Photo of the Day: Patrick Stewart Makes Fan’s Wish Come True [UPDATED]


A photo going around the web shows Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Sir Patrick Stewart literally making a special young girl’s wish come true. More details below. [UPDATE: More info and pictures]

Stewart Makes Fan’s Wish Come True

The photo below as posted by James Barker on Facebook, explaining that it was taken backstage at DragonCon.


The young girl is 10 year old named Dawn who is suffering from a life-threatening illness. It was her wish to be able to meet Patrick Stewart and the MakeAWish foundation made it happen. According to Barker the pair talked for 15 minutes and "as things are winding down and she and her family are getting ready to go, Dawn unexpectedly throws him this huge hug, and you can see the happiness in both their faces."

The coordinator for MakeAWish  posted Reddit about the event, saying that Sir Pat gave Dawn "a shout out in his panel and that girl had an ear to ear grin." You can help MakeAWish at

UPDATE: More from Dawn

Dawn spoke to Mashable about the meeting and said:

"I was shy at first not sure what to say or talk about but he kept talking to me. I felt like I was on the enterprise talking to the Capt….It makes me happy even when I am sick so I just wave and call Hello Sir Patrick."

And according to Dawn’s mother, Dawn is "the happiest we had seen her in quite some time."

There are some additional pictures from Dawn’s mother also on Twitter.





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Captain Petey Dog

Patrick Stewart does credit to himself and his character (Jean Luc Picard) to garner such feelings from a fan. It proves once again that Patrick Stewart is an honorable and decent man.


Class act, Sir Patrick.

Harry Ballz

Patrick Stewart is a first-class gentleman!

Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

Sit Patrick Stewart is such a class act. He made a little girls wish come true.


# 1. KMKProd – September 12, 2014, #2. Harry Ballz – September 12, 2014

I have attested to it in the past and continue to do so in agreeing with you , gentlemen. Yes, he is.


Class act, Mr. Stewart. Well done.


This is why Trek is above and beyond a TV show..nicely Done Sir Patrick

Lemingsworth Bint

Whether it’s J.J. letting a dying fan see STID months before the rest of us, or Shatner & Nimoy’s extensive charity work, or now Patrick Stewart and Make-a-Wish, Star Trek people are the best people!

star trackie

#8. ditto.


Really a great person. And he has taken a very strong and deeply personal stand against domestic violence.

Lt. Bailey

Just proves we have the best in all humanity when it comes to these Trek stars giving back like this. It may have been 15 minutes out of Sir Patricks life but it means a life time to that little girl to have that moment.

I am not Herbert

awwww….. ‘snif… ;-)

he is a good man =)

hugs for all! =D


Well said, #8.

Patrick Stewart is simply a great guy.


Patrick Stewart truly deserves the title “Sir” … years ago I wrote him a fan letter and he wrote back — genuinely, not just a scrawled note from a staffer — although his response was brief, it was gentlemanly and kind.

I had the pleasure of tow VERY brief face-to-face meetings with him in San Diego and in Baltimore, and although he seemed a taken aback by fan contacts up close [or perhaps it was that stupid fannish look on my face one gets when one meets the hero of one’s dreams], he was kind enough to sign an autograph for me, and shake my hand.

I salute him for his generous kindness to that little girl! They both look so dear.

The Dude

Whether as the Captain or in real life…Mr. Stewart is able to represent the

best of us all. What a stupendous and glorious honor it would be to meet him

but watching him on the big screen and Star Trek is equally satisfying overall.

Keachick (Rose)

Good man, SIR Patrick Stewart. Way to go…:)

James T Khan



Beautiful and heartwarming.

Red Dead Ryan

Once again, Mr. Stewart shows us why he has earned the title of “Sir”.

Well, Sir, you’ve made every Trekkie very proud! :-)


Such a classy guy.


By all accounts Patrick Stewart is a class act + a wonderful ambassador of the Star Trek brand. Much respect for him.

P.S. I hope we get to see him back in the ST universe soon.


Made me tear up.

Jim Nightshade

as sweet and wondeful as it is…its not canon! clearly shes wearing a tos outfit n pat stew is tng! how can this happen? i mean jj isnt directing them n orci didnt write it sooooo what the hells going on here?

i know this must be the top secret plot for the next trek movie…..Orci …really”
very sweet pic…i hope she gets better…she deserves to…


24 – No. No. No. She’s a Vulcan expressing emotion… and wearing a JJ-verse shirt. I blame Nero’s incursion!

Best of luck to Dawn!

Thank you, Sir Patrick.

Ensign Ricky

Brought a tear to me eye.

Hat Rick

What a great story! Thank you, TrekMovie, for publicizing this kind act of a wonderful actor.

Elias Javalis

Very Heart-touching!! Thank you Sir!


Don’t get me wrong… It’s a wonderful gesture, but given that this was planned ahead of time by the foundation, couldn’t he have gone to dinner with the child and her family? If spending 15 minutes with her was cool, it would have been incredible if he spent an hour and a half with her over food.


And to think that Jean Luc used to be nervous around kids! :)
Sir Patrick, as always, a wonderful embassador for Star Trek. What a nice man.


The girl had a grin from Vulcan ear to Vulcan ear. Simply awesome sauce.


A Knight in Shinning Armour is what you are, Sir Patrick!
The round-table fits you well.



I knew we couldn’t get through one thread without somebody being not completely satisfied. Well done!

I have seen that picture of the two of them hugging about a dozen times now and each time I manage to get some dust in my eyes. Strong, positive thoughts to you, Dawn. Very well done indeed, sir.


Class act!