Watch: Leonard Nimoy Sings “Plato’s Stepchildren” Song + Talks ‘Up and Down’ Roddenberry Relationship & more


Even though Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy has "retired" from going to conventions, he can still beam into them thanks to the magic of Skype. This was the treat that fans at Salt Lake City Comic Con enjoyed over the weekend. was there, so you get to as well. We previewed a clip from the event on Monday and today we present the full highlights of his talk. Watch it below

Nimoy Sings and Talks Trek in SLC

In this video, edited for length, Nimoy discusses topics such as how he got started with the franchise, his "up and down" father/son relationship with Gene Roddenberry, on-set antics with William Shatner and DeForest Kelley, not particularly liking working on The Animated Series, and more. He even records one fan’s voice mail message and adopts another fan. Nimoy started the visit by singing the “Maiden Wine” song “Plato’s Stepchildren” (accompanied on the guitar by his grandson).

Article updated to reflect correct song name/episode

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Isn’t it great that Leonard Nimoy is still with us? Live long and prosper indeed!

He is all kinds of awesome! No matter what anyone says, he still looks and sounds great.
Do any of us Trek fans realize how lucky we all are to have Nimoy and Shatner not only still with us at 83, but both still so vibrant and sharp? God, I dread the day we lose either of them.

Sorry Jared the song is from “Plato’s Step Children” NOT “The Way to Eden”

fixed the headline, it is indeed “Maiden Wine” from “Plato’s Stepchildren”…not as groovy as “Way to Eden” song

2, Trek, I feel you … when that sad day comes, I will lose a part of myself.

3, Yob, Correct, and he sounded pretty good too! I sure woulda loved to hear him do that song from “Way to Eden”! ‘Headin’ ooouuut to Eden, yea, brother …’ We reach, man!
Not too much shaky-cam, and it was good to see Nimoy tell the old stories again!

Addendum to the muffin story [which I loved Nimoy telling Kelley you could tell who ate more]:

One day after Shat’s playful consumption of Dee’s toasted muffin, Shatner found Dee standing protectively over the toaster.

Dee glared at him and said, “Is there something I can do for you?”

2. Trek, Star Trek – September 11, 2014
5. Marja – September 11, 2014

Hear, hear.

It’s good to keep in mind the impermanence of life and appreciate these guys while we still have them, so that when the day comes that we no longer do, we feel no regrets.

Well, that put a smile on my face.

That was probably one of the worst episodes…. other than the KIRK/ UHURA kiss..all I remember is Mr Spock singing about “bitter dregs”….
As for Mr Nimoy…AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


Years ago my brothers and I recorded all the songs from the “Way to Eden” with as close approximation of space hippie sounding instruments. We recorded them and put applause after every selection. “She’s Getting her Physical”, “Stiff Man”, “Is it Vulcan, Can I Try?”, “Hey Out There”, Headin’ Out to Eden”, Steppin’ In To Eden”, and the groovy Vulcan lyre/bicycle wheel ,….”Jam Session”. We did them all. And,….as a bonus track we added the “Maiden Wine” song “Plato’s Stepchildren”. We sent the tape to a friend of ours who had just moved away. I still have a copy of that tape.

Nice article. Nice to see Nimoy still going.

Sorry for the Off-Topic,
but don’t get new Mission Log episodes get a front page item anymore?

So good to see LN.
Many more, Sir!

It was good to see him looking so well and clearly still smart and funny and engaged with life. That man is a treasure.

We love you, Mr. Nimoy!

Nimoy can do this for all the conventions if he feels up to it with his health issues.

As some of us progress through our 50s (and head mercilessly toward our 60s), it’s great to have an opportunity to thank those folks who have entertained us and enriched us along the way. Mr. Nimoy is at or near the top of that list for me; God bless you sir, may we see and hear from you for many more years to come!

@ 12:10 Awesome! A must see all the way through.

I am so glad to see all the joy in Leonard’s eyes!

One thing I can’t get. Leonard does Sif-Fy cons, but not Trek?

Thanks TrekMovie, and Jared Whitley for a great article!

@15 — TrekMadeMeWonder

The Star Trek conventions used to be run BY fans FOR fans, but they’ve been taken over by a commercial entity and have gotten a lot slicker and more commercial. Maybe Mr. Nimoy is avoiding the more commercial cons? (I’ve never been to a Comic Con, so I don’t know what they’re like.)

16. Corylea

Not too familiar with the management of the conventions. I just was comment ing on the SyFy logo. They need a but of bashing.

On another note. Mr. Nimoy mentions his COPD often. I wonder. Did he get very much excercise after quiting smoking all those 30 years ago?
I am a big believer that the body heals itself everyday. With plenty of excercise and good nutrition your can beat ANY illness. ANY illness.

And just what did Mr. Nimoy mean by – nicotine – in any form? ; )

16 Corylea, the most fun I ever had at cons was in the early ’80s at [then] fan-run conventions: The Boston Bash — smashing — and Shore Leave in Huntsville, MD. Those were the great days all right! Then Adam Whatsit and his partner started commercializing cons [and raising expenses considerably], coming up with “Creation Cons” — one thing was, you got some bang for your buck if you were on the West Coast. I saw most of the NextGen cast live. In earlier days, I was lucky to meet Walter Koenig and Jimmy Doohan at cons on the East Coast, and lined up for autographs at a big con in St. Louis, where I saw Nimoy, between STII and STIII.

17 TMMW, Nimoy probably meant chewing tobacco, “vaping,” smoking pipes, cigars, and hookahs, chewing nicotine gum, wearing nicotine patches, and all that jazz. I forget what other plants it’s in beside tobacco, but think it does exist elsewhere … also, I’m sure he would advise avoiding second-hand smoke as much as possible …. but as you can see on “Mad Men” or any movie from the ’60s, people smoked. All. The. Time. In the ’70s and early ’80s Coast Guard HQ used to reek of cigarettes, I used to have to escape outside for a breath of fresh air. Ugh!

Yeah, Marja.

Who am I to question Mr. Nimoy’s methods, anyhoo? He’s obviously made it this far, and quite successfully.

I was actually wondering if Spock ever smoked the chronic.

I am on of his grandchildren.

TMMW, I’m old, what’s “the chronic”?

Nimoy was a chain-smoker of cigs but I don’t know what Spock was smoking ;-)

Save that voice . It will be needed for Trek 2016!!