Watch Chris Pine Play A Crazy Bearded (Almost) Naked Billionaire in ‘Stretch’


Joe Carnahan’s Stretch features a Chris Pine you may not recognize. The first video clips from the movie have now been released, including a gag reel. Check out Star Trek’s new captain as a crazy billionaire below. We also have an update on Pine’s next project.

Clips of Chris Pine in ‘Stretch’

Last year Chris Pine reteamed with his Smokin’ Aces director Joe Carnahan to shoot the comedy thriller Stretch which stars Patrick Wilson (A Team – also driected by Carnahan). Here is a brief synopsis:

In Stretch, Wilson plays a chauffeur who picks up a difficult and devious billionaire, played in a cameo by Chris Pine. As the night goes on, their interaction leads to dangerous encounters.

The cast also includes Jessica Alba, Brooklyn Decker, Ed Helms, Norman Reedus, and Ray Liotta. Shot for just $5 Million, the film was due to be released in March of this year but in January, Universal (who was set to distribute the film which was produced by Blumhouse Productions) pulled it from the schedule. After failing to find a new theatrical distributor, Blumhouse has decided to release the film via video on Demand in October.

And this week they have started releasing some photos and clips from the movie on YouTube. Here is one titled "Scotch" featuring Pine in the back of the eponymous ‘Stretch’ limo.

And here is a gag reel released on Friday.

For updates, follow StretchTheMovie on Twitter.

Production To Start On Pine’s Next Project

In other Chris Pine news, this week Disney announced they are beginning production this month on The Finest Hours, which stars Chris Pine along with Casey Affleck and Holiday Grainger. The fact-based period thriller directed by Craig Gillespie will shoot on location in Massachusetts. The press release includes this synopsis.

In February of 1952, one of the worst storms to ever hit the East Coast struck New England, damaging an oil tanker off the coast of Cape Cod and literally ripping it in half. On a small lifeboat faced with frigid temperatures and 70-foot high waves, four members of the Coast Guard set out to rescue the more than 30 stranded sailors trapped aboard the rapidly-sinking vessel. The Finest Hours is the story of their heroic mission, which is still considered the greatest small boat rescue in Coast Guard history.

The Finest Hours is set for release in the fall of 2015.

Pine to start shooting "The Finest Hours" – a true story based on the book of the same name


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That looks so totally weird, yet funny …

The preview! 17 seconds of uncorking a bottle LOL

I needed a laff today :-)

So, can we talk about Chris Pine’s butt now? Where’s Keachick? haha

And cue Keachick in 5, 4, 3…

Wait, where’s his butt?

Hilarious. If Pine is as good in this as he was in Smokin Aces it will be great.

I would like to see this movie… And I would like to see Chris Pine’s butt. :)

okay, am i the only one who thought the main pic for the article was rob zombie?

A different kind of role.

Blimey, he’s unrecognizable!

NuKirk should look like this at the start of the next film, as part of an undercover mission.

Sorry – no Pine butts here. His character is a crazy billionaire bad boy.
Gotta love the look…LOL

Ref: My Menosia story scene – the actual context of Pine/Kirk butt reference –

Pine/Kirk is an explorer with peaceful intentions who encountered an alien being for the first time which had an even more kindly and wholesome disposition. Kirk’s butt nakedness represented openness, honesty, generosity, vulnerability to this alien who did not understand why other humans and other species covered their bodies when there was no apparent need to do so.

The scene shows Kirk with his back to the camera and we see him naked from head to foot. Beyond, the scene shows what Kirk is looking at – a Nuli.

Now that I have cleared that up (even though I thought it was clear enough from the start) –

Stretch is R-rated and it seems that the big studio distributors did not want to handle this film. I’m not sure why. However, I have read that it can be seen on cinema screens in parts of Europe, but it is unlikely that I will ever get to see it, other than bits like here. Perhaps there may be a picture of the crazy (Pine) billionaire’s butt – dunno…

The Finest Hours looks very promising. Hopefully, that will receive decent distribution and Bernie Webber and his small team will have their story told and heard by a great many people.

Keep up the good work, Captain Fine/Chris Pine!!!


Pine’s butt at 1:51 min, awesome btw! :D

I was watching TOS episodes and I realized that Chris Pine was excellent casting for the reboot because he has the Shatner Booty (or ‘bubble butt’, as De Kelley charmingly referred to it). Accept nothing less in your James T. Kirks.

Do they show his butt? He said in interviews he does not like his butt.

#12 – Oh my…:)

Some time back I recall something about Chris Pine not liking his butt – he thought it was too small… However, all that gym work seems to have paid off, as the muscles of the gluteus maximus look quite well developed from what I can see of the image shared with us courtesy of Dee.

Thank you, Dee, for that.

#15. Keachick

Pine now is ready to be The Flash! :D

Jessica Alba!

Dang, she is never not hot.

# 17. Mad Mann – September 14, 2014

” Dang, she is never not hot.” — Mad Mann

In the ION new FLIPPER series she was cute.

Remember when Joaquin Phoenix was appearing on all these talk shows with a crazy beard and sunglasses? That’s what the lead shot for this article reminded me of …

Looks like a good “indie” movie …

OMG I don’t know how I missed the section on The Finest Hours — to this retired Coastie, it looks like a very exciting movie. I hope Pine plays a Coastie!

Casey Affleck, who’s in The Finest Hours with Chris Pine, was the one who engineered the year-long Joaquin Phoenix “mockumentary” gag I refer to above in #19.

How exactly does any film get made with all the crackups???? I am sure it drives the financial officers cray cray.

Too much talking about his but and Pine my go “all Jon Hamm” on you!

