Watch Brent Spiner Do His Patrick Stewart Impersonation & Compare ‘Relations’ With Tasha Yar & Borg Queen


Creation has release another video clip from last month’s Star Trek convention from Las Vegas, this time featuring Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, and LeVar Burton.

TNG Boys Joke Around At Vegas Con 2014

Watch Michael, Levar and Brent joke around and get a surprise visit from Nichelle Nichols.

See our previous report for video from Simon Pegg and Karl Urban. And for more details on the TNG panel with Dorn, Spiner and Burton, see TrekMovie’s full panel report from Vegas.


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Emperor Mike of the Terran Empire

Always good to see evryone having a good time and simetimes at the expense of other’s. Lol


Dorn/Spiner/Burton are a good act.


Nice to see member of TOS and TNG crew interacting like that, I like to think that all Star Trek crews are kind of a family.


I sure would like to have seen [and heard] more from Dorn and Burton. Seems like Creation cut a lot of stuff out. These panels are usually 20 minutes or so! Dang it!

I really liked the band’s interpretation of “Reading Rainbow” :-)

James T Khan

Spiner is becoming a bore. Allegedly he’s not even a Trek fan but it looks like he just turns up to conventions to tell jokes and do his impression of Patrick.

He’s definitely becoming TNG’s William Shatner.


We should all be so boring as William Shatner.


Brent’s a bore???? I think he’s hilarious! And to compare him to Shatner who has been able to morph from role to role and beyond and maintain a stellar career — well, that’s a compliment to Brent!

As for Brent’s Picard impression, I thought it was amazing! Pretty spot-on!

I like Brent Spiner!