Watch ‘Klingon Weapons’ Featurette Clip From Star Trek: The Compendium


Yesterday the Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray set was released and now Paramount has also shared one more clip from the new Star Trek Into Darkness special features, this time from the props featurette. Watch the movie’s propmaster talk about the Klingon weapons below.

Klingon props clip from Star Trek: The Compendium

As noted before, in addition to bringing together all the various retailer exclusive features from the Star Trek: Into Darkness Blu-ray releases, the new Star Trek: The Compendium also has three brand new featurettes. Paramount has now released a clip from the "Property of Starfleet" featurette. Watch it below.

More Featurette clips

From "Gag Reel"

From "Fitting the Future" feature on costumes

Star Trek: The Compendium Available Now

Star Trek: The Compendium was released on Tuesday. You can pick it up at Amazon and other retailers.

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Props to the prop guy!

aw, c’mon, you knew somebody would say that!

Enjoyed Peter Weller’s Robocop reference at the end of Gag Reel 1.

Guns everywhere in space.

(I’m from Georgia. Look it up.)

…I must say: the Klingon weapons were well done! good job! =)

…the rest, not so much =(

I hope the shipping and import does not take too long. Can’t wait to enjoy it.

Huh, so Khan’s big ass gun was intended to be something he ripped off of a Klingon ship. Was wondering where he got that thing

Enjoying the hell out of these. Watched all the featurettes last night, including this one. Some great behind-the-scenes info and tricks -of-the-trade revealed in these segments. Amazing talent behind this film, across the board.

And to Bob Orci, there are lots of tech lovers out there. Some nice inserts of the props and panels here and there would be much appreciated. I remember how I always waited for reruns of TOS’ Patterns of Force, and Friday’s Child, just to check out the close up of the inner workings of the communicator and that cool moiré pattern. Also any lingering close-up of the phaser was always welcome. You guys spent a ton of money on these props, but they are rarely seen on screen. Don’t be afraid to show off that tricorder!

yeah, no. the nu-trek landing party props SUCK. nothing to see… =(

8. Wrong again, Not Herb! They’re perfect, logical progressions of the TOS props, thankfully ignoring the plastic, toy props of the Bermanverse.

The Berman phasers and tricorders were extraordinarily bad. But their Klingon props were okay, even if they stole extensively from the TOS movies.

The Klingon pistol and rifle look amazing, but could easily be Romulan (or Reman) as well. And the betleH is really too much this time, it’s like the razor thing where we’ll soon have 20 blades attached or so… XD

It’s here, it’s here!! Love it!!