Watch: First Episode Of ‘Red Shirt Diaries’ – The Man Trap


The first episode for the new Star Trek parody webseires "The Red Shirt Diaries" went online today, just like on the original Star Trek, Ensign Williams starts off dealing with a Salt Vampire. Watch it below.

Red Shirt Diaries Premieres With "The Man Trap"

Each episode gives a behind the scenes look through the personal video log of security officer "Ensign Williams" on the USS Enterprise during the original Star Trek series, starting off with the "Man Trap." Watch it.

"The Red Shirt Diaries" will release their first season of 10 episodes each Monday. And on each following Tuesday they will be releasing a companion web comic, which follows Ensign Williams through a completely separate adventure. You can check that out at:





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She’s a cutie!

Funnier than I was expecting!

Looking forward to more.

Please try and keep the sexist comments to a minimum, M’kay.

I don’t see any sexist comments here/

“The first episode for the new Star Trek parody webseires “The Red Shirt Diaries” went online today, just like on the original Star Trek, Ensign Williams starts off dealing with a Salt Vampire.”

Nice grammar, guys.

#2: What sexist comments?

Great idea. I actually think this would work just as well played straight. It’d still end up being funny even though not an out and out comedy.

Nah, if it was played straight then it would have to be insightful, and have depth, and meaning, like…the…..original………….episode…………did.

Oh, never mind.

It was funny, though.

Loved it – that was funny! Very unique spin on the original series – can’t wait to see more. Well done!

She’s a hottie!
I’ve tried to keep my sexist comment to a minimum, but that’s the smallest type setting I have.

Excellent. Very funny!! Loved it!

She’s cute, nice eyes, fantastic smile! But yea, I have no interest in this at all, did not find it funny, was hoping for more or something different. I understand the style of comedy and execution but I just didn’t laugh. Hopefully it will get more funny. Regardless I am glad so many fans are making star trek productions, no matter how big or indie, keep it up.

FYI: Prelude to Axanar is awesome and Brooklyn Nine Nine is hilarious. Random but true.

I enjoyed that. She IS cute. And a lucky redshirt I’d say – she wasn’t killed but nearly as-salt-ed!



Another underwhelming experience.

Good Lord….was the person who cut her hair blind – stoned or drunk?

#13 thru #15 lack the capacity to understand meta-humor.

its worth watching and yeah she is cute

12 *LOL*

Ensign Williams is so HOT!!!!

I like it. Very Funny.

heh! me likee! =D

That seemed really stupid and not at all funny to me. The acting was reasonably good, but the scripts definitely need work.

#16 I get it, I just didn’t like it. My opinion, something I am entitled to, just as you are with yours. It’s too bad that you don’t understand the concept of having an opinion, but you’ll get over it. We have.

It was very funny. In a cute, winky, insider sort of way. I really liked it and look forward to more. And, yes, she’s very attractive.

@23 (Finnigan): But the difference is mine is more abundant than yours. So, YOU get over it.

#25. Do mommy and daddy know you are the computer, again? There is nothing for me to “get over”. Your admission that you believe your opinion is more “abundant” than others says everything about you. Have a nice day.

Note to humanity: never, ever, ever say “I’m entitled to my opinion.”

The sketch was cute.

26. Finnigan There is nothing for me to “get over”

I disagree. You need to get over yourself.

#28 Thanks for your opinion. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. You have a great day, ok?

Charming and really fun! I just plain enjoyed it and it brought a smile to my face. I look forward to more of these!

It also seems like the first time someone’s publicly pointed out how terrifically insane that plant was (and how it was so obviously just a glove). Same with the food cubes, the dyed celery and the sudden appearance of salt shakers *everywhere*

It’s ridiculous. And funny. The episodes have all sorts of bizarre little bits — it will be cool to see them be pointed out.

This one didn’t mention every guy on the ship ogling Rand and Uhura. ;)

“Please try and keep the sexist comments to a minimum, M’kay.”

We’re talking about Star Trek here. It’s all about sexism. ;).

I thought Gertrude was pretty cute…

Pretty good actress. Great titles to start the production! Very snappy!

The “Sulu’s into botany” line escapes me.

#34. TrekMadeMeWonder – September 10, 2014

From MANTRAP, Sulu was working on his prized plant when the Salt Vampire entered in the guise of another crewman and it behaved unusually.