Chris Pine does play a Coast Guard – Bernie Webber…

12. Dee.

God bless you, ma’am.

Kind of crazy post at 11, Keachick. Had you even watched the clip? I tease. :).

I had, and saw the merest outline for a second, but hadn’t realized it was as awesomely displayed as in the screen cap. Still, full-on would be better. ;)

In that photo at the top of the page, he kind of lo0oks like Sebulba…

Yes, Jack – at least three happy people. I agree, bless you, Dee…:)

Jack – I am more of a front and centre kinda gal myself and unabashedly heterosexual. I guess I was not seeking sight of…

As for the apparent crazy of my post #11, that was about the fact that, as mentioned, I posted a small part of a Star Trek story outline that I had written a few weeks back on this site. The berating, sneering and jeering from some posters about my story which had the sight of the back of Pine/Kirk’s naked body was silly. Lately, the reference to just Pine’s butt was out of context and deliberately rude and offensive. These posts came from TUP.

I simply wanted to put the record straight. Obviously a still or two showing the butt of Pine/crazy billionaire comes within a different context/story from the one context/story that I wrote a few weeks ago.

Human nakedness of itself is not offensive, however some people’s attitudes toward nudity can be ignorant and offensive.

27. Okay, cool. Didn’t know the context, sorry. And I’m all for nudity — heck I take my work to the local naked beach on nice days (like today!).

And heck, with all the work actors need to do to get buff for roles these days, they really should be able to show it off fully (Hugh Jackman got a bare butt scene in X-men this summer, Chis Pratt did not… even though it made no sense that he be hosed down *in his underwear* upon entry into prison). Yes, I’m perving a little — but it also bugs me when the no-nudity-because-MPAA makes no sense within the story.

…and also, sometimes nudity doesn’t make sense within the story but is in there anyway ( like when Carol Marcus changes in front of Kirk for no actual reason — which would have made sense if she was changing into a spacesuit, say).

And I say this as a huge fan of the sci-fi coed shower (ex. starship troopers, BSG) as it shows gender equality, camaraderie — and it also shows a little skin.

Why would it have made more sense if Carol had been changing into a spacesuit?

I’m not sure what the Carol underwear scene was about, other than to show Carol to be something of a tease. She could have asked Kirk to remain outside the shuttle – saying, “Sir, I need to change. My suit is in the shuttle. Do you mind waiting outside? It won’t take a minute.”

Instead, she let him follow her inside, changed the subject from speaking about the mission to repeating gossip about Kirk’s private life, not answering his question as to why they were there, only response being a bossy, snarky “Turn around”.

I think this scene was to do showing character of the two individuals. Carol had no respect for Kirk and Kirk, surprised by seeing her in her underwear, could not help but momentarily default to his basic heterosexual instincts, which is what she played on. Not good. I do wonder if this nuCarol might not be a bitch as well, just like the prime Carol.

Anyway, enough about that scene – people have been there soooo many times, making the same old complaints and rarely seeking or giving any alternative explanation, except perhaps the one that I have given, above.

You’re assuming the writers wanted all that subtext in there. I think it was just a really adolescent way to try to show Kirk’s interest, make yet another joke about him being a horndog, inject a little sexual tension and, moreover, get a trailer shot of Alice Eve in a bikini. it didn’t really work, except for the trailer shot.

Wait, how was the prime Carol a bitch? Because she chose to raise her kid on her own instead of, what…?

K. “You never told him.”
CM. “Were we together? Were we going to be? You had your world and I had mine. And I wanted him in mine…” — that’s not bitchiness.

There was mention at some point that the original scene involved changing into space suits — so, it would work if they were in a situation where they had to change in front of each other (in a shuttle craft out in space in tight quarters) — and in that case, like the shower scenes in Starship Troopers and Galactica Blood and Chrome, she wouldn’t have been the only one changing. But, if starfleet officers are professionals, the changing in front of each other shouldn’t be a big deal.

I brought it up because it fit into your rant about nudity in film.

Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m fine with random skin (Kirk answers door shirtless) for no reason. I just watched Patterns of Force where K and S are shirtless for most of it. Why not? They weren’t there just to be shirtless.

In the STID scene, it was so awkwardly jammed in (they weren’t in space in the shuttle — she could have had him wait outside for 2 seconds, or changed 5 minutes later when Bones showed up) that it was just jarring on film.

Still, good to see a fit actress in a bikini, but it was especially weird because she had nothing else to do in the movie. They turned a brilliant female scientist into a damsel with daddy issues needing rescue (plus it fails the Bechdel test like crazy).

TOS had plenty of female scientists in skimpy uniforms and soft-focus lighting, but…

‘K. “You never told him.”
CM. “Were we together? Were we going to be? You had your world and I had mine. And I wanted him in mine…” — that’s not bitchiness.”

David was told by his mother that his father was dead – an outright lie. She also intimated that David’s conception was the result of a one-night stand, casual relationship, also a lie. David was denied his father who was very much alive. She did not allow Kirk to have contact. K. “I did as you wanted. I stayed away.”

These are the actions of a bitch!

Certainly Kirk should have made more effort to see his son, but he trusted Carol. Near the end of TWOK, Kirk actually says that he had hoped that his son, once he was adult, would make the effort to make contact with him, his father and was disappointed and puzzled that no contact was attempted. No wonder – why would David seek out a father he was told was dead?

We all have issues (Daddy and/or otherwise) but as usual it is more OK for men to have such than for women. I seriously wonder if you would make the same comment had Carol been Carl instead? Khan could have just as easily stomped on a man’s legs/pelvis as he did to a woman called Carol. Carl could also have been disappointed in what his father had done and would have said so.

I am a little sick of the sexist nonsense that often gets expressed, however unintentionally it may be.