Happy 48th Birthday Star Trek – Join TrekMovie Celebration With ‘Man Trap’ Livetweet 8:30 PM

On September 8, 1966 the first episode of of an ambitious sci-fi show created by Gene Roddenberry aired on NBC – in color! 48 years later, Star Trek is still going strong after hundreds of episodes over five series and twelve feature films (with another on the way). Watch the first commercials and interviews for Star Trek below, plus get info on TrekMovie’s ‘livetweet’ celebration and giveaway set for tonight. Don’t Miss ‘Star Trek’ – In Color! When it debuted in 1966, Star Trek was a new kind of TV show. It was an hour-long science fiction drama in color aimed a both kids and adults. Here is the first commercial for the series giving viewers and overview. And here are interview clips with stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy promoting the show Relive ‘The Man Trap’ With Livetweet Celebration Tonight at 8:30PM Star Trek’s birthday was originally Thursday September 15th, but then NBC decided to preview the show (along with some other new shows) a week early. So on September 8th at 8:30 PM they aired "The Man Trap," which was actually the fifth episode produced (after the failed first pilot). Print ad for premiere of "Star Trek" So tonight at 8:30 ET (5:30 PT) TrekMovie staffers will be watching "The Man Trap" and livetweeting along. Anyone can join in on the fun We will be using the hashtag #StarTrek48 for the livetweet and all day long to celebrate the anniversary. The livetweet will include a trivia contest with prizes! More #StarTrek48 at TrekMovie And TrekMovie has more celebration of the 48th anniversary of Star Trek coming up, starting with an exclusive interview with original series writer David Gerrold coming up later today.   Thanks to Peter Grayson, Bobby Cole and Becky for vids.