Watch: Clips From Star Trek Into Darkness Gag Reel From ‘Compendium’ Blu-ray [UPDATED]


Next week is the release of the Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray set and today Paramount released a clip from the new gag reel. Watch it below. [UPDATED: Added second clip from gag reel]

Into Darkness Gag Reel Clips

Here is the clip (via IGN).

And here is more (via Access Hollywood)

Star Trek: The Compendium will be released next Tuesday. Look for a TrekMovie review soon.

st compendium


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Interesting. Lol

Awesome ! I can’t wait for the whole thing.

Well. There was that.

Cumberbatch blew a line?


See! They are still using plywood sets.

How TOS of them!

Hee! I love it

but i don’t think, enough to buy the Compendium

the nerve, Paramount. the NERVE!

How insulting Star Fleet officers goofing around on set while trying to make a serious film…oh wait, Star Trek Into Darkness was a spoof any way.
My bad.

Now, if they’d release an alternate ending……

Better than the film itself!

I’m biting on this one, but only b/c I just have the DVD of ST09.. Can’t wait.

It’s great to see everyone having a good time, like the blooper reels from TOS.

All this is fine, looks like a lot of fun….. But when do we get a full set of deleted scenes and extras without having to buy 3 or 4 versions of the same movie? I’m all for capitalism but refuse to be sucked dry by greedy Paramount.

Dancing Klingons. Hysterical…

If Bob’s around, Bob are you still flummoxed by some of our reactions to some fans to STID? Do you think there’s anything to them (anything that surprises you or is, in fact, constructive), or is it just simply ‘haters gonna hate?’

I agree with the actors in that last clip; The sets in STID looked more appropriate for a music video.

not as interesting as the gag reel from trek 2009 but still cool

I bought a rental copy of Into Darkness cheap, with so little invested already, I’m all over this comprehensive release. Cant wait to dive into all the extra features!

Uhura and Klingons Thriller dance – Awesome!!!!

@14. I’d bet a dollar that, at some point after the release of STID, that the studio sat down with BR execs and shared what they thought worked, and what didn’t. Considering that we got a few ‘oopsie’ concessions from Lindloff and Abrams, it’s a good bet that K/O is also aware of them – now, will Bob admit to that publically, particularly since his every word seems to be scrutinized by a few of the ‘I hate BR’ people here – probably not….and I wouldn’t blame him.

It seems like the genuinely get along together, kinda like the TNG cast and very unlike the TOS cast (especially with Shatner).This new cast is the bee’s knees!

Bob Orci, here’s a suggestion/request: Can you shoot a short film with this nuTrek cast but as NOT Star Trek. And then include it as an extra for the Blu Ray for this next movie. I’d love to see them in something not Star Trek, maybe a short comedy bit set in the real world. Dude, I could totally love that.

@14 (Jack) & @17 (Phil): Give a rest. It’s 2014, doncha’ know?

Mad Mann, I agree with that idea. I’d love to see any ST cast work together in a good comedy.

Cumberbatch daning in his cell makes me realize it looks like the set of Michael Jackson’s “Scream” video.

18. Mad Mann

Great idea! Has anyone ever done that before? I think that should be the standard!

8. Phil – September 4, 2014

Now, if they’d release an alternate ending……

Or maybe just an alternate film…

Well, I just hope this will also be released outside the US soon… Right now I’m just so happy that I haven’t bought EITHER movie on Blu-Ray yet. I actually don’t even own “Into Darkness” in ny format whatsoever.
So I guess this is pretty much the perfect set for people like me who like to wait for extended or otherwise improved releases.

Hurry up guys, I’m not seeing enough progress toward making the next movie. If you’ll make us wait four years for the next movie again, I will boycott.

I’m pretty sure that all of the Abrams films are gag reels.

A set like this is more appropriate after the video release of the third (and presumably) final of these nu-Trek films. Continually making fans pony up (on a film-by-film basis) for stuff that should have been available at the outset is infuriating.

I have used DVDs of these films. That seems sufficient.

Unless Zoe Saldana is revisiting the Uhura fan dance, I can’t see myself buying anything that has to with STID, the acronym for which looks like some sort of disease. That seems appropriate.

I HATE HATE HATE that second movie. And this comes from someone who at one point bought a copy of Nemesis.

@30 Son of Captain Garth “I HATE HATE HATE that second movie”

Don’t mince words Son of Captain Garth, how do you reeeeeeally feel? ;-)

I understand everyone has an opinion. As a life long star trek fan I myself purely enjoyed Star Trek into darkness and look forward to the next one.

@31 I think he absolutely ADORES STID. ;)

fun fun. Picking this up for sure!

#31 & #33. Yeah, I’ve always been on the shy side; sometimes, I have trouble expressing myself. :D

I’ve been a fan of Star Trek for 40 years and I enjoyed both of the Abrams movies, but there is no way in hell that I am going to spend one thin dime buying STID all over again just because Paramount wants to suck me dry like the Salt Vampire. The hell with them.

@36 Scott Gammans

Agreed. Despite loving both movies, I already own them and it really sucks that Paramount wants me to buy them again. Stuff from them promoting the release keeps showing up in my Facebook news feed and its making me angry.

For people who haven’t bought the films yet, I guess good for them they can get a nice set. That measly five dollar rebate probably won’t be enough for the rest of us to double dip on this one.

Will Compendium Blu ray be released in Germany???