Watch: Red Shirt Diaries Ep. 2 “Charlie X”


The second episode of the Star Trek parody web series The Red Shirt Diaries went online this morning. This week Ensign Williams has to deal with the loss of a fellow red shirt – zapped away during the episode "Charlie X." watch it below.

Red Shirt Diaries Premieres With "Charlie X"

Each episode gives a behind the scenes look through the personal video log of security officer "Ensign Williams" on the USS Enterprise during the original Star Trek series. This week’s webisode is set during the TOS episode "Charlie X."

To chatch up on the show visit And for more adventures of Ensign Williams, check out the webcomic which is also updated weekly at





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Finally, the reason is revealed why all the redshirts die so often – The exercise routines.

These are fun in small doses. Nice fresh take, but so far they don’t really go anywhere.

Anyway, she’s cute.

not too bad! =P

…with some new story-lines for the “redshirts” painted over the TOS “backdrops”, this could expand into a decent “TV show” ;-)

Good Luck, Ensign Williams! =)

Makes me laugh.

Yeah, I suspect the whole point is that they don’t go anywhere. So far, they’re cute (free) little sketches that have a bit of fun with the absurdities of TOS episodes

(Why was everyone in a unitard? Why is the captain shirtless and oily? Do they just constantly wrastle each other in the gym?)

What would all this episode weirdness look like to a random crew member? And isn’t Kirk a little weird to work for (science department Christmas party)?

Hey, I just looked up her bio. She’s CANADIAN! Suh-weet!

I’m liking these more and more. Williams should take a tricorder around the ship and play back some interesting clips for us to see.

Harry. Canadian? Williams has’nt even been born, yet!

Harry. Lol.


Calm down, boys, I saw her first. Dibs! I bet she likes older guys.

We are ALL hoping that is true, Harry! ; D

Cute video. But this one seems lighter that the first one; I hope she’s not running out of steam so early.

Lots of potential here, something to look forward to each week!

10 – Harry
Remember, your favorite actress EVER, Erica Durrance is also Canadian. Not sure if that’s an endorsement or an indictment!


Bite your tongue, MidMoElMarko!

The Durance can not be spoken about in a public forum.

She of no talent shall never be mentioned.

Durance was a screen gem, Harry! Admit it! Beauty and talent!


Screen gem? What, you mean like the Blob or Godzilla?

Yes, TMMW, I can see the similarity.