Watch: Trailer + Clip From ‘Space Command’ Featuring Bob Picardo


Another sci-fi project that was funded via Kickstarter (with $221K back in 2012) is finally showing off some footage. The trailer for Space Command that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con is now available online, plus there is an extended clip featuring Star Trek Voyager’s Bob Picardo. Watch those below.

Watch Bob Picardo in ‘Space Command’

Space Command is a planned series of original sci-fi movies which are designed to be "reminiscent of sci-fi’s optimistic past." The series will "follow the bold future adventures of the United Planet’s Space Command, a dedicated group of scientists, soldiers and adventurers."  The series was created by Marc Scott Zicree (who wrote the TNG episode "First Contact" and DS9’s "Far Beyond The Stars"). In addition to Voyager’s  Bob Picardo, Space Command features a pantheon of well-known genre actors, including Doug Jones (Hellyboy), Mira Furlan (Babylon 5), Bill Mumy (Lost in Space) along with a new set of young actors.

Here is the first trailer, which was shown at SDCC and was just released online.

And here is an extended clip with Picardo and Jones, introduced by Zicree.

For more about the show, visit the official site at

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Bob Picardo always seemed busy enough as a working actor. I’m kind of surprised he’d bother with this.

This looks much better than I had expected! I’m excited to see it!

Interesting premise, visuals look good…I’m in!

To be honest – I had expected a bit more… Acting looks good, but with these people attached that was to be expected. But the visuals are very mixed – some look very good, but have been seen before, some other stuff, especially the explosion, greenscreen and the cockpit shots look very unfinished. I hope they will work on that, otherwise I have little interest in watching.

I am so glad I never contributed to this… the effects, in this, and the last sneak peek, aren’t really that good to my eye… I’m not the judge, though… so we will see..

Nicely done, impressive. I will be looking for this to do a great job. Thanks


Looks awful. Why did he bother with this?

You all are making judgments on the final product based on four minutes???

Here we go again, let the bitching begin. If the complainers can do any better, please go out and do so. Impress us.

I ‘backed’ this project and am disappointed. Space Command, well, the actors are brilliant and Tobias Richter’s space rocket CGIs fantastic, but the other production values are poor. Sad. In two years, have heard mostly how wonderful Marc Zicree is, I’d have rather heard more about what was happening with the film I had invested in! Compared to what Star Trek Prelude to Axanar have done, in much less time, well, I’d like my money back and put it into Axanars new film.

Love that Bod and Doug are doing this project. In upcoming films we will see Armin Shimerman and Ethan Phillips. As an ultra low budget crowed-funded project the level of CGI is as expected. I give them that and look forward to a well written story based on this clip.

@10 MC1 Doug Hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even you.

The trailer was unimpressive, in my opinion. It’s just too bad that other people’s opinions don’t happen to be in line with yours. You’ll get over it, I have.

Now I understand why people fled this project.

Well, I wish the Space Command folks and their fans nothing but the best, but, IMO: it looks pretty awful. The marginal acting, the awful SFX (though great designs) and the overall tone seem almost laughably bad compared to even the weakest Trek and Star Wars fan films.

My god, that looks dreadful. Acting so wooden it could be mistaken for a forest and dialogue like something from a student film – apologies to student film makers. I certainly won’t be bothering with it

Wow, What a convaluted mess. I won’t judge the final product by this horrific mess of a trailer, but they really should have hired an editor that knows how to cut together an effective trailer, this thing was all over the place!

Jones and Picardo are worth watching, certainly. As always I wonder where the persons of color are [one POC, with the ironic surname of Speak, wayyy down in the credits]. I was not so impressed with the male and female leads, nor with their dialogue, such as it was.

The acting is good in the sample scene but it’s waaay too long and the editing is really clumsy and awkward. I don’t mind the temp fx but the jump cuts are terrible. The trailers also too long too and they shouldn’t have included the bad cgi shots cause they really bring down the overall impression.