Kate Mulgrew Getting Emmy Buzz + Cosmos Picks Up Creative Emmys (But Not Braga)


Believe or not, only one member of one of the main Star Trek TV casts has ever won an acting Emmy Award. On Monday Star Trek Voyager’s Captain Janeway is hoping to change that. TrekMovie takes a look at what Kate Mulgrew is saying ahead of the big day along with what the early buzz is on her chances. We also have news on how Cosmos faired at the Creative Arts Emmys, predictions for Cumberbatch and a look back at Trek actors history with the Emmmys.

2014 Emmys: Will Kate Win?

It only took Captain Janeway seven years to get her crew home from the Delta Quadrant, but it’s taken Kate Mulgrw 40 years on television to get an Emmy nomination.  Unless you’ve been stuck in the Delta Quadrant yourself, you know that Kate is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Russian den mother, Galina “Red” Reznikov, in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

Kate Mulgrew at ‘Orange is the New Black’ panel discussion at DGA on August 4, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA

Kate has been in the news more than usual, such as her recent interview in Vogue, where she promises to wear “something deep blue and queenlike” to the ceremony this Monday. In the recent interview (below) with Gold Derby, she says – for a “woman of a certain age” that getting a role as meaty as Red is its own award:

Kate Mulgrew July 31 Gold Derby Q&A

Based on pre-Emmy buz, opinion on Kate’s chances is divided. Her biggest competition is from Allison Janney in Mom, who TV Guide says will probably win, but doesn’t rule Kate out. However, The Wire and the LA Times agree Mulgrew both should and will win. Entertainment Weekly and E! disagree on both counts. The Washington Post says she should, but probably won’t.
Variety is 50/50. Mulgrew actually shared the 2014 Critics Choice TV  Best Supporting Actress award with Janey.

Mulgrew accepting the award on behalf of “Orange is the New Black” for Outstanding New Program at TCA Awards in July

Cosmos (but not Braga) Wins At Creative Arts Emmys + Cumberbatch May Go 0 for 3

The Creative Arts Emmys Ceremony was held last week where former Trek writer/producer Brannon Braga was nominated for two awards for his work on Cosmos (directing and producing), but he didn’t win. The show did pick up four awards at the event (for Sound Editing, Music Composition, Main Title Theme, and Writing). But Cosmos did win best documentary series at the Critics Choice Awards, so he hasn’t left the summer empty handed.

Braga and Cosmos co-producer Anny Dryan picking up Critics’ Choice Award in June

On Monday Benedict Cumberbatch (aka John Harrison aka Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness) is also up for his role as the title character in Sherlock (his third nomination in a row). Cumberbatch’s Emmy nomination is much lower profile than Kate’s – Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie – so not as many in the press are weighing in on this race, but those who do predict he’ll lose to Billy Bob Thornton (E!) or Mark Ruffalo (Boston Globe).

Benedict Cumberbatch at his first Emmy ceremony in 2012 – will 2014 be his first win?

Earlier this year, Tim Russ won a Pacific Southwest Emmy for producing commercials for the FBI, so hopefully that portends well for his former captain.

Tim Russ with his Emmy in June

Will Kate join Bill?

If Mulgrew takes home the trophy, it would make only the second time that one of the main Star Trek TV cast actors has won a Primetime Emmy (for acting). The first is William Shatner, who won twice – both wins for Denny Crane (one for The Practice and one for Boston Legal).  Scott Bakula got four nominations for Quantum Leap. René Auberjonois has three nominations for different roles. Robert Picardo got one for The Wonder Years. LeVar Burton was nominated for playing Kunte Kinte in Roots (He lost, but don’t worry about him – he got 12 wins as both producer and host for Reading Rainbow out of 24 total noms).

William Shatner wins second Emmy in 2005

In a miscarriage of justice that could inspire the fieriest Picard speech, Patrick Stewart has never won an Emmy. He does have four nominations, but none of them for Jean Luc Picard. The only Trek actor in a Trek role to ever get a nomination is Leonard Nimoy: three times for Spock, but no wins.

Leonard Nimoy at 1967 Emmy Awards

If Mulgrew wins, one hopes they welcome her on stage with the Voyager theme…which incidentally won the Emmy for best main title theme music in 1995.

TrekMovie will have an article on Monday reporting on how things go for Benedict and Kate, along with any images and videos available from the event.

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Anyone know whether there will be another season of Cosmos? If not, we need more shows like it in prime time. Something to show kids (and us growd-ups) that be amazed by the universe can also be entertaining.

Best of luck to Katie!

“Orange is the New Black” IS an OUTSTANDING show! Awards for all! =D

I’m sure Cosmos is One-And-Done. The original series was only 13 eps, looks like this is too.

If you are looking for more in that vein, try Wonders Of The Universe presented by Brian Cox (Britain’s answer to N. Degrasse Tyson). I can;t believe no one ever compared this series to Cosmos in the first place.

I would like to see Katherine Mulgrew cast in a more glamorous role next time, as befitting an actress who has played a former starship captain (as well as the wife of Detective Columbo). That said, that’s a minor concern, however, and congratulations on Ms. Mulgrew on any and all accolades she receives.

“Orange is the New Black” has received CBS News coverage, IIRC, for its positive effect on an understanding of the shortcomings of the real-life prison system, particularly with respect to women, in the United States, and the author of the autobiographical book upon which the series is based has testified before Congress on the matter.

Kudos on coverage of the latest career developments of our other Trek alums as well.

Hooray for Braga, Tyson, and Cosmos!

Even though he used to get a lot of hate, Braga is a really good writer/producer. We were fortunate to have him involved for Trek for so long.

The idea that “Cosmos” could be “complete” in only a single season rather puts me in mind of a question I saw on an old (joke) Systems Analyst exam I once saw back in the 1970’s:

“Explain the universe. (Attach additional sheets, if necessary.)”

COSMOS was a disappointment.

I haven’t seen ‘Orange is the new Black’

But regardless, congratulations to all!!

FYI, Shatner won his first Emmy for his guest role as Denny Crane on The Practice, NOT Private Practice. Two very different shows!