Fascinations Introduces Small-scale Star Trek Metal Ship Models


If you are looking for some things to decorate your home or office, there are some new small-scale metal model kits of Star Trek ships coming in November. Get the details on the four new Fascinations Metal Earth Star Trek ships which you can pre-order now.

Fascinations Star Trek Metal Ship Models

This week Fascinations, who make small-scale metal model kits of all sorts including a popular line for Star Wars – announced a line of Star Trek models. The first offerings include the classic USS Enterprise, the Enterprise-D, a Klingon Bird of Prey and a Klingon Vor’cha. Each kit is is priced $12.99. You can pre-order by clicking the images below





Fascinations has also released this preview video

Each Fascination kit starts as a 4-inch square metal sheet. Here is a shot of the packaging.


You will need a few basic tools to assemble the models. The time-lapse video below shows the process of making one of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon models (via Hector Medina).

More on Fascinations at their website.


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What happened to the nacelles of that Constitution-class? For a second I thought, ‘wow cool, they are doing non-canon stuff, I always wanted a model of that Dreadnought class’, but then I noticed the missing third nacelle. :D In all seriousness, who needs yet another model of the Enterprise or the -D or the BoP? I already have a dozen in all sizes and materials decorating my home ofice…

Think I may have to get most of these! Gotta feeling it’ll bring the kid out in me. I’ll be holding them in my hands and having mock space battles. pew pew!


Yeah its clearly a BCH or BCJ from Starfleet Battles, which I believe (and i could be extremely wrong about this) a variant design independently created by them based off of the Dreadnought cruisers from the Technical Manuals.

@Alex, @Andrew,

No, look at the etching on the hull – it clearly says “NCC-1701”.

Since it connects using “tabs and holes,” it’s clearly not the highest quality metal. And the nacelles sag, as they’ve done on Enterprise models since time immemorial (or at least since 1966).

I’ll stick with Polar Lights.

I’m with Alex.

@falcon, Seriously? Upon first glance, you may not notice the registry number & it DOES appear to be a class other than Constitution. As for the sagging nacelles, it looks more like the builder pressed them down too far or it’s a design flaw, not a material flaw. It should never have gotten past the quality control people or been approved by CBS/Paramount. Someone should have their butt kicked for ruining the look. It’s not a pizza cutter for crying out loud. Same goes for anyone who pays them for that trash. Non of them look right, to me.

Get it right or don’t get my money. Release non-canon aka expanded universe ships & then we’ll talk…assuming THEY would be done right (unlike the Enterprise).

I’m with the folks on here who got excited thinking this was a Battlecruiser from Starfleet Battles or some other non-canon TOS-era design. Unfortunately it does appear to just be a crappy implementation of the Enterprise. I am always puzzled by the disconnect between the glut of boring, repetitive Trek products, and what we, as fans and collectors of tiny model starships, consistently clamor for. The three-nacelled Federation Dreadnought model Alex refers to–how many of us have wanted a model like that for years? It would get snatched up by all the serious TOS fans out there, certainly by the relevant demographic of “model starship buyers.” Or, similarly, for a newer generation of fans, how about models of the supporting Starfleet ships we saw in the first reboot film (e.g. USS Mayflower)? Instead we get bobble-heads and pizza-cutters.

YES! I would LOVE ships and stuff from the new movies! There’s so little merch out there from the last two. And I happen to like new Trek a LOT! Like the old Treks too,but there’s just so much out there from all that already.


…yeah, those pylons are sagging pretty hard =P

also google: “Starfleet Dreadnaught Fasa Trek Star Fleet Battles Micro Machines”

Weird, in the video, the pylons are exactly where they need to be but that picture has me thinking that over time, they’ll sag. I think if anything I’d pick up the Vor’Cha or the BOP for my office desk.

Capt’n, the war nacelles are sagging!!!

No sale.

Warp, not war. Stupid typing skills or lack thereof.

…i’ll bet those off-angle pylons are mis-assembled (damit)… =(

maybe nacelles are switched? =P grumble, grumble… =(

I’m not overly impressed with those metal ships. They seem OK, but nothing I’d search out and pay for.

Guys, you do realize these things cost just $13 each right? Not sure what you expect from something made of metal that costs $13

@ I am not Herbert

Fair enough. I’ve collected and painted some of the FASA models, and they’re great, and Federation Commander has done a solid job of reviving the Starfleet Battles franchise. But it’s all very marginal, off-brand stuff, largely invisible to the major base of Trek fans. With all the many series of licensed Trek starship models, Micro Machines, Furuta, Johnny Lightning, now most recently the Starships Collection (which is branching out a little bit), it’s disappointing to see the same ships over and over again.