Watch: Trailers For Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 & ‘All Good Things’ Blu-rays


Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD is coming to a conclusion in December, with the release of the seventh and final season on Blu-ray. Watch the brand new trailer for the season and the “All Good Things” individual release below.

TNG S7 Blu-ray Trailers

Here is the brand new trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 Blu-ray release.


And here is the trailer for the “All Good Things” individual release

The TNG Season 7 and “All Good Things” Blu-ray sets are due in December. They are not yet available for pre-order on Amazon, TrekMovie will provide an update when they are available.

Reminder: Star Trek Compendium Released Next Week

In other Blu-ray news, Star Trek: The Compendium – which includes the two JJ Abrams Star Trek feature films plus all the various special features and some new ones – will be released next Tuesday. Look for a TrekMovie review soon.

st compendium

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Please release Voyager next and bring Star Trek back to television with a new series based on the Titan

Jonathan Frakes, gawd love him, is apparently a very nice guy, but one lousy actor.

Apparently, when they were casting TNG, the part of Riker came down to between Chris MacDonald (Yesterday’s Enterprise) and Jonathan Frakes.

Unfortunately, Gene Roddenberry chatted with Frakes after his audition and, really taking to him, ultimately recommended him for the part.

Just shows you how much schmoozing really counts in Hollywood.

Christopher MacDonald would have fundamentally changed the fabric of TNG for the better.

MacDonald’s not exactly Oscar-caliber.

Chris MacDonald is a great actor. Check out his biography.

my fav tng seasons are 3,4, and parts of 5.

Er, no, I don’t have to check his biography, I’ve seen enough of his work to know he’s mediocre at best.

MacDonald is superb, though often mis-utilized. But I’ve always heard it was the amazing okuda actor who lost out to Frakes, never that Macdonald even auditioned.

I’d rate Jonathan Frakes, Chris MacDonald, and Billy Campbell about the same. Not great actors but not terrible either.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Jeffrey Combs auditioned for Riker too. Better he didn’t get it. DS9 wouldn’t have been the same.

Is there going to be a complete TNG set? Seasons 1-7. I have been waiting for this.

Frakes wasn’t superb, but he brought enough uniqueness to the role throughout the series.

There are definitely Frakes moments that stand out in retrospect. One such was in…I think The Nth Degree, where Barclay has become a super genius and is explaining advanced physics to Riker as they walk down the corridor, and Riker, clearly not following what Barclay is on about, pretends to keep up with, ” Yeah…I see that…”. Well, you have to see it, but Frakes totally nails that very subtle comedy relief. Pagasus was good Frakes episode from Season 7.

It’s funny…at the time of the Season 7 original run, I thought it was a drag compared to the seasons that had preceded it. But, looking though the episode list now, there aren’t that many bad episodes in Season 7. I would say that a handful or less are episodes that I’d skip over today, and that’s pretty good for a 26-episode season. I suppose that goes to show just how good TNG was.

The series finale, All Good Things, hasn’t held up that well for me, however. Once you know the twist, there’s really not much more to this two-parter. And, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t even that impressed with All Good Things when it originally aired. It’s not bad, but I don’t love it today. It’s better than the VOY and ENT series finales, and, I’d say, tied with the DS9 finale, which is relatively good, as Trek series finales go, but compared to other TNG episodes, I wouldn’t rate All Good Things as one of the best. I’d rate all of the other TNG two-parters higher than All Good Things. My opinion.

And, actually, if someone were to rate the DS9 series finale higher than All Good Things, I wouldn’t necessarily disagree.

@ 1. Star Trek Titan

DS9 first please.

yes DS9 please DS9 DS9 DS9 DS9 DS9 DS9 DS9 !!!!!


I never got the “this is the greatest finale to any series ever” reaction to “All Good Things…” either. It’s enjoyable, but it suffers from the same technobabble problems that the later seasons of TNG and the later spin off series suffered from.

I’m disappointed that they stopped the theater showings. I would have loved to see All Good Things in theaters.

..And bring on DS9!

Got them all, cant wait for 7!

I’d like them to do the rest of the 2 parters as individual releases.

I don’t want to diss anyone.
I will say that it’s always been my impression that the TNG cast benefitted from working with Patrick Stewart. Yes, Frakes was wood in season one. But, the writing was NOT there for way too many eps.

I think we all agree… it got better.

I actually threw a party to celebrate “All Good Things”, a good riddance party! lol I was sooo tired of that show and ready to see it go bye-bye, I bought a cake, snacks and had a mucho grande celebration with like-minded friends and family. Never could warm up to it.

TNG was excellent TV. I miss it to this day. TV without Star Trek is a much lesser thing.

Actually just re-watched The Pegasus last night. Still a very enjoyable episode.

Frakes grew as an actor throughout the series, no doubt, but I still think
Chris MacDonald and Billy Campbell are better actors…much more range.

So many movie channels are playing TNG films these days, I’ve found myself drawn back to the episodes…fun ride.

Deep. Space. Nine.

Not sure why Frakes is dominating the conversation here anyway. TNG was mainly the Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner show, and Trek was lucky to have ’em.

At the time, LeVar Burton was pretty much the only name that stood out for me, mainly from Roots. I don’t think I’d ever heard of any of the others before.

To Vultan, I disagree with you that the show was mainly focused on Picard and Data. There were some good stories built on the other characters like Worf and Geordi. However, I felt the TNG movies were overly focused on Picard and Data. All the other cast members were just tossed into the background.

PLEASE RELEASE DS9 FIRST. Such a great series.

God Billy Campbell would’ve been GREAT as Riker.

But I like Frakes. As a gent, that is.

