothers documentary “We stand alone together.” and really delving into what these guys went through and how they communicated that in the interviews, and most of that is pure subtext.

# 34 Jonboc

Well, I guess I have to tackle the one overly negative person here. First of all, anyone who wants to see my financials or receipts because he doubts the numbers we publish is more than welcome to do so. If you knew anything about the movie business, you could tell that the numbers are pretty damn good.

Of course, I will then expect a full public statement by you about their accuracy and you can buy me dinner and drinks for wasting my time with your conspiracy theory.

And do tell me what other Kickstarter movie published THEIR numbers? So you already are getting more transparency than any other Kickstarter that I know of.

# 44 Commodore Adams

No the Axanar Blu Ray is only Axanar, but you can get a Prelude Blu Ray by donating for that in our Donor Store that will be up for donors after the Kickstarter closes.


I am definitely on board. I will admit, I love great Star Trek battles, I am a huge fan of DS9 and Nutrek, and this definitely is going to have some serious Federation and Klingon buttkicking!! Go for It! And then do the Romulan War!!!

#46. “# 34 Jonboc

“Well, I guess I have to tackle the one overly negative person here. First of all, anyone who wants to see my financials or receipts because he doubts the numbers we publish is more than welcome to do so. If you knew anything about the movie business, you could tell that the numbers are pretty damn good.

Of course, I will then expect a full public statement by you about their accuracy and you can buy me dinner and drinks for wasting my time with your conspiracy theory.

And do tell me what other Kickstarter movie published THEIR numbers? So you already are getting more transparency than any other Kickstarter that I know of.”

Overly negative? Like I said, I haven’t given the project one penny. And have no intention of doing so, so I’m, more or less, indifferent. What I DO know, is you have a LOT of other people’s money. I’m also not stupid and know numbers are easily and creatively manipulated. No accusations…no conspiracy theories…just stating the obvious that I would think would be the concerns of any investor. I hope every person that donates into ANY kick starter fund asks for REAL verifiable financial statements along the way, not just a spreadsheet that shows up online somewhere, to see EXACTLY where their money is going. It’s nothing for you to get defensive about, it’s just good business, not to mention, a plain and simple courtesy.

#45. Ahmed, thanks for the info, I think the BSG reboot is streaming on Netflix now, I’ll have to give it shot.

Jonboc. I agree. The CGI is spectacular. The costumes are great. The acting and direction isn’t: there’s a reason some of these folks are available for fan productions (that said, I love Kate Vernon). And, yeah, Peters shouldn’t be onscreen at all. I was about to donate until I saw him as Garth — and now it’s looking like a vanity project.

@ 49. Jack – August 24, 2014

“The CGI is spectacular. The costumes are great. The acting and direction isn’t”

Actually using professional actors like Tony Todd, Richard Hatch, Gary Graham & Kate Vernon is what set “Axanar” apart from other Trek fan-films.