Watch: First Four Minutes Of Bryan Fuller’s ‘High Moon’ Syfy Pilot + UPDATED w/ Trailer


Not every Syfy movie involves Sharks. In one week the network will air one actually set in space with High Moon, which was written by Star Trek vet Bryan Fuller. You can watch the first four minutes now, below. [UPDATE: Trailer added]


Syfy released trailer for High Moon.

First Four Minutes of ‘High Moon’

Bryan Fuller’s High Moon was originally a pilot, but Syfy passed on the series and have repackaged the pilot as a 90-minute TV movie. The script was written by Bryan Fuller adapted from the 1969 young adult sci-fi novel The Lotus Caves. High Moon is set in a future where the moon has been colonized for mining, when a new life-form is discovered.

Syfy has released the first four minutes to TV Line. Watch it below.

Watch the rest on Syfy on September 15th at 9PM.





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Moon sharks! I told you, but you wouldn’t believe me!!

The Lotus Caves was o e of my favorite kids book. Excited to see this.dp

Apparently the producers have forgotten that gravity on the moon is 1/6th that of Earth and people just can’t stroll about the surface like on a Sunday walk. This kind of detail may not have much impact on the story but omitting it does show the producers don’t care and just want to cut corners and assume the viewers are idiots and won’t notice anyway.

A little bit like ST 2009 when Spock prime watched Vulcan implode from that ice planet (name forgotten) which was surely light years distant… No?

Huh! Interesting! …yes, not “realistic”, but kinda funky-clunky low-budget sci-fi with a winky modern humor… I like it so far! =D

hopefully they will put it on Netflix eventually? ;-)

Definitely for SyFy Channel. No thanks.

3 Silvereyes, maybe they’ll bother to explain the gravity part later in the film … but i doubt it. Maybe there’s ‘some sort of’ [to use Trek technobabble lingo] ‘gravity generator’ in that city? Har har, my science knowledge is limited, despite the best efforts of Dr Degrasse-Tyson in “Cosmos”

4 Herbert, yup, I hope it makes it to Netflix too. Or [ahem] YouTube

#6. Marja – September 8, 2014

Or gecko cohesion factor?

#3 Delta Vega I believe is the planet Spock views the implosion from

Agreed though, as I thought there were no planets close to Vulcan from which to view such a thing. Even STMP’s original cut which shows two planets nearby Vulcan during Spock’s Kohlinar ceremony were canon corrected in the Director’s cut as Vulcan has no moon or neighboring planets.

Wow, I need to get out more. Hard to do when Trek is 48 today!

You cannot stroll around on the moon with a clear plexiglass helmet in full sunlight. (even if it is covered with a modulated procedural texture map.)

Just sayin.

First impression was Abbott and Costello on the Moon. The flyover of the moon and facilities was best part.

Well. Looks like another B Scifi Movie for the SYFY Network. Lol.
They put out all these movies hoping for some kind of hit. So far Only Shaknado 1 and 2 has been their main stram hit.
Keep tring SYFY.