‘Star Trek: Alien Domain’ Strategy Game Announced + New Star Trek Timelines Video Production Diary


A new browser-based Star Trek strategy game (which was teased back in June) has now been officially announced. "Star Trek: Alien Domain" is set to take players to Fluidic Space, get more details below, along with a production diary video from the “Star Trek Timelines” game.

‘Alien Domain’ Game Announcement

A new browser-based multiplayer tactical strategy game, "Star Trek: Alien Domain," was announced this week by GameSamba, developed in conjunction with NGames and CBS Interactive. "Star Trek: Alien Domain" takes places in Fluidic Space, home of Species 8472, first seen in Star Trek: Voyager, and will task players with resource control, colony establishment, and research management. PvP encounters, such as raids against other player-controlled outposts, one-on-one skirmishes, and large-scale guild battles were also announced.


“Alien Domain will unfold after the most chronologically recent Star Trek canon and thus will feature a new Star Trek story,” states the press release. “Players [will be] able to use a variety of starships and technologies native to their chosen faction. “Players will even be able to craft and pilot unprecedented super-starships created through emerging technologies.”

Confirmed starships include Defiant-class and Constitution-class for the Federation players, and D7 battle cruisers and Birds-of-Prey for Klingon players.

“Forming a diverse starship fleet will be essential for exploring the deep reaches of Fluidic Space and quelling its threats, as well as for defending against rival colonies and players, not to mention dealing with new and old Star Trek species,” continues the press release.


No date for release was provided, but GameSamba promises more info "will be revealed in the coming months" so it looks like this is a 2015 release. For more info visit the official website (still under construction). You can also follow the game on Twitter and Facebook.

Timelines Update – Video Production Diary

Another game in development we have mentioned before is "Star Trek Timelines." The team behind that title (which will be available on the web, iOS and Android devices) have released a production diary video to explain what the game is about.

For more on Star Trek Timelines visit the official site.


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“…exploring the deep reaches of Fluidic Space and quelling its threats, as well as for defending against rival colonies and players…”

So, basically to boldly go with guns a-blazin’ and kill anything that moves.

Can’t there be an explorational element here?

Yeah, another wrong game for Star Trek. We need “Elder Scrolls: Star Trek”. This might be a good game, with the pieces that made Warcraft and Starcraft so excellent, but star trek it is not. Oh well.

One more nit to pick…
If it’s their domain, WE are the aliens.

“Confirmed starships include Defiant-class and Constitution-class for the Federation players, and D7 battle cruisers and Birds-of-Prey for Klingon players.”

Constitution Classes have been decommissioned for years (one of which is in the Fleet Museum). Per Tom Paris statement in Voyager, D7’s were retired “decades ago”. Why can’t Trek game developers who claim to set their games in the Prime Universe, not stick to established canon?

Browser-based game? Thanks, but no thanks.

Well, we kind of know that Constitution-refits were still in service at least up until the year of Voyager’s launch, as per the DS9 episode “The Sound of Her Voice.”

The USS Olympia was sent on an eight year exploratory mission into the Beta Quadrant in the year 2363, returning home in 2371 before her untimely destruction.

The wreckage in that episode was a re-use of the broken Enterprise-refit parts from Star Trek III, as noted by Trek artists such as Doug Drexler. And while no one in the episode or show specifically called it a Constitution, I don’t think we have to go that far when the visual evidence and behind-the-scenes evidence speaks for itself. It’s not like we need characters to call out what class of ships show up on screen every time they make an appearance when we can see them.

So it’s not that far off to suggest that at least some Constitution-refits are still in service if not straight up being newly-built to contemporary specifications, performing exploration missions no less.

D7s, on the other hand…pretty sure most of those have been decommissioned, destroyed, or refitted into active K’t’ingas at this point. Though it’s possible some Klingons captains and houses retain upgraded D7s for their personal use, considering how disparate the loyalties and tastes of individual captains and crews in the Klingon Defense Force can be.

Also, don’t we already have some of these themes happening in Star Trek Online? Don’t recall the last attempt at a browser game going anywhere…

I hate to be the downer here, though this sounds like a neat game, but every time I look for news about new Star Trek PC games being developed, all I see are online browser games like this. How about a single player game like Legacy or even a FPS in the style of Mass Effect? Why is it all we’re seeing are online games like this? Are game devs NOT seeing (or caring for that matter) that we’ve all been begging for a sequel to Elite Force II or another game like Legacy or Bridge Commander for YEARS now? Apparently not! I mean I know we have Star Trek Online, and it’s a great MMO, but you can only play it so much before you go “OK, I need a new Trek game”.

We come in peace,,

(shoot to kill men,,)

Ok so there is this…Star Trek Online, Star Trek Timelines….really really something isn’t it.

What’s with the “Stewart Makes Fan’s Wish Come True” in the article?

My thoughts exactly, Bill. It’s more like nothing new, lol.

Another Clash of Clans clone.. and Star Wars: Commander beat us to it a month ago. I will admit these little games are fun, just have to be careful not to spend money in-game.

@Mikey, personally I agree those are more fun, but I think the answer is that these online games get you to spend money. You see other people doing well and feel the need to spend to keep up with them. That’s why STO went free to play, it’s like drugs, get them hooked and they’ll use $$.

I want a new Starfleet Command. Yeah, it was 2d, and used a lot of non-canon stuff, but that game was an absolute joy to play. Race-specific controls, power management, tractor beam tricks, beaming marines, mines…

No, it’s not about exploration. More about exploring innovative ways to blow up other ships. Starfleet Academy was pretty sweet, too, especially between missions. The cutscenes were essentially Star Trek V-and a half… bridging the gap between V and VI, and gave a few of the original crew more screen time. It was an honor to serve with them.

I beta tested Star Trek New Worlds back in the day. Hoping this new RTS will do a better job.

I would LOVE to see a ST game developed that was similar to Civ or Europa Universalis but set in the ST universe. It would be fun to build the federation from scratch or the Romulan Empire. That I would buy. Incorporate a great tactical battle option and i’m sold. Why hasn’t any game developer done this??