TNG was about Wesley Crusher! If it weren’t for him, they’d have all died in S1, not just Yar. ;)

Frakes was godawful most of the time, but man, MATTER OF HONOR in the klingon galley and the last scene of LEGACY with Data, those are two seriously amazing bits where he delivered totally and completely.


I wasn’t talking about stories so much as I was acting ability. Stewart and Spiner were easily the strongest of the bunch, no offense to the other actors. I do enjoy watching Dorn do his Klingon act.

Dorn really had his character down pat and did a great job with it. I specially enjoyed the comic relief bits with Worf. By the time of Season 7 Parallels, Worf’s perturbations about being thrown a surprise birthday party, his reaction to Data giving him a painting as birthday present—“Ah. [a beat] A painting.”—and so forth, were just perfect.

And then, of course, Worf holds the abstract painting upside-down. Troi walks over, takes it out of Worf’s hands, turns it right-side up, hangs it on the wall in Worf’s quarters, much to his dismay, “What are you doing!?!” Geordi walks over, sees the abstract painting, “The Battle of Hermos?” The whole scene is brilliant.

And let’s not forget the aforementioned Frakes’ performance leading up to the surprise party and Dorn playing totally apprehensive. The comedy relief in TNG was unique and unmatched by any of the other Trek series:

I never liked Worf. It wasn’t Dorn’s fault though,he got better as the show went on, but the writing was bad and the choreography on his fights were comical. It’s like the guy is supposed to be this bad-ass Klingon security chief and he can’t fight worth beans. And don’t even get me started on the whole Alexander thing! How the heck did that plotline from All My Children end up on Star Trek??? Oh well, just another problem with TNG and the list goes on and on.


Agreed. And let’s not forget the greatest compliment a Klingon can bestow: “Good tea… nice house.” Some day I must use that.

Classic Worf line: “Captain, I am NOT a merry man!”

#25 I remember Frakes from North and South and I think he was also in some other mini-series in which he co-starred with Genie Francis (his wife). He was in demand at the time–he had that kind of look for a young man that casting agents at the time were going for.

#31 In terms of acting ability, most of the cast were just OK. In terms of finding work, it’s been a tough slog for most of them, so I appreciate their eagerness to do conventions. Dorn has a small part on Castle and Frakes has directed a few episodes of it. Burton now has Reading Rainbow again. I’m sure the others have a few local theater gigs. That Stewart kid . . . I’m worried he might not ever pick up another gig! :D

32. Cygnus-X1 – September 5, 2014

Correction: Data’s painting was commemorating the Battle of HarOs:

Just watched that scene again. Dorn’s timing and the way that he just barely suppresses his disappointment with the gift while trying to be polite, a human protocol that he’s learned over the past 7 years of serving aboard the Enterprise—it’s all just brilliant.

Anyone know why CBS stopped including a digital copy after the single disc Redemption release?

Show’s aged terribly, but it’s nice to have it preserved in HD. I fear the other two may disappear altogether.

Everyone kind of hating on Frakes but he is boss! He made Riker, the head turns, leg over the chair etc. not one other actor mentioned would have worked with Patrick Stewart and truthfully are annoying. The mentor duo was brilliant and gotta give props to Roddenberry for picking it up. What everyone talks about Frakes being a nice guy to talk to is why he was perfect for the part as everyone on the enterprise and viewers want to hang out with him. Perfect

Next Generation wasn’t very good in regular definition, high definition isn’t going to make it much better!

This is a bit off-topic, but I’d just like to point out the awesomeness of character actor Scott MacDonald who appeared in all four post-TOS Trek spin-offs. All of his roles (save perhaps “Ensign Rollins” in VOY The Caretaker) were outstanding and quite memorable. In addition to playing Romulan “Subcommander N’Vek” in TNG Face of the Enemy and the aforementioned role on VOY, he also played:

Jem’Hadar “Goran’Agar” – DS9: Hippocratic Oath

“Tosk” – DS9: Captive Pursuit

Xindi “Commander Dolim” – ENT: Season 3 various episodes

MacDonald was so chilling as Commander Dolim on ENT, that I was prompted to finally look him up and pleasantly surprised to learn that he’d played so many other Trek characters that were stand-outs.


“I am Tosk.”

Love that episode. And yeah, Scott MacDonald is an underrated actor. Needs to be in more things.

The “Tosk” episode was good, loved that first season of Ds9 that wasn’t afraid to get creative.

New TNG season sets can stay on the shelf as far as I’m concerned.

Into Darkness Compenium will be on my shelf Tuesday, looking forward to all the extras.

Does anyone know if TNG remastered will ever be released on DVD, like TOS remastered was? I already have TOS, ENT, DS9 and all the movies on DVD and was hoping to add this to my collection….

@ 46 – Nope, that defeats the entire purpose of the project, which is to prepare TNG for HD distribution deals on streaming providers and TV in addition to disc media.

That’s a shame, why does that defeat the purpose of the project? Surely that could all be done, and the remastered versions still released on DVD, like TOS was a few years back

Someone has to say it. “All Good Things” was a just a mediocre (at best) episode. Quite typical of TNG as most episodes were sub par. There were some high quality episodes. But the good ones just weren’t common.

Also… Not sure why TNG got the HD treatment. The jump in image quality from SD to HD was REALLY noticeable for TOS. Not so much for TNG. That’s not a knock on TNG. Just the image quality in the 80’s was so much better than the ’60’s to begin with.

The difference is pretty big. TNG Remastered: 1×01 ‘Encounter at Farpoint, Part I’ Comparison, SD to HD TOS was shot and edited on film. TNG was shot on film and edited on video. Other than the effects, TNG did not look better in SD.